Mar 31st


By pranu
(शहर बसा कर अब  
सुकून के लिए गांव ढूंढते हैं,
बड़े अजीब हैं लोग 
हाथ में कुल्हाड़ी लिए 
छांव  ढूंढते हैं!)
रोक दी है जिंदगी 
न जाने कौन-सी आरज़ु में,
ग़म के दरिया में अब वो
खुशीयों का बहाव ढूंढते हैं!
ज़ख्म तो दिये दिल पर
कुछ बेवफाई भी हुई थी उनसे,
तसल्ली के लिए, अब बदन पर
मेरे वो घांव ढूंढते हैं!
छोड़ गए मंझधार में
जहां तिनके का सहारा भी न था,
जिंदा हुं इस कदर, अब वो मेरे 
हौसलों की नांव ढूंढते हैं!
नहीं मिलती हैं मंजिलें कभी,
मखमली राहों पर चलते हुए,
पहुंचा हूं जहां गिरते लड़खड़ाते,
न जाने क्यूं अब छालों भरे 
वो मेरे पांव ढूंढते हैं!
हमने तो जिंदगी अपनी रख दी है,
खुली किताब की तरह,
अब कोई ज़ख्म तो कोई एहसान इनमें 
मेरे हमसफ़र हमनवां ढूंढते हैं!!!
नोट: इस कविता की पहली चार पंक्तिया किसी अनजान कवि / कवियत्री द्वारा लिखी गयी है. 
"शहर बसा कर अब  
सुकून के लिए गांव ढूंढते हैं,
बड़े अजीब हैं लोग 
हाथ में कुल्हाड़ी लिए 
छांव  ढूंढते हैं!"
उस कवि / कवियत्री  को मैं शुक्रिया अदा करना चाहता हूँ !!
इन्ही पंक्तियों से प्रेरित मेरी यह रचना है!
Mar 31st


By Raja


Ayodhya enjoyed full freedom,

When Rama ruled the kingdom.

None suffered any torment,

Nor widows existed to lament.


No case of premature death,

Nor robbers found on the earth.

No dangers from any beasts,

Nor any fear of diseases.


No dearth of food grains,

Nor any shortfall of rains

No one in the country told lies,

Nor any lack of people pious.


People lived in total peace.

They did duties with ease.

They were all righteous.

Thus his rule was glorious.


Sages many came to felicitate.

They assembled at the palace gate.

Rama, who heard, ran there to meet

With water he washed their feet.


He paid them his humble respects.

He gave them excellent seats,

Made of sacred grass cushions,

Those covered with deer skins.


Their blessings he sought

And readily the same he got.

On their welfare, he was keen.

He enquired about them then.


Liberally the sages praised

And in every word they raised,

It was about his pristine glory,

That turned itself a nice story.


“No demons are seen near.

So, we live without fear.

You killed Demon Ravana

And his brother Kumbhakarna.”


“How you killed Ravana’s son,

Indrajit, who can never be won?

He did every conjuring trick,

And fought wars, hide and seek.”


Rama was eager to find,

How Indrajit got this kind

Of a boon to trick others

And came out victorious?


Sage Agastya, the most senior

Then told Rama, the Savior,

How Ravana secured many boons?

How Gods gave boons to his sons?



Mar 28th


By Raja


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna,

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,

Hare Rama Hare Rama,

Rama Rama Hare Hare.


The holy name of Krishna,

And the holy name of Rama,

To the world gave Chaitanya,

For chanting in this Kaliyuga.


It was the first excellence,

The one Krishna’s appearance

In Yadu’s Royal family,

Every living being to purify.


All devotees Krishna saved,

To kill demons here He stayed,

But for both He gave liberation,

Equally they all got salvation.


For His love the gopis yearned,

In plenty His love they earned.

He loved animals as a cowherd.

All demonic forces he destroyed.


Bhagavad-Gita, the conduct code,

For every person of different mode,

This spiritual wisdom He gave,

From disaster this world to save.


“The duty first, rest the next,”

This way an example Rama set.

“The love first, rest the next,”

Thus a role model Krishna let.


As a servant, one worships Him.

As a Friend, one admires Him.

As a Mother, one fondles Him.

As a Father, one supports Him.


As a Brother, one argues with Him

As a Lover, one loves Him.

As a Devotee, one surrenders to Him.

As an enemy, one fights with Him.


Multifaceted were His roles.

He came to deliver the souls,

Way back to the Godhead one,

The place of their true origin.


Disciples after disciples they came.

Everyone, in praise, sang His name.

Who loved all as one and the same,

Thus the Devotees rose to the fame.


To repay my debt to Srila Prabhupada,

Who gave us books all about Krishna,

To His Lotus feet this I submit,

A little contribution of what I write.


Krishna Leela never ends




Mar 28th


By Raja


“A King shall protect

Each and every subject;

If there was any defect

His rule it shall affect.”


So, a King of those days,

Protected in many ways;

The subjects of his city,

As his primary duty.


A Brahmin’s wife once,

Gave birth to nine sons,

Year after year every son,

Died at birth, one by one.


The cause of their death,

At the time of their birth,

Was the king’s rule stained,

So the Brahmin complained.


How can this happen,

To a poor Brahmin?

Thought the King Ugrasena,

In the kingdom, Dvaraka.


She conceived the tenth,

This time before its death,

Back to the king he went,

Upon its safety he was bent.


Arjuna watched this scene.

He spoke words tall clean,

That, at any cost, he would save

The tenth child from the grave.


His life he would give up,

If he failed to save it up,

This way he promised

And the due time passed.


At the time of its birth,

To save it from its death,

Full arrows-shield cover

He gave the house all over.


Alas, this child was also lost,

As it happened in the past,

Into a fire pit Arjuna to jump

His mind then he made up.


Arjuna’s arms Krishna held,

He was there to help, he told.

They both went in a chariot,

In their search at every spot.


Beyond the material world,

As things were dark and cold,

To move on the horses refused,

As they were so confused.


His disc Krishna threw,

High up above it flew.

The darkness away it drew

Bright light everywhere grew.


They went on and on,

Till they saw an ocean,

Full of water spiritual,

Not that kind material.


Sesa Naga, a giant serpent,

With thousand hoods brilliant

On its surface it floated,

Like a soft cushion bed.


Maha Vishnu, the God Supreme,

On this bed rested all the time.

With His large body frame,

A sight amazing for them,


“My dear most Krishna,

And your friend Arjuna,

My incarnation you’re both,

Who took birth on the earth.”


“To save the nobles,

And to kill the devils,

This is your mission,

For it you’re chosen.”


“All the babies are here,

I got them from there,

As it was my ardent desire

To see you both once here.”


“Take back all the ten children,

To restore then to the Brahmin,

Peace you shall restore on the earth,

Then come back here you both.


Maha Vishnu spoke this way,

And sent them back away.

His sons the Brahmin found,

His happiness knew no bound.

Mar 27th


By Raja


“Among the Gods who’s Superior,

Lord Brahma, the Creator,

Lord Siva, the Destroyer,

Or Lord Vishnu, the Protector?”


In an assembly arose this question,

Of all the sages, while in discussion.

They deputed Bhrgu, Brahma’s son,

To find out “Who?” in this mission.


To his father’s residence,

He went first to that place,

And showed no respect

Any father would expect.


His son didn’t at all bother.

While the enraged father,

Would have killed any other,

But minded not son’s behaviour.


Next in Lord Siva’s place,

The Sage showed his face.

The Lord came to embrace,

But he was left in disgrace.


Siva’s habits unclean and dirty,

For ashes smeared over his body,

The Sage told, “Touch me not,”

That made Lord’s eyes red hot.


Then, Parvati, Siva’s Consort,

Her husband’s legs she caught,

For the Sage’s life she pleaded

The Lord gracefully heeded.


Next, for Vaikunta the Sage left,

While Visnu was taking rest,

And the Sage kicked his chest,

To draw His attention best.


For not showing proper respect,

A Sage would normally expect,

Very much sorry Visnu felt,

And He welcomed the guest.


The Sage’s foot He washed then,

And touched them to relieve his pain,

Words of regret, He said, in plain,

This act earned Him one more gain.


The Sages came to the conclusion,

With no failure in their calculation,

That “Visnu the Lord of Lords,

Was the Supreme among the Gods.”

Mar 27th


By Raja


A house of his own,

Lord Siva doesn’t own.

An old tree only gives

A shelter where he lives.


In the Himalayan snow shower,

He stays there like a poor,

But his ardent devotees never,

For any kind of riches suffer.


For any type of boon,

He gives it very soon,

Pleased with anyone,

Who prays for one.


Ignorance, goodness, and passion,

The three-in-one combination,

Of the material energy source,

Siva is the controller of this force.


But he remains aloof and free,

From these material qualities three,

But riches he showers at once,

In return for a devotee’s penance.


Why Krishna, rich though,

Keeps His devotees poor so,

To keep them in wants forever,

And to make them suffer?


‘Cause He’s transcendental,

To the world of material,

His world being spiritual,

Which, in fact, is more real.


His devotees, though poor,

Think of him forever,

As He takes all the care

His love when they share.


There was a demon Vrkasura,

Who prayed to Lord Siva,

But he failed to appear,

In answer to his prayer.


His head he was about to cut,

Siva caught his both hands but,

Whatever boon he wished for

The Lord was ready to offer.


“When I touch upon a head

With my hand, he shall be dead.”

This boon the demon prayed for

As everyone he wished to conquer.


“So it be” Siva smiled and said,

But a danger was waiting ahead.

The demon wished for a test.

For it he chose Siva as the best.


Hither and thither Siva ran,

Out of fear, as fast as he can,

He reached Vaikuntha Heaven,

There also followed the demon.


To save Siva from the demon,

Vishnu came there in between,

In the role of a young student,

With His shining face brilliant.


The demon then remained calm,

While held back in His charm.

This chance the Lord took,

And gave him a serious look.


“On Siva still I’ve no faith

In his boon there’s no truth

Put your hand on your head

Let us see, if you’re dead?”


Like this the Lord said,

Which the demon heard,

Not knowing what he did,

On his head hands he laid.


Instantly shattered his head,

And he fell down dead.

The Lord saved Siva thus

From his own created mess.

Mar 26th


By Raja


When the mind is set material,

The word-sound also material,

Can Vedas, meant for these unreal,

Touch on subjects transcendental?


When the Vedas limits with

Material modes, on the earth,

From Satvo-rajo-tamo, gunas three

Bound ties, how one goes out free?


From the activity, the karma,

From the knowledge, the jnana,

From the upasana, the worship,

Do really Vedas elevate one up?


One answer for these queries,

In the Vedic texts, in fact, lies.

It prepares a conditioned soul,

To reach a higher spiritual goal.


For a consciousness purified one,

An easy go ‘Back to Godhead’ then.

Vedas help thus any soul fallen,

To reach the Lord in the Heaven.


The Absolute Truth is but one.

Of everything He’s the origin.

His life ends not, nor do begin

But a life-source for everyone.


He’s the Creator of senses, mind,

Besides intelligence of every kind.

To tell and elevate all the mankind

What His creations’ purpose behind?


The devotional service, a process

To take one to Krishna consciousness,

The best of the Vedic science,

For mankind, it’s Godsend source,


The beauty, knowledge, wealth,

Fame, renunciation and strength

In full, each and every opulence,

Krishna possess in abundance.


By one’s own self endeavor

It’s impossible to conquer,

The material modes of nature,

And attain a spiritual stature.


Krishna, the Supreme Lord,

He’s worshiped as the only God

All accept Him existing beyond

The jurisdiction of material world.


From Brahma to an ant down,

Material nature-free is none,

So, to Krishna seeks everyone,

For one’s self-liberation own.


Pots or bricks, their shape be,

But from the earth, they came to be,

And to the soil they go back,

At the end, when they break.


Krishna like the mass of earth,

He’s the cause for every birth,

That goes back, after its death,

To its known source, it’s the truth.


Besides the time and space,

Every mind in its own place

Earth, sky, water, and fire

They’re spread everywhere.


These elements, the sum total,

The cosmic manifestation all

From the Krishna’s energy superior

It is spread all over, everywhere.


The cause of all manifestation,

And also for all the dissolution,

Krishna is the source of creation,

And of its ultimate annihilation.


His energy presents everywhere,

But He isn’t present anywhere,

Like on the sky the Sun is there,

But His rays spread everywhere.


This presence and non-presence,

To some, perhaps make no sense,

But He’s eternally so complete

As His energy finds no limit.


The shelter of His lotus feet,

The goal of this highest seat,

Takes always the intelligent,

Upon this path when so bent.


Not in Krishna consciousness,

A person of any worthlessness,

Resembles a bellow of a smithy,

That breathes in and out air filthy.


The codes of conduct, Vedas teach.

The divine truths, they all preach.

Yes, the Lord sitting in every heart,

Do love and care it on His part.


The life is so illusive to escape.

One shall surrender, to give up

The ego, that blinds one’s eyes,

And follow Krishna’s words wise.


Thus spoke Vedas all the four,

Rig, Sama, Atharva and Yajur,

Glorifying the Lord of Lords,

The Supreme of all the Gods.


Mar 26th


By Raja


Arjuna’s maternal uncle, Vasudeva

Had a daughter, Subhadra.

He fell for her beauty,

As she looked so pretty.


Krishna’s brother Balarama,

Was in favour of Duryodhana,

But Arjuna was Krishna’s choice,

In his support He gave his voice.


Arjuna in guise of a Sanyasi,

He stayed in the season rainy

At Dvaraka with a plan whereby

Subhadra he could soon marry.


This Sanyasi Balarama entertained.

A close relationship He maintained.

Whenever Subhadra went to the temple,

To track her, Arjuna had chances ample.


In her chariot she went one day,

He kidnapped her on the way.

She didn’t oppose but was happy.

With her lover she ran away.


This stirred Balarama’s anger,

That went to the height of danger.

But Krishna softened Him down,

And begged for His pardon.


Mar 25th

Oh! my Child

By nasaru

Oh! my child, dear, don't be sad
as sadness makes our mind hard.
Think good, say good, and do good
since positive deeds bring us good.

Negative mood and deeds breed gloom
Gloom creates indigestion and stress
unhealthy body and the mental distress.
Oh! child,dear, be not a faded bloom.

When darkness block the way ahead
Be bold ,Oh! my child, use your wisdom.
Widely read, dear, think , widen wisdom
don't be sad, be as battery to be recharged.

Mar 25th


By Raja


Thro’ Sages Vasudeva learnt,

Also from the past every event,

Krishna and Balarama were both

Supreme Godhead came to the earth.


His two sons liberally he praised,

When this point they both raised,

May be they were from the Heaven.

But still were his two children


“All of us are qualitatively one,

Oh my father, the manifestation

Of the cosmic energy, what you see

They’re but part and parcel of Me.”


“In fact, every living entity,

Has its own spiritual identity,

But in touch with material existence

Its nature falls under that influence.”


“I’m situated in every heart,

The bodies may live apart.

The spirit souls appear many,

But they’re of one quality.”


“The sky, air, fire, water and earth,

The five elements, there’s no dearth

They’re present in everything,

From pot to mountain anything.”


“From Lord Brahma to an ant,

They’re in spirit not different,

Big or small the size may be,

But quality one it shall be.”


These words of Lord Krishna

Enchanted His father Vasudeva

May be father and son both were,

But what for they came here?


Their dialogue reveals the truth,

To every living being on the earth,

That in every heart Krishna is seated,

So, there’s no sense anyone being hated.


Devaki, His mother requested,

Her lost children be restored.

This Krishna immediately did,

From the place these sons hid.


From the under world,

In the King Bali’s hold,

He brought them back.

She was wonder struck.


They were from the Heaven,

And were cleared of their sin.

Soon back they were sent

And to their place they went


Krishna’s pastimes transcendental,

All should know they’re eternal,

Those hearing these narrations,

Go free from material contaminations.

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