Jul 30th

World Friendship Day, 2017

By Dr John Celes

A world without a friend – imagine, man,

Could make one’s life, a veritable hell!           

Good friends are gifts from God to us on earth;

Great friendship keeps one’s mind, heart and soul well.


But choose, one must good friends who last life-time;

There are some things that friends alone can do;

Life’s dreariness can vanish with great friends;

Good friends help you in thick and thin of life.


’Tis hard to get a friend who matches you;

’Tis harder keeping good friendship alive;

Good friends can make your life almost heaven;

So, pray to God to bless your friends as well.

‘Happy World Friendship Day!’

Dedicated to all my colleagues, medical peers, students, poets and friends –

Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar MD., Professor of Medicine and Retired Dean

Copyright by Dr John Celes 30-07-2017





Jul 29th

Elegy on the Death of the Innocents

By nasaru

Elegy on the death of the Innocents.    

In the lap of the Himalayas lay mute                  

In  posture of a white costume clad cute-

A Holy place Amrunath as Hindus’  pride

That lures terrorist-attacks by the road.

For salvation of the soul this Pilgrimage

But, being  marred by killing; get killed-

 “Disposition of the obsessed cruelty”!

All around the world , no matter ,tears

Of parents mix with the oozing blood

Of men ,women, children - the innocents;

Staining  the culture of flora and fauna-

“Culture of free inter-dependent life   

        Alas! My fellow beings! the ignoramus!

Search, feel, the Divinity beaming in us-  

The Lord outside-stop, ”groping in the dark”

Allah said, ”I am so close to your artery”

“God is at the heart “says Bhagavat Gita.           

“Father is in Me and I am in Father”, Jesus.

But  the God’s Seat  is crushed  by idiots.

Identity politics of the power-mongers

Do fix  barbed wires  and walls around us

While Oxygen wins over the noxious gases.

Can a Cain get reformed today here and say-

“I am the keeper of my brother”- for peace?  

Then, the  Terrorists  become barren sans 

Horror to procreate blood thirsty hounds;

And my dry blood stinging land will smell

Sweet and salubrious  blooming truly  well.



Jul 29th

Sonnet: The Former Prez of India (late) Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam (on his II Death Anniversary)

By Dr John Celes

When born, he came to earth with nothingness;

Against dishonesty, he always fought;

All life, he chose the path of righteousness;

He got his limelight, though he never sought.


An Indian, patriotic to the core,

A simple human being, he remained;

Most children loved the Prez all the more;

His soul in purity, the man sustained.


The scientist rose to stardom through mere toil;

The man of science had no ego at all;

He always loved his home-town and its soil;

His glorious life adorns a famous hall.


Another man like him cannot be born;

He always prayed before the dawn, each morn.

“May his great soul rest in peace in the Lord!”

Copyright by Dr John Celes 27-07-2017




Jul 28th


By Supratik


my stars
blinking, staring
through moments
in light and darkness
beauty, bounty
poverty, animosity
through difference and strife
rolling in circles
in the circus of life.

I have a myriad of them
shining inside, like gems
as witness;
music played,
stories written,
images painted,
on the canvas stage
eyes at ease
pumping heartbeats
watching hatred,
guilt without wit
magnanimity and kindness.

I have them
in my bones and flesh
they run through
the bloods
the veins
I have them adorned
in my ears
like shining jewels
to the sound and silence
of cries of hunger
lies and betrayals
masked as friendly walls
standing in between
created and cremated selves
eyes break them all.

have fire water and air
running in me
stars oceans breeze
will never ever cease
to see
to see
to see.

Eyeing life
however hard you may try
the stars will befriend you
enrich you
fill you with happiness
from the holes
you have buried them inside
will help you rise.

Jul 25th

I don`t know but I am not surprised.

By Partha

Saffron pride is chasing the ghost of Tagore.
In which of the seven heavens, I don`t know.
Chasers hold a fatwa as their flag in their heyday hands
what dictates 'his scriptures in Saraswati temples be banned.'

Vedas at the holy feet of Vishnu frown at the cursed Brahma.
Lord Shiva is long gone in the glorious era of proud saffron.
Don`t ask me why mythology is being made a zombie
or why Hitler`s Aryan arrogance still smoulders. I don`t know.

But I remember, Tagore looked beyond India across the globe.
His humanist voice reached up to many shores over many seas.
I hear his words in 'Where the mind is without fear' far and near.
Don`t ask me why his ghost is being haunted, for I don`t know.   

I don`t know but I am not surprised at this chase.
So-called free India could not see her soldiers` captain
for her some worthy sons had to give farewell to Mountbatten.
Alexander said to Seleucus," What a marvelous country India is"!

Jul 22nd


By pranu

death of a farmer on the field...

death of an artist in deed...


death of a martyr on the tomb...

death of a child in the womb...


death of a language and culture..

death of birds and vulture...


death of a soldier on the front...

death of a bride that was burnt...


death of a worker on the machine...

death of a valley that lost its sheen...


death of a flower that you grace...

death of a river without a trace...



Jul 22nd

आओ ज़रा हम मौत की बातें करे!

By pranu
आओ ज़रा हम मौत की बातें करे!
मौत कुछ अपनों की,
मौत कुछ गैर लगते अपनों की!
मौत कुछ उम्मीदों की ख्वाहिशों की,
मौत कुछ साथ सजाएं सपनों की!
आओ ज़रा हम मौत की बातें करे!
Jul 22nd


By Veeru

Fleeting clouds,

Dancing dew angels

On greeny meadows,

Chirping birds,

Waiting rocks

for lip-lock of waves

at seashore,

Emerging sun on  East canvass

My self merging  in  nature !

It’s unveiled rapture  

finally myself  connected to nature !

Disconnected to Techno-jungle !

Knowledge dawned on me

“I am also part of nature 

Jul 21st


By pranu

तख्तों ताज भी दे दिए,

रसुखों शोहरात भी दे दिए,

कहते है वो नुमाइंदो को हमारे!

कब मिलेगी दो जून की रोटी, कब मिलगा दो पल का चैन, 

कब मिलेगा तन को लिबास, छत मिलेगी गुज़ारने को रैन, 

पूछते है हम बाशिंदों को हमारे?



Jul 20th

Deity in love

By mgk

The glazing blue skies in her eyes displayed the sorrows of her past,


While the raging red  lips displayed the nerve of her inner soul. 


For she was a tornado plunging into the ocean,


And a hurricane hitting the ground until she met her purpose of life. 


Encapsulated in the world of love, she let her tornadoes thwart and the hurricanes scupper. 


Such was a deity devoted in love. 



- Mgk 




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