Jun 30th

An Enexpected, Pleasant Surprise!!!

By Paddy

Truly a pleasant surprise to see my poem translated into Arabic by the Palestinian Scholar, poet and writer Nizar Sartawi and published in a newpaper there!!! Click HERE

 Palestinian translator, columnist, essayist and poet Nizar Sartawi is a member of the Jordanian Writers Association, General Union of Arab Writers, and Asian-African Writers Union. He is also a Board Member of both the Poetry Posse in the U.S. and Axlepin Publishing in the Philippines. He writes in both Arabic and English. He has authored more than twenty books of poetry and poetry translation. He has been anthologized in numerous books in Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, the U.S. India, and the Philippines. His poetry has also been published in both print and online magazines and newspapers in different parts of the world. He has participated in poetry readings and festivals in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Kosovo, and Palestine.



Jun 29th

On my two scores and two.

By Partha

On my two scores and two
what if I redefine love?
The first love to a philosopher is like to discover a popular myth.
The first flame fades into the creases of time
that has licked many flames with its fiery tongue.
Why should I count them and put them in a line
down the road of my life like milestones
what call up the distance traveled and to be traveled?
I don`t remember the amount of oxygen
I have taken from the air on the half way past walk.
Half way only roughly speaking
for the God knows where the way goes up!
Time is the only touchstone that brands a love true love.
But truth and lies to a philosopher are just subject of time
for truth of the past was truth in the past
and truth of the present may belie the present.

On my two scores and two
what if I redefine life?
So many collages made by this magpie
are broken and kept in one obscure store room.
So many rivers in me have changed their courses
and moved from their dreamland to a different dreamland.
With two scores and two stones under my feet
I am a rock against the vagaries of urchin weather.
In ten to twenty years I will grow a mountain
with many rocks and trees all over me.
I will not die like a river.
I will not lie like a sea.
The mountain will see in it the volcano
against all the cold and mist covering its torso.

Jun 29th


By mgk

                                                                                                            எம் . ஜி . கே 



நீ இல்லையே கண்ணீர் துடைக்க ஒரு கை போல் இல்லை 



நீ இல்லையே தலையை சாய்க்க ஒரு மாடி போல் இல்லை 



நீ இல்லையே தாலாட்டு படிக்க காற்றும் இல்லை 



நீ இல்லையே என் தந்தையின் சரிபாதி இல்லை 



நீ இல்லையே என் கடவுள் பூமியில் இல்லை 



நீ இல்லையே எம் உலகில் இருளே எல்லை 




எத்தனை தவங்கள் செயதேனோ இ ஜென்மத்தில் உன்னை என் தாயாய் பெற



மீண்டும் ஒரு ஜென்மம் இருந்தால் அதிலும் உன்னை என் தாயாய் பெற 



வேண்டுகிறேன் தாயே .. 





Without you there's no hand to wipe my tears.

Without you there's no shoulder I could rest my head on.

Without you there's no wind to hum the lullabies.

Without you there's no better half to my father.

Without you  there's no god on earth for me.

Without you darkness is my only reach.


How many years of good deeds has given me a mother like you for this life ?

If there is another birth, I request to get you as my mother again. 








Jun 29th

The life.

By Anand kumar.

The life.


I travel my memory line

With seven decades of life in mind

Full of hopes and despair

And lot of goals to aspire.


Varied wishes and frown frustrations

Melancholic mind and momentous glees

Mélange people; bizarre pleasures

Life is a bed of roses, often so we hear

At times thorns, here and there.


Life is a play, where people come and go

Some are heroes, some are villains

Some are clowns who make us to laugh

Some are like rainbow, vanish after sun-set.


At our birth people rejoice

After our death, we rejoice in peace

Life is a secret between birth and death

That comes to an end after our last breath.



V Anand Kumar.

(Written on my 70th birth day)















Jun 29th

Come back to me

By Anand kumar.

Come back to me.

Tender touch; mellifluous voice

Nurturing kind; gentle like a flower

I found heaven under your feet.

Perennial source of happiness

Pleasing countenance

of enduring patience

Perpetual pristine water

of love and kindness

You were like a butterfly

spreading happiness everywhere.

Like a busy bee you worked

day and night.

Supreme sacrifices you made for me.

Singing lullaby, I found you beside my bed.

“ Oh Ma! I remember you on this day

Come back to me

For I need your lap to place my head upon

as I haven’t slept for a long.”



(Written on the eve of my birth day in memory of my mother)













Jun 27th


By Rajeev

" You know, you know" you say

after almost every sentence

am I a mind reader that I should know

even before you have spoken?


Cut out the frills like the

many " I think, I think s"

or repeating same word many times for style

and you will get to me faster and clearer,

 believe me, there's merit in simplicity....


Jun 27th

Saying yes Always? Say NO too

By Shernaz

Being compliant at the drop of a hat is a metaphor for ‘I am a door mat, walk all over me with your dirty feet.’ We need to exit this club of ‘people pleasers’ in a hurry and put back the word ‘no’ in our personal interactions. Shernaz dwells on the art of saying no, something that’s not easy, in the weekly column, exclusively for  Truths.



Jun 26th


By Annapurna


A Annapurna Sharma


At dawn, the streaks of sunlight in a grumble

Unwilling to break into the jungle in jumble

The wind buzzed like a bumble bee to zoom in

And ruffled and stooped the branches by the chin

Till they kissed the mossy jungle floor

Oh! Is it the old banyan core?

Must be! Giggled the birdies

Ouch! The monstrous wind in eddies!

My back!

Ah! One last whack!

Whisked the wind with a wicked laugh

The old banyan creaked and wailed in half

Worms tumbled out of its warm hollow trunk

Mynahs, crows, doves, bulbuls darted in chunk

For the big catch

The koel whistled in match

To usher the hearty first meal

SHE reveled in the cacophony of the zeal

That blended in the silence sown

The silence that was of the woods alone!



(SHE is Mother nature)

Jun 25th


By Supratik

It will not wither
It's not a newspaper
Like a novel it's to stay
Not disappear in yesterday.

It will not burn
It’s not a candle
Like the sun it's to flame and remain
Light up your dark space again.

It will not come and go
It’s not a sporadic rainbow
Like a canvas with its glow and hues
It’s sure to rest inside you.

It will not sing only in Noël*
It’s not a carol by a seasonal Koel*  
Like the daily chirps whistling into years
It will ring and nest in your ears.

Memories murmuring moments
Mellow, merge, misunderstand, marry
Meanings, moods meander, mock, melt
Moving minds, mingle, mar, make merry.


1. Noël - Christmas
2. Koel - The Asian koel (Eudynamys scolopaceus)is a member of the cuckoo order of birds, the Cuculiformes. It is found in the Indian Subcontinent, China, and Southeast Asia. The Asian koel is a brood parasite that lays its eggs in the nests of crows and other hosts, who raise its young. They are unusual among the cuckoos in being largely frugivorous as adults. The name koel is echoic in origin with several language variants. The bird is a widely used symbol in Indian poetry.

Jun 25th


By Padma

Fresh water in a resourceful lake

gives life to the common men;

The lake itself becomes life

to the hardworking boatmen!


The chirping birds around

make the lake lively:

The sheep in the evening

move home actively!


The shepherd from an end

drives them gradually:

The kids in the grassy land

play games happily!


The sky suddenly grew darker

painted blue on blue, orange on black,

one stroke at a time, the sky that's bright

turned into deeper and deeper shades of night!


The pet dogs hurriedly reach their home 

The cows and buffaloes speedily move in,

The sun moves down from the painted sky 

The moon, so secretely enters the dark sky!



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