Mar 31st

मायूस आवाम

By Poetravinder
तमाम उम्र मायूसियों का काफिला रहा
ज़िन्दगी जीने का फिर भी हौंसला रहा 
कभी किसी की जीत पे, कभी किसी की हार पे 
बनाता अपनी उम्मीदों का घोंसला रहा 
राहत मिली न एक से, न दूजे से सुकून 
हाकिम करीब था फिर भी फासला रहा 
वो और शक्श था जो वादे कर गया 
ये और शक्श है जो बन हुक्मरां रहा 
काफी हसीं ख्वाब देखे अIवाम ने 
टूटे हुए खुवाबों का मगर सिलसिला रहा 
गुज़ार दी किसी तरह से ये ज़िन्दगी 
हर मुकाम पे सियासत को मगर कोसता रहा 


Mar 31st

Intricate sapien

By mgk

I'm neither an angel nor a devil.

I'm a perplexed intricate sapien ,

With a dark tinted labyrinth soul 

Embedded deep within this flesh 

And all superficial matter ,

That would gradually rot 

Into this pugatory for world, 

We live in. 





Mar 30th


By Jairathore

When you were around in life
Pink and blue were my favourite
When you had far away gone
Colours in life did not remain
What was then left behind
It's only all black and white.

May you live in everlasting bliss
For I have accepted it with grace
In my long journey without colours
Even Holi has no flavour or flair
I always wish you rainbow colours
As you look prettier in colours.

If I say so, be not surprised
I am in peace with black and white
Because with white, all colours shine ~
Then it keeps me in control and serene
And black absorbs all without stain -
It camouflages well emotions and pain.

Mar 30th

Bharat's Lament

By Paddy

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To you, we four were always your own sons
You never differentiated between us even once!

For me and my loving brothers,
All you three were our mothers! 

Why oh Why, oh mother mine
After being so loving and divine

What came over you, oh my mother,
Your insecurity and greed killed father?! 

Long back, our father granted you just two boons;
You exercised them now asking for several moons!

Why has power become more important to you?
Why haven’t you given us and family our just due?
Why have you given justice, fair play and love a go
Just to assuage your sense of insecurity and ego?
Oh, you are not really so ignorant, didn’t you know,
That your insecurity will cast a deep, dark shadow
On relationships and bonds forged long time ago? 

Why mother, why this selfishness? Why this greed?
At the cost of love, affection, trust and family, indeed?

My desire to remain Rama’s shadow, I never flaunted,
But then, shouldn’t you have asked me what I wanted?
All I wanted and ever want is to remain at Rama’s feet
And serve Him and protect Him from all ill and deceit. 

Here I am, designated by you to occupy the Ayodhya throne
That is rightfully my brother Rama’s, only his, his very own!

Never ever will I occupy a throne that is not meant for me
Though absent, brother Rama is still the King and I His protégé! 

Henceforth, even good stepmothers will be viewed suspiciously,
As your treacherous act is forever etched in the psyche of posterity. 

Thus lamented the distraught Prince Bharat, the brother of Rama,
As he set out to bring Him, Seeta and Lakshman back to Ayodhya! 


(Inspired by ‘Bharat Vilaap’ from the great Indian Epic ‘Ramayana)


Mar 29th


By Poetravinder


नज़र मिला न सके हमसे वो 
इक ज़माने के बाद 
हाल उनका वही था जो होता है 
किसी को तड़पाने के बाद 

कैसे रोकते हम नज़र अपनी 
इक ज़माने के बाद 
किसी और को चाहा नहीं उम्रभर
उनके जाने के बाद 
बिख़र गए हम उनसे
बिछड़ जाने के बाद 
पर छुपा न सके तड़प दिल की 
उनसे नज़र मिलाने के बाद
तोड़ दी हमने भी 
बरसों की कसम अपनी  
हर गुनाह माफ़ किया उनका 
उनसे नज़र मिलाने के बाद
Mar 29th

I Know

By Avril


No matter where I look

I see Your hand


No matter how sad I may be

I hear Your comforting voice


No matter how lonely I feel

I know You are beside me


No matter how far I fall

I know You will be there to catch me


No matter how far away I travel

I know You will be waiting there for me


No matter how many tears I may cry

I know Your love will cradle me


No matter how long I will live

I know You will be there to welcome me home.


Mar 27th

Heaven ann Hell

By Poetravinder

Where is the place where devils dwell

With their weapons of torment

Where the gravest sinners lie to rest

Without remorse or lament


With their breath of life consumed

Burnt in eternal flame

Lie suspended with strings of sin

Wherefrom all these sinners came


No blessed moods of mystery

No surrreal living soul

No streams of tears to run their course

To water their parched souls


It's all here my fellow beings

No remote place is Hell

Your concern creates a Heaven here

Apathy makes it Hell !






Mar 27th

Finite and Infinite

By Paddy

Presently … 

I am that lone bird
On an endless flight 

I am that descending kite
From an unknown height 

I am that fading light
Of a dark scary night 

I am untouched by
The calm, azure sky 

My being doesn’t care,
Is untouched by the air 

I don’t belong to this earth
That doesn’t see my worth

I am not singed by any fire
Nor do I burn with any desire

Water gushes towards me
But then, I am not thirsty 

I am that free ranger lone
On a journey, all my own 

But some day … 

The lone bird on endless flight, will tire out
Descending kite too will fall without a doubt

Fading light will soon fade away
For the five elements to have their way

With my feet on earth
I will be burnt by fire

Cooled by water
And turned to ashes

To be carried by air
Up into the azure space.

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