Feb 28th

Happy Anniversary

By Padma

On this auspicious day, last year

Both of your minds came so closer;

You are two peas in a pod

It might be the word of god!


The bond of marriage takes many forms

It all depends on your trust and  norms;

Nobody and nothing is perfect

Lead your life so well  in every aspect!


Love and understand each other 

That's the only way to live together;

Relationships aren't about  give and take,

They're just about care and share!

(Dedicated to my son on his wedding anniversary)


Feb 28th

Mahakavi Vallathol

By soman



(From a pen-portrait written by well known progressive writer M.S.Devadas in 1978)


In appearance, he was a tall, lean man, fair-complexioned with long arms and legs; but broad-chested and broad-shouldered.  His face and features were particularly handsome, and his well-shaped large eyes remarkably expressive.  Vallathol had a dignified, graceful presence which commanded attention and respect wherever he went, and in whichever company he moved –even in the circles of philistines and mountebanks among the powers that be, who could not really understand or appreciate an iota of his greatness.


Vallathol: What a giant of a man he was!  But he was always a gentle giant.  He never harmed anyone, but only tried his best, as far as he could, to help others in distress.  Though a deaf man from the time he finished his translation of Valmiki’s Ramayana, i.e. since the thirtieth year of his life, he never allowed this physical disability, or any other subsequent trial or tribulation in his personal life, to daunt or embitter his spirits. Ever cheerful and optimistic to the last, he laughed away his cares.  He always walked forward along his chosen path through life with firm steps, vigorously and fast, as was his wont, till the end of his days.  He never faltered.  He never looked back.  That was Vallathol the man.


One looks around in vain nowadays to see the like of him again.






Feb 28th


By Raja

“A garden meant for the king,

Near the steaming spring,

Where the princesses stay

And they enjoy their play.”


“Another garden at this time,

When Indran Festival has come,

None will go there, not even

The honeybees are seen.”


“In this garden, it would appear,

Hanging flowers fading never,

That is guarded by a devil.

So, it’s deserted by the people.”


“There is a Sampathi jungle,

Ruled by a powerful eagle,

Besides Kavera forest, both old

Where none go, I’m told.”


“In the Lord Buddha garden,

That’s situated in this town,

For his love and affection,

Flowers pour like rain.”




“In that Buddha garden,

A marble hall can be seen.

A lotus platform in the hall

It’s meant for the visitors all.”


“Flower buds if they place,

On that platform with grace,

The buds bloom into flowers,

Untouched by the honeybees.”


“Oh Madhavi, any vow to fulfill,

For the god of one’s choice and will,

If fresh flowers are kept there

That god accepts this offer.”


“You must know the reason,

There’s one God Mayan,

Who made for all a custom,

To follow this worship system.”


“For those who rely on their fate,

And not on their mental thirst,

This kind of worships benefit,

To place flowers on the god’s feet.”




“To any garden other than

This safe Buddha garden,

If your daughter goes,

A problem it’ll pose.”


“So, I’ll go with her,

For the safety of her.

Fresh flowers we’ll pluck,

And safely come back.”


To these words of Sudamadhi,

Carefully considered Madhavi,

Who gave them her consent.

Thro’ chariot street they went.”




He looked like a beggar.

In his walk he did stagger.

He held on his shoulder,

A stick used as a carrier.


On the tip of that stick hung a hanger,

With a beggar’s bowl inside the hanger.

With no dress almost naked he was.

He felt no shame for this cause.


He didn’t want to hurt,

Even an unseen insect.

For days he didn’t eat,

Or taken bath top to foot.


His walk, like an elephant,

His body movement went.

His look was so innocent,

That he was more like a saint.


A drunkard saw him and said,

“Your visit here you paid,

Oh Saint, to your lotus feet,

I bow and humbly submit.”


“Hear my words please.

In this dirty body of yours,

Will your life not feel bad?

Will it not become sad?”


“In this and next birth

What our Lord said for both?

An endless joy and bliss

Is he not the one who gives?”


“Does life extinct really

By drinking raw toddy?

You drink this to know

What your yoga will show?”


“Once you know its result

You take me to your cult.

Please have this drink first.

Thus you quench your thirst.”




He’s a man, his head tuft tied

With odd flowers on its side.

The tree twigs around his waist,

Hid his torn cloth out of sight.


His body was full of white ashes,

And sandalwood paste in patches,

But his talk was quite irrelevant,

Like a madman-in-street went.


He went on weeping sometime,

Or was running in circle sometime,

Or stood aside long sometime,

Or fought with his shadow sometime.


People went behind this madman,

With sympathy for him as human,

As they couldn’t bear seeing his pain,

Behaving like this in the streets main.




Her head was full of curly hair.

Her face was almost fair.

Her mouth was red like coral.

Her teeth were white like pearl.


Her eye brows were like creepers.

Her leg wears were from conches.

Her forehead resembled crescent.

Her hands were like red lily present.


She had raised tender breasts.

Besides her slender waist.

But she was man turned woman,

Who played folk dance in common.



Feb 28th


By Raja

(When Madhavi narrated of her parents’

grief, her daughter Manimegalai, who

was making flower garland, heard this

and shed tears.


As the garland became polluted with

her tears, Madhavi asked her daughter

to go to the flower garden to pick up

fresh flowers for a new garland.


Sudamadhi offered to go with

Manimegalai for getting flowers.

With the consent of Madhavi, they

proceeded to the flower garden, crossing

several streets and the people, who

felt sorry for the plight of Manimegalai.)




Manimegalai keenly heard,

What her mother Madhavi said

To Vasanthamalai about action

Of the past that led to reaction.


Like the pleasant flavour

From a fully grown flower,

The fatal events before her,

They began to appear.


O’er Kovalan, her dear father,

And Kannagi her step-mother,

What Madhavi told pained her.

Sad she became and shed tear.


Her eyes were like a water tank

That was overflowing its bank.

Her tears drenched the garland

That slipped out of her hand.




Madhavi saw the drops of tears,

From her daughter’s weeping eyes,

And saw her face with no cheers,

When she wiped out the tears.


She told, “Soaked in your tears

This garland has become useless.

Flowers from the garden you take.

And a fresh one you then make.”




Sudamadhi, Manimegalai’s friend,

Who helped her making the garland,

She told Madhavi how she felt,

And how far her heart did melt.


“The parents’ ill fate had its own effect,

In that on Manimegalai it did affect.

If the Cupid happen to see her tears

He may even shudder in his fears.”


“Will any male leave her alone

On seeing her face beauty-prone?

Seeing her charm if one doesn’t fall,

In real sense, he’s no man at all.”




“Madhavi, why I’m in this town,

You may like to hear its reason.

I was born to a Brahmin, Kowsikan,

In a remote place, Sanbai Town.”


“As I was the only daughter,

I was given freedom to loiter.

One day, I went to a garden,

At a time there was none.”


“When flowers I was gathering,

Marudha Vegan, a heavenly being,

An extraordinary beauty he had,

And to possess me he was mad.”


“After sometime he left me here,

And disappeared somewhere,

Not considering the long distance,

Wherefrom he brought me to this place.”


“So, Manimegalai can’t go alone,

To pluck flowers in the garden,

As now she’s a young woman,

Who require our close attention.”




Feb 27th

Sonnet: On Parental Love and Care

By Dr John Celes

The love and lovely care that parents gave

To children till they are independent,

Are incredible and colossal save

They can’t be reciprocated nor lent.


But children never know its value till

The ebbing years and wisdom fills their brain;

Life’s problems take the chunk of time until

They themselves take on parents’ role with pain!


Their kids are tougher than what they had been;

With time, they realize what parents did;

Both guilt and anguish fills their hearts unseen;

They wish they did what parents had them bid!


This wheel of time will turn in newer lanes,

As fervent prayers bring God’s grace like rains!

Copyright Dr John Celes 27-02-2017







Feb 27th


By Dharani

Traversing from 
Place to place 
Like loner ,

Flowing like river
With memory melodies,

Embracing cultures,
Reading enchanting verses
Mingling with people though 
monotone single !

Finally meeting the ultimate
at the transcending moment
Where river merges in ocean 
Ego melted into eternity !

Feb 27th


By Raja


“When a dear husband died

That moment his wife also died.

Some jump into the funeral pyre

And immolate them-self in that fire.”


“Some observe widowhood

In lifelong mournful mood

This is what we’ve seen.

At a husband’s death scene.”




“Quite different from these,

Our Chaste Kannagi was.

She never combed her hairs.

And was always in tears.”


“She tore her tender breast.

And burnt Madurai with that.

So, she was a super soul,

Who played her dutiful role.”




“Such a chaste woman’s step-daughter,

Manimegalai, also my daughter,

She can’t change her attitude

And now be turned as a prostitute”




“I came to this religious center,

And fell at the feet of my mentor,

Aravana Adigal for his mercy

And to save me from the misery.”


“How I lost my lover Kovalan?

The events that led me to mourn,

All these I told him in brief.

He understood well my grief.”


He told me, “Those who’re born

In this world, pains only they earn.

Those who’re really unborn,

Pleasure they’re sure to gain.”


“Our previous birth’s actions,

They follow as reactions

In the present birth,

On this mundane earth.”


“To the five kind of sins

Murder, theft, wines,

Lust and telling lies

One should be averse.”


“He gave me a good advice,

Peace in my mind to practice.

Under his noble guidance

I’m peaceful in this place.”




In her resolve Madhavi was firm.

Vasanthamalai saw her aim.

As if in the sea she lost a ruby,

She went back totally unhappy.



Feb 27th


By Raja


(In the Pugar Town, the preliminary functions

of the Indran festival started.  The initial program

was the songs and dances of the stage girls.

Madhavi and Manimegalai both did not come

for the festival.  This gave room for accusations

from the public.


Chitrapathi, Madhavi’s mother, sent her friend,

Vasanthamalai to bring Madhavi, to avoid the

people’s blame.


The servant explained to Madhavi the people’s

comments, but Madhavi refused to go with her

daughter.  The servant returned with utter





On the day of Indran Festival,

There assembled all the people.

Madhavi’s absence gave room

For an atmosphere of gloom.


Her distressed mother Chitrapathi

Sent Madhavi’s friend Vasanthamalai

To bring her to the Indran festival,

To satisfy the blaming people.




Vasanthamalai was quite upset,

With Madhavi’s present state,

And entered the hermitage,

A beautiful flower cottage.


She told Madhavi, “My dear,

Your look is causing me fear,

Why enmity with the people,

Who await you in the festival?”




Vasanthamalai simply thought

Madhavi could be brought

Back to her earlier life style

By persuading her for a while.


She said, “You know royal dance,

Besides the people’s folk dance.

You know well how to sing,

The people’s joy so as to bring.”


“The instruments you play well.

Also the traditional throw ball.

In kitchen you’re too smart.

Also in the color powder art.”


“You’re an expert in making bedding.

None can beat you in swimming.

You know seasons’ outfit dressing.

Also the art of body bending.”


“Others’ mind you can read well.

You’re a gifted speaker to tell.

You’re a good writer as well.

You decorate flowers so well.”


“For every selective occasion

You wore ornaments chosen

That earned the appreciation

Of the people in our town.” 


“To fix the time and date

For any event to suit

You know to calculate

As an expert in this art.”


“In the other arts and science,

And in the field of dance,

You’ve your specialty,

Besides your own capability.”




Vasanthamalai continued:


“Such a famous artist you’re

But now an ascetic what for?

Is it not an act of shame,

That may spoil your name?”


“Listen, our wise Southerners,

And several other commoners,

They cast in one voice

Aspersions on you for this.”


“It’s no good for us

To hear such abuses.

It’s a shameful act

I feel so, in fact.”



Madhavi replied:


“The moment I heard,

My dear Kovalan died,

My life ceased not then,

What a shameful act of mine?”


“No question now arises

When I lost their praises

From that day onward,

As a shameless coward.



Feb 27th


By Raja


“Let our flags fly in the streets

Let us decorate the temple gates,

The temple’s roof top domes

And the golden hanging lamps.”


“Let us tie plantain trees,

The tall areca-nut trees

With dried nut-bunches,

And the fresh sugarcanes.”


“Let our house front pillars,

Be tied up with garland of pearls.

Let us replace the old sands

With the fresh new sands.”


“In front of our houses,

And the surrounding places,

Let fresh creepers be tied

To beautify every side.”




“Shiva, the three-eyed Lord,

And the town’s frontier god,

Of their respective temples

Let us worship in their given roles.”




“In the cool sand spread sheds,

And under the tree-shades,

Let there be discourses

On subjects the most religious.”


“Let there be talks on scriptures,

On divine roles and pictures,

To find out what is right

And what is not right?”




“Let us be free from anger,

Or even from petty clamor

With the unconcerned men

Or the opposing men.”


“The deities wander on mounds,

Or on the flower garden lands,

Or at the cool river banks,

With our men of all ranks.”


“In these twenty eight days

To meet them on your ways

You should know better

And should take more care.”




He stood before the sword army,

The chariot front army,

The force of horse army,

And the array of elephant army.


He told, “Let the hunger, disease,

And our enmity may cease.

Let our land get all the riches

And plenty of seasonal rains.”



Feb 26th


By Rajeev

आध्यात्मिक  पढ़ाइयों में कहते है

कि "जैसा अन्न वैसा मन "

आज कल अन्न इतना मिला हुआ मिलता है

कि कोई आशचर्य नहीं  कि

दोनों तन और मन

बिगड़ता जा रहा है!


स्थूल अन्न के अलावा,

सीधे मिलते है मन को अन्न

दुआ, बददुआ के रूप में

और आज कल है,दुआ से ज़्यादा बददुआ ...

अधिक मात्रा में, शुभ कामनायें के बदले

 गुस्से, जलन,घृणा या असंतृप्ति की स्पंदन!


 तो  खाओ सही अन्न

स्थूल और सूक्षम रूप में

शारीरिक मानसिक रूप में

सदा ख़बरदार!

अपने स्वास्थ्य  बचाने केलिए...



NB: यह कविता बीके ( ब्रह्मकुमारीs)  की  पढाई से प्रेरित है।

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