Sep 30th

If Only.... (A Micro Fiction)

By Rajeev

"They will open the door to take the milk, that is our time!"

"Okay", she said

"You say okay but you are very slow. The last time you delayed and I also had to slow down. They caught both of us and put us back inside."

 Sweety and I like to roam outside. After all, we don't want to be tied down inside the house all the time. It's a lot of fun to catch the pigeons flying around when they come within reach. Most of the time we don't get to catch them but the thrill is in the 'trying'. We have to be vigilant though. There is this ferocious guy who sometimes bark at us and we have to be quick on our feet.

 Last Saturday, Sweety listened to my advice and sped out of the front door like a rocket. It was I who couldn't run fast enough and had to go back inside. But Sweety never came back. I learnt from the discussions that they were searching for her all over the place. After a day I heard them say, Sweety was killed by a speeding car! Oh God it's terrible! Ever since she left, I have lost my rhythm and drive. Life is no longer fun...I don't try to run out of the house anymore. For a few days, I meowed and meowed searching for her in all the rooms and crying desperately for her.

 If only I had not taunted Sweety and challenged her to run faster. If only....

Sep 30th


By Raja

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL

அதிகாரம் 53 – சுற்றம் தழால்



53/07. காக்கை கரவா கரைந்துண்ணும்; ஆக்கமும்

அன்னநீ ரார்க்கே உள.


53/07. Kaakkai karavaa karaindhunnum; aakkamum

Annanee raarkke ulla.


53/07. Crows caw and invite all their relatives and shares their food.

Like that, one’s wealth increases when he shares it with his relatives.


Tulsi: A crow sets an example by inviting other crows

To share the food it has found.


Usha: Crow is really an example

For all the rich people,

To share their money

With his relatives many.


Then their love increases.

Also his wealth multiplies.

He’ll not live alone,

But in their midst then.


Will this really happen

In a society of rich men?

It’s a big question,

Answer is with none.


53/08. பொதுநோக்கான் வேந்தன் வரிசையா நோக்கின்

அதுநோக்கி வாழ்வார் பலர்.


53/08. Podhunokkaan vendhan varisaiyaa nokkin

Adhunokki vazhvaar palar.


53/08. If a King does not look everyone equally, but according to individual nature

Then there will be many relatives around him.


Tulsi: Among relatives one may be rich another poor.

So the King has to give wealth according the needs of individual relatives.


Usha: Yes, he can’t be uniform in helping others

And must give according to each one’s needs,

In which case the relatives will be satisfied

The King’s wealth also will not be affected.


As you say, one may be rich

Another may not be rich

So, he cannot follow uniform

Rules with all of them,


One may require money.

Another cows many.

So, what they all want

In cash or kind, he’ll donate.


53/09. தமராகித் தன்துறந்தார் சுற்றம் அமராமைக்

காரணம் இன்றி வரும்.


53/09. Thamaraagith thanthurrandhaar sutrram amraamaik

Karannam indri varum.


53/09. Relatives who have left one for some reason

Will come back to him, once that reason is cleared.


Tulsi: Relatives who had left one will come back

As relatives when occasion arises.


Usha: Relatives will never leave one

Even if they go out for some reason.

Once that reason is over

They’ll come back there.


For years they may go outside

But when their jobs are finished

They’ll come back to their places

And meet once again their relatives.


That blood relationship will

Never go out, but prevail still

Among all of them

Despite lapse of time.


53/10. உழைப்பிரிந்து காரணத்தின் வந்தானை வேந்தன்

இழைத்திருந்து எண்ணிக் கொளல்.


53/10. Uzhaipirindhu kaarannaththin vandhaanai vendhan

Izhaithirindhu ennik kollal.


53/10. Without any reason a relative has left and for some reason he came back.

The King should find out his needs and take him back.


Tulsi: A King should be reasonable and

Show sympathy to relatives who left once and came back.


Usha: A King should take back one,

Who left him for no reason,

But came back for some reason,

Without asking him any question.


He should be so liberal with them,

Not taking revenge on them

For their leaving him for no reason,

And coming back to him with a reason.


Then only they’ll maintain

Close contact once again,

And their love for each other

Will continue forever.




Sep 30th


By Raja

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL

அதிகாரம் 53 – சுற்றம் தழால்



53/04. சுற்றத்தால் சுற்றப் படஒழுகல் செல்வம்தான்

பெற்றத்தால் பெற்ற பயன்.


53/04. Sutrraththaal sutrrap padaozhugal selvamdhaan

Petrraththaal petrra payan.


53/04. A person who had more wealth for which

He should lead his life surrounded by all relatives.


Tulsi: One should not forget his relatives

Having got more wealth.


Usha: When more wealth one has.

He must respect his relatives,

And interact with them,

With a smile at any time.


Some will avoid relatives

When more money comes

As they’ll be a financial burden

On him now and then.


What for the money is?

Is it not to help others,

In particular his relatives?

All these questions arise.


53/05. கொடுத்தலும் இன்சொலும் ஆற்றின் அடுக்கிய

சுற்றத்தால் சுற்றப் படும்.


53/05. Koduththaalum insolum aatrrin adukkia

Sutrrathaal sutrrap padum.


53/05. If one gives his relatives what they want

And also speak to them in soft words he will be surrounded by them.


Tulai: One should be kind to the relatives

To get their love and affection.


Usha: When one has money to spare

He can give his relatives a share

To please them with this gift

And they’ll be happy to take it.


Also one must talk kind words

Particularly with his relatives,

Who’ll get offended easily

For his harsh words sharply.


If one is left alone in the world

Will he not feel neglected?

Better invite all relatives

And try to win their respects.


53/06. பெருங்கொடையான் பேணான் வெகுளி அவனின்

மருங்குடையார் மாநிலத்து இல்.


53/06. Perungkodaiyaan pennaan vegulli avanin

Marungkudayaar maanilaththu il.


53/06. If there is one who donates liberally without any anger

There will be no one in the world like him having relatives.


Tulsi: It is no wonder if great man has a number of relatives.


Usha: A rich person shares,

His wealth with others,

Including his relatives,

Gets all kind of praises.


“He gets angry never.

None has seen it ever.

Such a noble man he is.”

They all say like this.


Really it’s no wonder

If he has a large number

Of affectionate relatives

In and around his house.






Sep 30th


By Raja

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL

அதிகாரம் 53 – சுற்றம் தழால்



53/01. பற்றற்ற கண்ணும் பழமைபா ராட்டுதல்

சுற்றத்தார் கண்ணே உள.


53/01. Patrratra kannum pazhmaipaa raattudhal

Sutrrataar kanne ulla.


53/01. If a rich man becomes poor, it is only relatives

Who maintain their old relationship still.


Tulsi: When rich becomes poor

Relatives still maintain their contacts.


Usha: True, that blood relationship

Relatives want always to keep

Despite a rich becoming poor

Due to an unforeseen failure.


In a family of elder brothers

And also younger sisters

Rich may be one set of brothers

And poor may be their sisters.


But the brothers will care

For their sisters more

To see they doesn’t suffer

In their daily life forever.


53/02. விருப்பறாச் சுற்றம் இயையின் அருப்பறா

ஆக்கம் பலவும் தரும்.


53/02. Virupparraach sutrram iayaiyin arupparraa

Aakkam palavum tharum.


53/02. If one has got ever affectionate relatives

That relationship will give him more and more prospects.


Tulsi: It is the love from relatives

 That keeps one prosperous.


Usha: One will see in marriages

All the close relatives

Hug each other out of love,

And exchange their ideas how?


 For any good or bad occasion

They participate in the function

And give their share of help

Till that event ends up.


The love of close relatives,

Will make one gain riches,

And he’ll prosper well then

Due to their close attention.


53/03. அளவளாவு இல்லாதான் வாழ்க்கை குளவளாக்

கோடின்றி நீர்நிறைந் தற்று.


53/03. Allavallaavu illadhan vazhkkai kullavallak

Kodinrri neernirain dharru.


53/03. The life of one not having heartfelt talks with his relatives

Is like a tank over flowing water with no bund.


Tulsi: One should interact with his relatives

Otherwise he will be isolated from their circle.


Usha: Life for one, who has relatives,

But not having their contacts,

Will be like a person isolated,

 To live alone in this world.


Water overflows in a tank

 For lack of bund to block.

Finally what’ll happen?

The entire water is gone.


So also more relatives,

Like water, one person has,

But with them there is no talk,

Like no bund in a tank.








Sep 29th

Time In A Bottle

By KaayGeee

At dusty, old farm farm in a distant land, her father lingered at death's door waiting for a last glimpse. She called at him hoarsely over the speaker phone- "Don't wait for me, Papa. Go in peace." She couldn't tell if he heard her or not. They tell her later, he died shortly after her call. Her hands won't stop shaking and she can feel the migraine coming on. She wants to curl up in her cubby hole and hope for oblivion. But the piles of laundry won't wait. Nor will the loans to be repaid. Farewells are painful. Some more than others. Outside her window, the great cosmopolis bustles on without pause.

Sep 29th

Thank you! Indian Armed Forces!

By Paddy

Our Indian Armed Forces in systematic "surgical strikes" , entered the enemy territory and destroyed seven (7) Terror Launch Pads that were causing havoc in J & K and other States.

I am right now overwhelmed with gratitude and pride for our Armed Forces and so will just say:

Jai Hind! Salutes! Shabash! Respects! Indian Armed Forces!

Friends, please join me in conveying our gratittude to our Armed Forces!



Sep 29th

Vallathol Tour

By soman


Vallathol’s Tour of Russia


Mahakavi Vallathol, poet laureate of Kerala, and founder of Kerala Kalamandalam, the world famous institution for classical performing arts of South India, based near Shoranur, Kerala, was an inveterate globe trotter. In addition to various cities of India, he had taken Kathakali troupes to Malaysia, Singapore, Beijing, etc. in Asia, as well as London/ Paris/Moscow in Europe. 

The event narrated here is evocative of the high regard in which he was held in Delhi government circles, (post--Independence) as a leading light of Indian renaissance since Independence, in the realm of literature as well as performing arts.

In 1951 the Indian government received an invitation from the Soviet govt to depute a delegation of writers, artistes and scientists on a sightseeing tour of Russia.  Vallathol was chosen as leader of the writers-artistes group.  He in turn nominated Harindranath Chattopadhyay to act on his behalf, (since he himself was weak in English).  Dr Baliga led the group of scientists. 

On the day after they arrived in Moscow, they visited the Lenin Mausoleum as well as the cemetery of Russian freedom fighters. Vallathol wrote a poem in Malayalam describing the visit.  Balettan translated it into English, and Harindranath   in    turn polished it up and gave it to members of the delegation to read.  They spoke very highly of it, and later the Russian   writers who knew English too, appreciated the high standard of the poem.  Within a couple of days, the poem  was    translated into Russian and published in the leading newspapers in Moscow; a rare honor.

In commemoration of the visit and as a mark of respect to Vallathol and Harindranth, some of their other poems were also translated   into Russian and published.  These included one on Lenin, by Vallathol. …  In the course of the tour they met famous Russian writers Ilia Ehrenbourg, Fedeyev and also Kalyanov who had translated the epic Mahabharatha into Russian.  In addition, in Georgia they met another poet who had translated Valmiki Ramayana into their language.


(Source:  Book on Vallathol by son Achutha Kurup).







Sep 29th


By Paddy

Image Courtesy :

Damned if I do, damned if I don’t!
Damned if I will, damned if I won’t! 

Damned if I vie, damned if I try!
Damned if I cry, damned if I sigh!

Damned if I baulk, damned if I talk,
Damned if I walk, damned if I knock! 

Damned if I work, damned if I shirk!
Damned if I irk, damned if I smirk! 

Damned if I call, damned if I stall!
Damned if I trawl, damned if I play ball!

Damned if I time, damned if I chime!
Damned if I prime, damned if I rhyme! 

Damned if I am original, damned if I copy!
Damned if I’m alert, damned if I'm sloppy! 

Whether I do or don’t, I am likely to be slammed!
So, I’d rather do my best and the rest be damned!

Sep 29th

Ghazal - I am not perturbed that some pain is mine

By Elizabeth Kurian 'Mona'

I am not perturbed that some pain is mine

Grief is poet’s ink, that’s why gain is mine


For you the bright sunshine, the lovely spring

The darkness, the torrent, the rain is mine


I wish I could be as free as the wind

Duties, traditions, work, each chain is mine


You have chosen the wide roads, lush green fields

The thorny paths, rocky terrain is mine


Name, fame, riches, love and health, have all gone

Now despair, neglect and disdain is mine


I crave not for gold, silver nor mansions

I only wish your heart’s domain is mine


Poesy is my passion, my refuge


Muse pens poems, ‘Mona’, refrain is mine.

Sep 29th


By Raja

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL

அதிகாரம் 52 – தெரிந்து வினையாடல்



52/07. இதனை இதனால் இவன்முடிக்கும் என்றாய்ந்து

அதனை அவன்கண் விடல்.


52/07. Idhanai idhanaal ivanmudikkum enrraaindhu

Adhanai avankann vidal.


52/07. After knowing well that he will finish this work

Then he should be entrusted with the work.


Karthik: One should not be given work blindly

 Not knowing his capacity to do it.


Manohar: Blindly don’t order one,

But verify whether he can

Finish the work well in time,

Free from any kind of blame.


If there is a slight doubt,

Then there is no point

In engaging that person,

Who may let you down.


Later you must not regret,

When it comes to a halt

With all complications,

Requiring expert’s views.


52/08. வினைக்குரிமை நாடிய பின்றை அவனை

அதற்குரிய னாகச் செயல்.


52/08. Vinaikkurimai naadiya pinrrai avanai

Adharrkuria naagach seyal.


52/08. One should examine that for a particular work he is fit

And after knowing it well then he must be given that work.


Karthik: A mason cannot tailors work.

Each has got his own experience.


Manohar: Yes, a mason cannot do tailor’s work,

And an engineer cannot doctor’s work,

One must have qualification,

And also experience in each line.


So, one must select a proper man

Only after due verification,

Otherwise, it’ll land in

Serious troubles for everyone.


Also the person selected

Must be closely watched,

To find out how he does

The work in progress.


52/09. வினைக்கண் வினையுடையான் கேண்மைவே றாக

நினைப்பானை நீங்கும் திரு.


52/09. Vinaykkann vinayudaiyaan; kennmaivea rraaga

Ninaippaanai neengum thiru.


52/09. If one mistakes a servant who finishes any work efficiently

On hearing from others that he is moving friendly,

Then Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, will leave him.


Karthik: What is wrong if a servant moves friendly?


Manohar: If a servant is more efficient

One must appreciate him for that.

If he is moving friendly

It is a sign of his respect really.


To mistake such a servant,

Lakshmi will not tolerate,

And will leave that place

Without a word at once.


One must appreciate

Such a good servant

Who works efficiently

And also more faithfully.


52/10. நாடொறும் நாடுக மன்னன்; வினைசெய்வான்

கோடாமை கோடாது உலகு.


52/10. Nadorrum naaduga mannan; vinaiseivaan

Kodaamai kodaadhu ulagu.


52/10. If a servant does not get changed from his work, the country will not suffer.

The King should see daily that his rights are well protected.


Karthik: The rights of a good worker

Must be protected well.


Manohar: Workers are the base,

On whom a country lies.

If daily they work hard,

The country gets benefited.


So, they must be fairly treated

And their rights well protected.

Then they’ll serve loyally

Their masters undoubtedly.


The selection of a servant

Is the most important

If the work must go on

Nonstop for any reason.







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