Aug 31st

God’s Work Is Most Perfect

By Dr John Celes


Lying in bed, weak and still, 
Victim of an unknown ailment; 
My mind looks still clear, I think well, 
Of things seen, unseen and Godsent. 
Man’s achievements in Science looked good; 
But dullened, his conscience stood; 
He was after greater glory! 
Ignoring God, I felt sorry. 
I saw the Master Sculptor’s work, 
Which was amazingly perfect; 
No doubt, His was the very best; 
Our earthly tries, I now detest; 
God knows whatever man can do; 
His Creator, Man can’t outdo!


written long back

Aug 31st


By Jairathore

They say it's incredible

How he can be so calm

Indifferent and unmoved

In all situations...


They have no clue

That he too like

Any other normal person

Has feelings and sentiments...


The only difference is -

The loss and experiences in life

Made him to be so strong

That he can camouflage feelings

Even in most trying situations.

Aug 31st

O roles

By Supratik
We're all fixed in our roles
Well trained, for years
For generations, through nexus
We don't open the door for our servant
For our neighbors, we've learned to be indifferent
With our children, parents,
Bosses, colleagues, landlords, tenants and friends
It's the role that lives and plays
Inside it, we're inert with unhappiness.
Children who don't know of this
Live their lives, with innocence and bliss
They through the days, learn their roles
Become adults, like us, losing their soles.
If we played our roles on the stage detached
Our world in peace and prosperity would be unmatched.
Aug 31st

Word and action

By Supratik



Trapped in history, word and action;

Commonwealth is confined in their inaction.

Speak the truth, however much we say

Our actions take a different ruthless way.


Be honest, rests in words and pages

Dishonesty works in action, in all stages

Stop the war, bring peace the world speaks

Everyone markets weapons, the killing everyone seeks

Pay your taxes is there in the books

Thanks to Law, dishonesty prevails by hook or by crook

For this in the hands of disbelief and deceit

Our inside weeps in shame and defeat.


This belief system is flowing in us through ages

Word and action are strangers in their own cages

Children who learn now about the sanctity of words

Silently emulate conceit through actions in their worlds.


From this word-action conflict the world needs liberty

If education could intervene and deliver their unity

With peace and freedom, will emerge relief from treachery  

The world would be in bliss through this meaningful inquiry.


The version in Bengali is availalbe in the following link please:

Aug 31st

Why is sexual harassment?

By shanmugam


Man pursues and woman eludes in love.

Man advances and woman slips in love.

If she resents him, he must stop with that,

Failing which, she can run away from him,

And put such nuisance under the carpet,

Fearing disgrace to her and her family,

Or can shame him by exposing his acts.

Man is hungry yet to follow woman.


Stalking woman comes from perversion.

Perversion comes from starvation.

Starvation comes from deprivation.

Deprivation comes from stigmatization.

Stigmatization comes from sexual taboos.

 Sexual taboos come from patriarchy.

Consensual sex must gain acceptance.

Woman must not be stigmatized for sex.



Aug 31st

In the name of God

By shanmugam



Kings declared war;

Soldiers fought and died.

The old declare war;

Youngsters fight and die.

Elders order war;

Youths lay down lives.

Massacres occur.

All in the name of God!



Aug 31st


By Raja

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL

அதிகாரம் 34 – நிலையாமை



34/07. ஒருபொழுதும் வாழ்வது அறியார்; கருதுப

கோடியும் அல்ல பல.


34/07. Orupozhudhum vazhvadhu arriyaar; karudhuba

Kodium alla pala.


34/07. He may not know he will be alive only for a day,

But he will be thinking of more than one crore thoughts.


Vinod: A healthy, happy, wealthy young man, fit to live for 100 years,

But was knocked down by a lorry and he died on the spot at 30 years.


Kishore: Wise men call it his fate

When the exact reason for that

Is not well known to anyone,

Saying it’s prewritten one.


But mind doesn’t take rest,

As thought after thought

Disturb it in succession,

Like waves in the ocean.


How to control the mind?

A way our elders did find,

By doing meditation regularly

One can control it slowly.


34/08. குடம்பை தனித்தொழியப்  புள்பறந் தற்றே

உடம்போடு உயிரிடை நட்பு.


34/08. Kudambai thaniththozhiyap pullparrandh dhatrre

Udambodu uyiridai natpu.


34/08. Life inside the body is just like

A bird that flew away from its cage.


Vinod: How long life will remain inside body

Can anyone predict?


Kishore: Death is a secret,

None can predict it.

If it’s known in advance

One will be a walking corpse.


In Mahabharata this was asked,

“What is the wonder in this world?”

Dharma replied, “It is one’s blind faith

That he’ll live next day on this earth.”


It’s that blind faith only

That keeps one to live happily

Or else, he’ll live sorrowfully

Awaiting his death keenly.


34/09. உறங்குவது போலும் சாக்காடு உறங்கி

விழிப்பது போலும் பிறப்பு.


34/09. Urranguvadhu polum saakaadu urranghi

Vizhippadhu polum pirrappu.


34/09. One’s death is like sleep.

His birth is like waking up from his sleep.


Vinod: Everyday one is sleeping and waking

Just like death and birth.


Kishore: One sees daily birth on one side

And death on another side,

Yet, with high hopes on his existence,

He builds up high level of confidence.


Come what may, life should go on

Not keeping one in constant tension,

Like, when and where he’ll die?

He lives what for and why?


Death is throwing away old body

And taking afresh a new body

Like throwing away an old shirt

And wearing a new shirt.

This is how scriptures explain,

But any reason for young men

Dying in war fields or on roads,

With their strong bodies?


34/10. புக்கில் அமைந்தின்று கொல்லோ உடம்பினுள்

துச்சில் இருந்த உயிக்கு.


34/10. Pukkil amaindhindru kollo udambinull

Thuchchil irundha uyirkku.


34/10. It seems as though life has no place in the body,

Where gas, bile, phlegm all have found a place therein.


Vinod: Does this show life is struggling everyday

With gas, bile and phlegm?


Kiahore: Diseases attack bodies.

Life struggles with diseases.

Still life goes on in its course,

Till death takes over its place.


One should live naturally,

But now life goes on artificially,

Attracted by new facilities,

Against nature’s rejections.


Align yourself with nature.

Don’t follow anti-nature.

You’ll then live healthily,

And also more happily.












Aug 31st


By Raja

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL

அதிகாரம் 34 – நிலையாமை



34/04. நாள்என ஒன்றுபோல் காட்டி உயிர்ஈரும்

வாளது உணர்வார்ப் பெறின்.


34/04. Naallena ondrupol kaatti uyireerum

Valladhu unnarvaarp perin.


34/04. It appears that each day moves happily,

But the time cuts shorts one’s life with its sword bit by bit.


Vinod: Time and tide wait for no man.

Both are unstable, moving on and on.


Kiahore: To say time is unstable,

Life also in not stable,

Time is shortening it

Miniute by minute.


If one is time conscious,

Life is unstable, he knows.

Also he’s aware of his happiness,

That remains with him for a few days.


So, every day is a lesson

For him to learn

What’s stable?

What’s unstable?


34/05. நாச்செற்று விக்குள்மேல் வாராமுன் நல்வினை

மேற்சென்று செய்யப் படும்.


34/05. Naachchetru vikkullmel vaaraamun nalvinai

Merrchendru seiyap padum.


34/05. Before the tongue paralyzes and hiccup starts,

One should go forward to do virtuous deeds.


Vinod: What is the use of saying ‘Sankara Sankara,’

Just before dying?


Kishore: You can see a notice

Hanging in some shops,

“Cash today, credit tomorrow”

That means no credit sales.


Like this “Today no good deed,

But tomorrow good deed,”

Like this, if one declares,

Will there be good deeds?


If you want to do it tomorrow,

Do it today.

If you want to do it today

Do it now.

(This what elders say!)


34/06. நெருநல் உளன்ஒருவன் இன்றில்லை என்னும்

பெருமை உடைத்திவ் வுலகு.


34/06. Nerunal ullanoruvan inrrillai ennum

Perumai udaiththiv vulagu.


34/06. Yesterday he was alive. Today he is no more.

The world says so of the unstable life.


Vinod: This shows life is unstable

Any moment it can disappear.


Kishore: There is one song, “Oh you body!

You’re false, just a bag of air inside.”

“காயமே இது பொய்யடா

காற்றைடைத்த பையடா.” (In Tamil)


Some will say, “It’s a bag of bones,

Life is just a spark that moves

Into action the whole body

Till the date of its expiry.”


We feel sun and moon are moving.

We think earth is not moving.

But, in reality, it is not so

Earth only moves, we all know.


When we see in the horizon,

The sun and moon come down

And dive deep into the ocean

But, we know, it’s an illusion.




Aug 31st


By Raja

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL

அதிகாரம் 34 – நிலையாமை



34/01. நில்லாத வற்றை நிலையின என்றுணரும்

புல்லறி வாண்மை கடை.


34/01. Nillaadha vatrrai nilaiena endrunnarum

Pullarri vaannmai kadai.


34/01. To take unstable things as stable

 Shows low knowledge and foolishness.

Vinod: How can one take unstable things as stable?


Kishore: Mind is unstable always

With some wavering thoughts.

Like a pendulum it oscillates.

Occasionally agitated in remains.


Sometime we mistake

A rope for a snake

A lamp post for ghost

Water for mirage in desert.


These illusions are in mind.

They’re stable so we find.

But they’re just unstable

Cheating our eyes as stable.


34/02. கூத்தாட்டு அவைக்குழாத்து அற்றே பெருஞ்செல்வம்

போக்கும் அதுவிளிந் தற்று.


34/02. Kooththaattu avaikkuzhaaththu atrre purunselvam

Pokkum adhuvillindh thatrru.


34/02. A man gets more wealth means it’ll slowly fade away,

Like in a drama people gather slowly and all go away at the end.


Vinod: It’s true Kishore, money comes, but suddenly it vanishes.


Kishore: Yes Vinod, In between a man

Thinks his wealth is stable one

But when time comes

In one lot it disappears.


A good example the poet gives,

In a drama when it starts

People gather one by one.

At the end no one remains.


When he was born,

He brought no money

Or when he was gone,

He didn’t carry money.


34/03. அற்கா இயல்பிற்றுச் செல்வம்; அதுபெற்றால்

அற்குப ஆங்கே செயல்.


34/03. Arrkaa iyalbitrruch selvam; adhupetrraal

Arrkuba aangey seyal.


34/03. Wealth is not stable. If it comes

Do virtuous deeds which are stable.


Vinod: Money comes and goes.

Also poverty comes and goes.


Kiahore: Wealth and poverty both are

Unstable as they move here and there,

Making a poor, a rich man,

And a rich, a poor man.


Where there is money

Problems will be many,

But a rich man should be able

To face both, as they’re unstable.


Virtuous deeds will help him,

To solve his every problem,

What the money creates

When its due turn comes.







Aug 30th

A Tribute to our Athletes

By Ush

Olympics held once in four years

From all over come the world players.

They could be beginners or superstars

Novice or the regulars.

Race, religion, region, there is no bar

As the players must pass the qualifiers.


India sent a large contingent

To take part in the biggest event.

Many hurdles they had to circumvent

After all the final outcome is so potent

The winner of the moment

Is hailed for his/her excellence.


Our Indian athletes did us proud

So what if many medals they couldn’t wrest

They could compete with the rest

And hold their own amongst the best.

They competed fiercely

By their perseverance.


For many, this Olympics was their first

Bruised they may be but not for the worst

All is not lost, be back they must

Soon, into the arena they will burst

To stand against their opponents till the last

By their performance, robust

To make us proud- most.


Woman power it has been throughout

On their ability they have managed to strikeout

In their matches there has been a turnaround

By their display they stood out

Even though for a few it was just their debut.


Dipa Karmakar – we applaud you sincerely

You have captured our hearts

By your dynamic performance.

You have chosen Produnova vault to compete

The most difficult event in gymnastics

And emerged as a champion

By your sheer zeal and resilience.


Sakshi Malik – our woman wrestler

Got us our first medal, thriller.

Her bouts were a killer

She turned out to be the better tackler.

Snatched victory from the jaws of defeat

Her opponent had no choice but to retreat

As Sakshi came from behind to complete

The game. Leaving no doubt about

Who was the better player for the moment.


Sindhu’s long years of training

Under the watchful eyes of her coach, absorbing

With his advice on the game, advancing

As a talented badminton player, in the country.

Her achievement in Olympics was incredible

A silver medal she did cobble

By her nimble presence and her ability to dribble.

Her opponents had to scramble

As she proved to be really formidable.

She appeared unbeatable

Her winning was found creditable.


In a moment she won a billion hearts

The country rallied to support her acts

Cheering her while she went through her sets.

She has captured the nation’s imagination

Her rise has become an inspiration

Many youngsters now want to aspire

To become another Sindhu, that’s their desire.

More power for the woman, pure!!


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