Dec 31st

Happy New Year 2K17

By Dr John Celes

Gone’s the Old Year, none can hold it back;

Born’s the New Year, whether you like or not!

                    Big’s the moment in human history, time;         

Welcome the New Year with hope, warmth and cheer!


Hark the herald brings us bliss anew;

Dawn’s the New Year like a special morn;

Change, it will the world’s scenario!

May peace and prosperity rain on all!


Let songs and dance and sound of music, lights

Mark the day as mankind celebrates;

Let foods exotic, savories and wine

Fill the hearts and minds with jubilation.


Dressed are most in new apparel, smiles;

Some are busy greeting their brethren;

Laugh and be merry despite woes in heart;

But remember to love your neighbors, God!

Happy New Year to all my dear medico 1974 batch-mates

Of CMC, CBE and students at KFMSR CBE(Poet Prof. Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar MD)

Copyright by Dr John Celes 1-1-2017









Dec 31st


By Raja

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL

அதிகாரம் 125 – நெஞ்சொடு கிளத்தல்.



125/07. காமம் விடுஒன்றோ நாண்விடு; நன்னெஞ்சே!

யானோ பொறேன்இல் இரண்டு.


125/07. Kamam viduondrro nannvidu; nannenje!

Yaano poraenil irandu.


125/07. “Oh Good Mind! Give up your desire for love,

Or leave your shyness and go; I can’t face these two troubles.”


Madhur: She is right. Either she should stop loving

Or go after him leaving her shyness aside.


Pallav: She is on the right track now.

To go to his place somehow,

Or forget her love for him;

She must choose one of them.


The right thing for her to do is

To have absolute patience

And wait for his early return,

 From the place he has gone.


Her mind will be wavering,

But for her to remain waiting,

Is the best course of action,

Until his expeditious return.


125/08. பரிந்தவர் நல்காரென்று ஏங்கிப் பிரிந்தவர்

பின்செல்வாய்; பேதை;என் நெஞ்சு.


125/08. Parindhavar nalghaarendrru enghip pirindhavar

Pinselvaai; pedhai;en nenju.


125/08. “Oh my foolish mind! He must have

That desire and anxiety to come, instead of that

You love him and started to go to him.


Madhur: She wants him to come, 

Instead of her going to him.


Pallav: Where he now lives?

Can she find his place?

He must only return,

As she lives alone


Two thousand years back,

It was a difficult task,

To go up and down,

For trading in any town.


There were no speedy vehicles,

Except for bullock carts,

And for lack of communication,

No one knew where a person has gone?


125/09. உள்ளத்தார் காத லவராக உள்ளிநீ

யாருழைச் சேறிஎன் நெஞ்சு?


125/09. Ullaththaar kaadha lavaraaga ullinee

Yaruzhaich cherri nenju?


125/09. “Oh Mind! When our lover is with us,

Where you are going, thinking he is elsewhere.”


Madhur: When he is away how she talks he is with her?


Pallav:  She is telling her mind

Not to go anywhere to find,

Her lover who is with her,

Perhaps, he’s talking to her.


It is a state of hallucination,

That works on her imagination,

As if he’s present with her,

When he’s far away from her.


It is an indication of her madness,

Craving for his immediate presence,

And if he doesn’t immediately return

She may even become mad soon.


125/10. துன்னாத் துறந்தாரை நெஞ்சத்து உடையேமா

இன்னும் இழத்தும் கவின்.


125/10. Thunnaath thurrandhaarai nenjaththu udaiyemaa

Innum izhandhum kavin.


125/10. “If one thinks of her lover always, who is not near but far away,

Her body condition will deteriorate and her health only will suffer.’’


Madhur: This is what happening in her case

As she is constantly thinking of her lover

Who is far away from her.


Pallav: It is true, she loves him so much,

That she wants to keep him in touch,

Now and then, but he’s not coming,

So, mentally disturbed, she is crying.


She wants to control somehow,

But she doesn’t know how?

Her troubled mind, her eyes vision

Her health are all in bad condition.


That is the main reason

As to why she quite often

Speaks to her disturbed mind

And light green tearful eyes.















Dec 31st


By Raja

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL

அதிகாரம் 125 – நெஞ்சொடு கிளத்தல்.



125/04. கண்ணும் கொளச்சேறி நெஞ்சே! இவையென்னைத்

தின்னும் அவர்க்காணல் உற்று.


125/04. Kannum kollachcherri nenje! Ivaiennaith

Thinnum avarkkaannal utrru.


125/04. “Oh Mind! When you go to my lover

You take my eyes also with you;

Otherwise, they will start troubling me to see him

After you have gone to him.”


Madhur: Mind and eyes belong to the same body.

Mind cannot leave her eyes and then go to him.


Pallav: Mind is dragging her to see him,

Her eyes also willing to see him.

But where is he? She doesn’t know well.

So, mentally she becomes ill.


In so many ways she tries

But she doesn’t know where he stays

She asks her mind to watch

Followed by her eyes to search.


Her eagerness to see him

Is visible from her commands

To her eyes as well as mind,

But how? She is yet to find.


125/05. செற்றார் எனக்கை விடல்உண்டோ நெஞ்சேயாம்

உற்றால் உறாஅ தவர்.


125/05. Setrraar enakkai vidalunndo nenjeyam

Utrraal urraa dhavar.


125/05. “Oh Mind! Whenever I wanted him to come, but he hasn’t come,

For that can I leave him assuming he hates me?”


Madhur: As he hasn’t come, she can’t presume herself

That he hates her and leave him.


Pallav: Yes, he may be held up somewhere

For some reason on his tour,

Without verifying all facts

How can she presume that he hates?


It is silly to take hasty decision,

And come to the conclusion,

That her lover hates her;

So, he was hiding elsewhere


She does not doubt him,

Nor once for all leaving him,

Just because he hasn’t come,

Throwing this blame on him.


125/06. கலந்துணர்த்தும் காதலர்க் கண்டால் புலந்துணராய்

பொய்க்காய்வு காய்திஎன் நெஞ்சு!


125/06. Kalandhunnarththum kaadhalark kanndaal pularndhunnaraai

Poikkaaivu kaaidhien nenju!


125/06. “Oh Mind! On seeing him you don’t know how to avoid him,

But now why do you avoid him on false pretense.”


Madhur: When her mind can’t avoid on seeing him

 Now how can she avoid him?


Pallav: She may say it orally,

But doesn’t mean it really,

As she can’t remain forever.

Without seeing her lover.


It is an inherent nature of woman

To say one thing to anyone,

And do another thing in action,

So, she’ll see him once again.


In her mind the fact still remains,

That she is awaiting his return,

Sooner the better for her,

As her dear most lover.














Dec 31st


By Raja

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL

அதிகாரம் 125 – நெஞ்சொடு கிளத்தல்.



125/01. நினைத்தொன்று சொல்லாயோ நெஞ்சே? எனைத்தொன்றும்

எவ்வநோய் தீர்க்கும் மருந்து.


125/01. Ninaiththondrru sollaayo nenjae? Enaiththondrrum

Evvanoi theerikkum marundhu.


125/01. “Oh Mind! Won’t you tell me a medicine

After thinking deeply for this incurable love (lust) disease.”


Madhur: She is requesting her mind to suggest a medicine

For this love (lust) disease.


Pallav: Actually love is not a disease.

There is no medicine for this.

But she imagines it is a disease

And wants a medicine for this.


In the natural evolution process

Love between two persons

One male and opposite sex female

Acts as a source for production of lives.


Love acts as a binding force,

Between male and female,

For purpose of reproduction,

Without which there is no attraction.


(Note: Even in the magnetic world,

Unlike poles attract,

Like poles repel,

As a natural process)


125/02. காதல் அவரிலர் ஆகநீ நோவது

பேதமை வாழிஎன் நெஞ்சு.


125/02. Kadhal avarilar aaganee novadhu

Pedhamai vaazhien nenju.


125/02. “Oh my heart! He has no love for me.

For that, it is foolishness for you to worry.

Let me bless you.”


Madhur: Now she is addressing her heart

Not to worry about her love.


Pallav: Inside her heart she has love for him.

As there is no proper response from him,

She wants to soften her feeling,

That was behind him running.


This is one way of suppressing,

Her heartfelt hidden feeling,

Not to be after him always,

But wait for his response.


Love is not material,

But it is more spiritual,

As, in fact, one male heart

Hunts and binds a female heart.


125/03. இருந்துள்ளி என்பரிதல்? நெஞ்சே! பரிந்துள்ளல்

பைதல்நோய் செய்தார்கண் இல்.


125/03. Irundhulli enparidhal? Nenje! Parinthullal

Paidhalnoi seidharkann il.


125/03. “Oh my heart! What is the use of

Your sympathy for me by staying here.

There is no idea of making my lover,

Who gave me this worry, to show pity for me.”


Madhur: She has a feeling that her lover has no pity for her,

And gave her worries only.


Pallav: At this hour of distress,

Sympathy only she wants,

And that too from her lover,

Who pays little attention to her.


She is asking her heart,

For an idea, if it has got,

How to get his sympathy

To wipe off her worry.


If her heart has legs,

It’ll surely go to him and beg,

Just on her behalf, for his pity,

That she needs now in plenty.













Dec 30th

From the Notes of Yesteryears 4 - Ten Commandments for an Enthu Team

By Rajeev

Background: Over the years I have taken notes from seminars attended, books read or even from articles in a newspaper. I share them here for the benefit of readers...

 Ten Commandments for an Enthusiastic Team: -

  •  Team members help each other to do things right.
  • They look for ways to make ideas work.
  • If in doubt about the intention or behaviour of a member,they check it out with him/her and don't make negative assumptions about each other.
  • Team members help each other win and take pride in each other's victories.
  • They speak positively about each other and about organization at each opportunity.
  • They maintain a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances are.
  •  Each member acts with initiative and courage as if "all depends on you."
  • Team members do everything with enthusiasm- It's contagious.
  • They give that which they expect to receive from other members-eg. Respect.
  • The team never loses hope; never give up.


Dec 30th


By Raja

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL

அதிகாரம் 124 – உறுப்பு நலன் அழிதல்.



124/07. பாடு பெறுதியோ நெஞ்சே! கொடியார்க்கென்

வாடுதோள் பூசல் உரைத்து.


124/07. Padu perrthiyo nenje! Kodiyaarkken

Vaadutholl poosal uraiththu.


124/07. “Oh Mind! Why can’t you have the pride of bringing

My troublesome lover here by telling him about the sound

Of my loose bangles.”


Chanakya: She is telling about her loose bangles sound

Instead of saying she has gone weak in his absence.


Sonu: As she can’t openly express her feelings,

She narrates about her loose bangles,

That’ll make him understand well

That she has now badly fallen ill.


If a girl says “No,” it means “Yes,”

If she says “Yes,” it means “No.”

This is how there is a mention,

In the dictionary of women.


Generally, the shyness of a woman,

Can’t make her talk like a man,

She can only show some signs,

What they’re, for him to guess.


124/08. முயங்கிய கைகளை ஊக்கப் பசந்தது

பைந்தொடிப் பேதை நுதல்.


124/08. Muangiya kaigalai ookkap pasandhu

Painthodip pedhai nudhal.


124/08. He says, “Letting loose my hands’ grip, after embracing her,

I saw her face, my lover who was wearing pure gold bangles.”


Chanakya: Her lover is talking about her now.


Sonu:  He, in his turn, says his experience,

In his own manly style and words,

That he was able to see her face,

Only after releasing her from his embrace.


On his absence, she was feeling.

About her loneliness, he was worrying.

They were separated physically,

But they lived together mentally.


Their sweet memories haunted them.

He carried with him some of them.

She retained with her more of them.

Thus they were passing their time.


124/09. முயக்கிடைத் தண்வளி போழப் பசப்புற்ற

பேதை பெருமழைக் கண்.


124/09. Muyakkidaiththa thannvalli pozhap pasapputrra

Pedhai perumazhaik kann.


124/09.  “Even a bit of chill air enters in between our bodies,

I remember, her rain fed eyes used to shed tears.”


Chanakya: This is a delicate matter to discuss more in detail.


Sonu: Let us not discuss more about this,

Excepting the fact that they were too close,

Both mentally as well as physically,

As partners of one new family.


There is so much of difference

Between love and lust, two words

As elders say, desire is for sixty days

And lust stands for thirty days.


(ஆசை = 60 நாள்)

(மோகம் = 30 நாள்)

(Desire = 60 days)

(Lust = 30 days)


After that both get tired,

And normal life they lead,

This is what means life,

As husband and wife.


124/10. கண்ணின் பசப்போ பருவரல் எய்தின்றே

ஒண்ணுதல் செய்தது கண்டு.


124/10. Kannin pasappo paruvaral eaidhindrre

Onnudhal saidhadhu kanndu.


124/10. “Whenever I leave, she feels for it,

Now also I feel she is feeling my absence,

Or is it an illusion in my eyes?”


Chanakya: From his side he’s worried

Like his lover who’s worried on the other side.


Sonu: He says, he saw her in tears

Whenever he went on tour,

And now he feels, as if she’s in tears,

Having left her now this year.


This shows their bondage,

In their lives at every stage,

As two priceless role models

In the world of family circles.


As a true dedicated wife,

She shares her husband’s life.

He also cares more for his wife,

And treats her as his partner in life.








Dec 30th


By Raja

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL

அதிகாரம் 124 – உறுப்பு நலன் அழிதல்.



124/04. பணைநீங்கிப் பைந்தொடி சோரும் துணைநீங்கித்

தொல்கவின் வாடிய தோள்.


124/04. Pannaineenghip paindhodi sorum thunnaineenghith

Tholkavin vaadiya tholl.


124/04. “Keeping myself separated from my lover,

My smooth glossy hands have become thin

And my pure golden bangles are now slipping out.”


Chanakya: Her golden bangles are coming out

From her hands which have become thin.


Sonu: Poor girl, she was stout once

But now because of his long absence

Her hands have become thin

Allowing her bangles to slip down.


This is an unfortunate situation

  In which she’s now driven

Due to her mental worries

That affected her physical parts.


Her eyes turned whitish green.

Her both hands became lean.

Also she lost her total charm,

All happened because of him.


124/05. கொடியார் கொடுமை உரைக்கும் தொடியொடு

தொல்கவின் வாடிய தோள்.


124/05. Kodiyaar kodumai uraikkum thodiyodu

Tholkavin vaadiya tholl.


124/05. “The thick shape of my hands is lost allowing the bangles

To go loose, that will show my lover what harm he has done to me?”


Chanakya: Again she talks about her loose bangles

Because of her lover going away from her.


Sonu: She can love her husband.

Or she can scold her husband,

Both out of her deep love for him,

And not out of hatred for him.


A woman takes extra liberty,

To gain her lover’s sympathy,

So, her hurting words mean,

More out of her love and affection.


Her husband just laughs at that time,

Not taking serious note of the same,

But then he coaxes and cajoles,

To bring a smile on her face.


124/06. தொடியொடு தோள்நெகிழ நோவல் அவரைக்

கொடியர் எனக்கூறல் நொந்து.


124/06. Kodiyodu thollneghizha noaval avaraik

Kodiyar enakkooral nondhu.


124/06. “I felt sorry for telling my lover as a cruel man,

But I never felt sorry when my hands have become thin

To let loose my bangles down.”


Chanakya: She now regrets for scolding her lover

As a cruel man not caring for her loose bangles.


Sonu: No taste for food, no sleep at nights,

No neat dressing sense, unkempt hairs,

Soft words followed by hurting words,

Eyes full of tears, what are these signs?


It indicates lover’s paradise lost,

Where a girl behaves like a beast,

Without her own knowledge,

In that maddening love stage.


The marital pleasure she had once,

That isn’t there in his absence.

She’s showing a sign of madness,

Having lost her mental balance.





Dec 30th


By Raja

திருக்குறள் -TIRUKKURAL

அதிகாரம் 124 – உறுப்பு நலன் அழிதல்.



124/01. சிறுமை நமக்கொழியச் சேண்சென்றார் உள்ளி

நறுமலர் நாணின கண்.


124/01. Sirrumai namakkozhiyach chennsendrraar ulli

Narrumalar naannina kann.


124/01. “He has gone to distant places, giving me all the troubles.

Thinking always about him, my disturbed eyes got defeated

Before the sweet smelling flower.”


Chanakya: Thinking always about him

She had lost her charm and luster.


Sonu: It happens when she’s depressed,

In the absence of her husband,

By losing her color and charm,

While always thinking of him.


Untimely food, starvation diet,

Negligence on her part

To dress herself properly

All these acts cause loss of beauty.


If her eyes have lost their luster

Surely it is no wonder

They can’t out beat a flower

And in that situation never.


124/02. நயந்தவர் நல்காமை சொல்லுவ போலும்

பசந்து பனிவாரும் கண்.


124/02. Nayandhavar nalghaamai solluva polum

Pasandhu panivaarum kann.


124/02. “My whitish green weeping eyes are announcing others

That my lover has not yet come back.”


Chanakya: Without her telling anyone her tearful eyes are

Exposing her feelings on the absence of her lover.


Sonu: Every thought about her lover,

Brings out from her eyes a tear,

Thus her eyes turned whitish green

That can be from a distance seen.


Thus the fading color of her eyes

Shows a sign of her distress,

Hidden deep inside her heart,

That can’t be, in words, spelt.


Eyes also can communicate,

What is inside one’s heart,

As the proverb says in words,

“Face is the index of the mind.”


124/03. தணந்தமை சால அறிவிப்ப போலும்

மணந்தநாள் வீங்கிய தோள்.


124/03. Thannandhamai saala arrivippa polum

Mannandhanaall veenghiya tholl.


124/03.  “I was stout at the time of my marriage due to over happiness,

But now I am slim that will show others that my lover is away from me.”


Chanakya: She is so sensitive that her stout body became slim,

When her lover went out on his work long back.


Sonu: Once children are born,

She’ll look after them one by one,

And then she’ll have no time to think,

When her lover will come back?


But she is now sitting alone.

As her husband has gone

On his duty for many days,

She feels for his absence.


It is natural for a married woman,

To remain more attached to her man,

As she has no other diversion,

From her domestic routine.















Dec 29th

Happy New Year, 2017

By Dr John Celes


The Old Year brought some ups and downs;

The New Year may bring you some frowns;

Welcome the New Year Twenty Seventeen;

Let’s hope ’Tis brighter with more sheen.


Let peace and love prevail in heart;

Let all be honest from the start;

Say ‘no’ to wars and destruction;

Avoid wastage; curb corruption.                         


Unite, combat terrorism;

Work hard, live with optimism;

Let’s practice more humanism;

Let’s follow much altruism.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 29-12-2016



Dec 29th

Just Rain

By Jane

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

That was all I could hear.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

No matter where my little head would turn, I could only see rain.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

Rain. It possessed a cooling sensation. It was exhilarating and at the same time destructive.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

I could feel it slowly nipping at my skin.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

All the same, it was addictive.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

I wanted nothing more than to stay, to stay in that bubble of ignorance, to accompany euphoria in her endeavors.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

I hear voices calling out to me.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

They seem familiar.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

Who? Why now?

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

I want to stay.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

I want to stay?

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

It was slow, but perhaps it wasn’t.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

I awoke aware.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

I looked down. Tremors of shock should have racked me, but they didn’t.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

Blood, nothing but blood. There was blood but there was no remorse.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

Or was there…? What is remorse?

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

I wonder where you are?

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

Did you grow impatient and leave?

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

Where are you?

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

Ah. I’ve found you.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

Cheeky. Where am I?

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

I looked around, panicked.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

Escape? Escape. Escape!

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

I ran. No velocity, simply speed.

Splish. Splash. Splish. Splash.

Before long I stopped.

Splish. Splash. Splish. Pit. Pat. Pit.

I looked around and there was nothing but rain.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

Realization hit.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

There was nothing but rain. Just rain.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

Just rain.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.

Just rain.



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