Feb 21st

Pancharatna Kirtana - Part III

By Raja

3. The third song in Raga Arabhi, Tala Adi:
    “Sadhinchene Oh Manasa,”

“Morals many he did preach,
The spiritual path to reach,
But he himself broke them
For his own needs sometime.”

“His words, many times, did vary.
It was he, who caused worry
To Devaki and Vasudeva both,
As an act of play on this earth.”

“On the stage, a hero he is.
He created this holy Ganges.
It’s he, who has brought
Classical music to this height.”

“The wishes of Gopi-women,
Never had he fulfilled, not even one,
But he taunted every one of them,
Just for joke several times.”

“He enchanted women always,
So, they’ll worship him this way.
But his love for the devotees
Is beyond any measures.”

“Yasoda took him for his son,
And gave him a kiss then,
But he gave a cunning smile,
Knowing her innocence well.”

“He’s an ocean of goodness.
From his birth, he’s flawless.
From the bottom of my heart,
On his roles only, I meditate.”

“In Kali Yuga, he came here,
For us to live with no fear.
Always from my lotus heart,
Like this, I pray and chant:”

“Hare Ramachandra!
Lord of the Solar Race!
A speaker of sweet words!
Resting on Snake-Adishesa-bed!”

“A brother of all women!
A Lord, having no birth!
As vehicle, Garuda he owns!
Worshipped by Emperors, he’s!”

“A pure-clean body he has!
Also a pair of lotus-like eyes!”
Despite all kind of prayers
To save me, why he hesitates?

“Oh Venkatesa! Omnipotent,
Sitting in every noble heart!
The Supreme among all,
Wearing golden dresses well!”

“Wearing golden crowns,
 And sparkling ear-pendants,
He’s Hari, whom I’m praising,
But he goes away without caring.”

“He told me, he’s like this
With his close devotees,
But he accepted all my offers.
‘Don’t be angry,’ he says.”

“Don’t mix with atheists.
And bear with all pains.
All these words he only says,
As giver of all kind of happiness.”

“Ever, in praise of him, Thyagaraja sings,
Yet, to come near me, why he hesitates?
Yes, whatever way he thinks,
In that manner only he decides.”
Feb 21st

Pancharatna Kirtana - Part II

By Raja

2. The second song In Raga Gowla and Tala Adi,
    “Dudukukala Nanne Dhora
      Kodukup Brochura Endho”

“Which prince will save me
When deeply involved I’m
In all the bad habits,
While yielding myself in lusts.”

“Oh moon, you wake up the lily,
As a flower, to blossom fully,
The loveliest one on its part,
Just like Lakshmidevi’s heart”

“You’re beyond the reach
Of our intellect or speech,
Of the fact, you’re everywhere,
I was not at all aware.”

“As a boy of young age,
I, myself, didn’t engage
To drink the nectar juice
Of the Bhajan activities.”
“In me grew up desires
To covet other’s riches,
And to eke out my livelihood,
Here and there, I wandered.”

“I talked to them nicely.
I spent the time happily.
This much is life, I thought,
In this evil net, I was caught.”

“To cover up the dancers,
Lovers, girls and others
I attracted them nicely
With my speech lovely.”

“Ignorant of musical notes,
Raga, Tala or the pitches.
With a stone-like-heart, I took it,
Among devotees, I was the best.” 

“Oh Lord of Lords! I thought
House, wife, children, servants
Plenty of wealth is one’s life 
And spent my days on that belief.”

“To get them all, in my attempt,
I forgot to worship your lotus feet.
Not meditating on your lovely face,
I was drowned in material pleasures.”

“Not knowing the importance
Of the human life’s existence,
Lust, jealousy, miserliness,
Over powered my manliness.”

“Though I was born
 In the family of Brahmin,
I did all the inferior actions
Against the religious tenets.”

“Some days, I wandered for girls,
And sometime to get riches,
If so, which prince will help me
In saving sinners like me?”
Feb 20th

Pancharatna Kirtans - Part I (2)

By Raja
“As the essence of Ramayan.
You’re the most merciful one.
You’re that shinning moon,
Rose up from men’s mental-ocean.”

“You own *Pushpaka Viman,
Also the lotus feet you own
Are massaged well by Hanuman,
Who conquered Surasa Demon.”
(*The flower decked spaceship)

“As the conqueror of demons,
Also as the unconquered one,
Lord Brahma worships you
And finds solace in you.”

“You’re a parrot, more colorful,
Inside the cage of “OM” syllable,
And have three roles to play  
As Brahma, Vishnu and Siva.”

“You’re the destroyer
Of Indrajit’s father,
Ravana, the demon,
The ferocious one.”

“As Lord Siva’s companion,
The most merciful one,
You’re the protector of devotees
Who crave for your mercies.”

“You’re the one who gives,
To wise ones, all the happiness,
The one, who’s most impartial,
And the Vedas’ essence as well.”

“The one whose hand carries
A bow meant to suppress
All the demons’ arrogance
And to save the innocence.”

“As the protector of all Devas
Also sacred Brahmins, the wise,
You’re in the pages of history
Praised by the Sage Valmiki.”

“You’re the one worshiped
By Thyagaraja as his Lord.
You’re the ancient one,
As the emperor’s son.”
“On those, who surrender,
All your mercies, you shower.
Kara,Virada, Ravana, the demons,
You killed to save the virtuous ones.”

“You’re the most faultless and sinless one.
 In Sage Parasara’s heart, you ever remain.
You’re the one worshiped
By Thyagaraja as his Lord.”

“You possess all the virtues.
You wear the best silky dresses.
Your arrow pierced Mara Trees.
Your feet resemble like lotus.”

“Your reputation is limitless.
You sit in the poets’ hearts.
Also you’re very close
To all the Sages and Devas.”

“The Consort of Lakshmi you’re.
As Narasimha, you’re a destroyer
Of all the elephant-size-sins
And the Savior of your devotees.”

“You’re the most merciful,
Worshiped by one and all
Also by this humble devotee
Thyagaraja, for your mercy.”

PART I (1) & I (2) ENDS
Feb 20th

Pancharatna Kirtans - Part I (1)

By Raja

(1)    The first song in Raga Nata and  Tala: Adi:
            “Jagada Nanda Karaga
            Jaya Janani Prana Nayaka.”

“Oh, the giver of all happiness
To the entire world always!
Oh, Mother Sita’s life partner!
Success will be yours forever.”

“Born in the famous Solar Race,
Oh You, the King of Kings,
The ocean of goodness, success,
You’re worshiped by Devas”
“Among Devas, the Stars,
Like the Moon you’re.
You’re the Universe.
Also you’re faultless.”

“Like Karapaga Tree you remain,
For all those heaven-born.
You’re the one famous
For stealing curd-milk-pots.”

“With your nectar-flowing-words,
You’ve the most beautiful face.
You’re the leader of all cows,
In your body full of happiness.”

“As Lakshmi’s Consort you shine.
Also young, you ever remain.
You’re too good to all those,
Who love you as your devotees.”

“With the flowing nectar 
From the lotus-like-Vedas,
Well up, you’re brought,
To grow up to this height.”

“You’re like the wind
That blow out the clouds,
The perpetual enemies
Of the heavenly Devas.”

“Garuda, as your vehicle,
You own for your travel.
You stay in the hearts
Of all the popular poets.”

“All the monkey leaders greet
And worship your lotus feet.
You’ve the body that shines
Like Indra’s blue gem that glows.”

“The Sun and the moon,
The two eyes of yours shine.
None can easily guess
All the fame of yours.”

“You’re Brahma’s father, Vakeesan,
Among all, the Supreme one,
Resting on the Serpent, Adisesha,
Also worshiped by Lord Siva.”

“The touch of your merciful feet,
Cancelled the *Sage’s curse outright,
You’re the protector of all sacrifices.
You’ve learnt the superior **mantras.”

(*Sage Gothama cursed Ahalya to go invisible.
The touch of Rama’s feet cancelled this curse.
**Rama learnt Bala and Adibala, the two mantras
To forget hunger and fatigue, while guarding Sage
 Viswamitra’s fire sacrifice.”)

“Always kind hearted you’re.
Also Sita’s consort you’re.
Brahma, born from the lotus,
From you only got the boons.”

“Creation, protection, destruction,
You do all the three functions.
You fulfill demands, countless.
For beauty, you’re matchless.”

“Lord Indra worships you.
It was none but you
Who brought down
The ego of Ocean King.”
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Feb 20th

30. The Saints Last Days

By Raja
Once Saint Thyagaraja went,
To the Pudukottai King’s Court,
Packed with renowned musicians,
Taking part in a music celebration.

The King held a novel test.
An oil lamp in their midst,
He kept with a condition,
Really not a practical one.

“None should use match stick,
But by your song, light the wick.”
As it was an impossible task,
None dared to take the risk.

But Saint Thyagaraja took a song
In Raga Jothisvarupini and sang.
No wonder, the lamp was on,
With its bright light-shine!

The entire court was astonished.
Like this, the Saint proved,
Any music, the one divine,
It could melt even a stone.

Every song of the Saint
Exposed his inner spirit,
That spoke of his faith
In the spiritual path.

It was this Holy Spirit in him
That, till his last, guided him.
Every day did mark a day
Of his progress in the spiritual way.

In thousands, songs he composed.
In thousands, he was followed.
In thousands, pages are required,
His lifetime achievements, to record.

As a premonition of his death,
On December, twenty seventh,
Of eighteen forty six, in his dream,
To His abode, the Lord invited him.

(This he sang in Raga Sahana
Kribai nelakondha Ramunee
Kuri thappa kandi)

“On the high mountain, I saw Ram.
One by one, all rush to see Him,
Everyone holding in his hands,
A fan made of beautiful flowers.”

“My body shook out of joy.
Tears flowed from my eyes.
Rama told me, in ten days,
He shall save me eternally!”
Next day, he announced this,
Openly before all his disciples.
They didn’t expect this dream,
That gave a rude shock to them.

As a last act, he renounced
All attachments in this world,
Under Nadabrahmananda’s name
Awaiting the final call from Ram.

Prayer meetings, at his request,
Went on, non-stop, day and night.
In Eighteen forty-seven, January,
It happened on the sixth day.

Before the assembled crowd,
A glowing light from his head,
Up above the sky departed,
To the abode of the Lord.

Every year, on this day,
Musicians gather and pray,
Holding music festivals
At his last Samadhi place.

Musicians sang his songs.
They still sing his songs.
Also they’ll sing his songs,
Until this music world exits.
Feb 19th

29. Thieves ran away

By Raja
The Siva Temple at Kovur,
Came next in his tour.
Five gems like songs,
He sang on His glories.

He went to Chennai then
With all his group of men.
Sundaram Mudaliar, a host,
Took him there as a guest.

While leaving for Tiruvaiyar
The host, Sundaram Mudaliar
Gave him thousand gold coins
But he touched not even one.

The host secretly kept
The coins in the back seat
Of the Saint’s palanquin,
Informing two trusted men.

They left the city at last.
It was getting late at night.
They went thru’ a forest
With burning torch lights.

When some thieves threw,
Like missiles, stones flew,
Thus injuring those men
Who were in the procession..

The Saint wasn’t worried
As nothing he carried
As valuables with him
Like this, he told them.

But the two men told
About the hidden gold.
He was not perturbed
As he disliked the gold.

He told, “We don’t need
These coins made of gold.
Better give them to the thieves
Who came for looting us.”

But the two men replied,
“The host gave us gold
To glorify Rama, the Lord
So, let us keep it, as he said.”

He said, “Let Rama save it,
If the Lord wants it.”
Then the procession moved,
About the gold, unconcerned.

Early in the morning,
The thieves came running,
Fell down at the Saint’s feet
With a word of regret.

They said, “Oh Master!
We saw two beautiful warriors,
Armed with bows and arrows,
Guarding your men and possessions.”

“One was in front of the palanquin,
Another behind the procession,
Throwing stones like rain
That caused us severe pain.”

“We ran away out of fear.
To see them, we came here,
But they’re not to be seen
Now where have they gone?”

The Saint told them with tears,
“The two men, who caused you fears,
Are none but Lakshman and Ram!
How fortunate you’re to see them.”

He wondered, how the Lord
Came running to safeguard
The interest of His devotees
When they were in distress.

Though thieves they were all
He advised them to spell
And chant the holy name
Of the Most Merciful Ram.

(He sang in Raga Saranga
Entha Bhagyamu MaaBalga Kalki Dhivi)

“What a fortune is this?
You ever remain for us,
As a Sole Protector!
Yes, it’s no wonder!”

“You came before me,
Smilingly talked to me,
Removed my worries,
And saved me thus.”

“You saved Sages, so many,
Who deserved your mercy,
Similarly I was saved by you
To my good fortune, it’s true.”
Feb 19th

28. Dear man came alive

By Raja
After his Tirupathi visit,
The Saint then moved out
To Puthur in his palanquin
Followed by all his men.

In the early hours of the day,
While he was on the way,
He saw a crowd of people
Standing near a temple.

Before a corpse that was lying,
A woman was bitterly crying.
What happened in the night,
One of them told the Saint.

“Seshaiyer, the dead man
Came here to this town,
With his wife, last night,
When there was no light.”

“For their stay in the night,
As no place was at sight,
They came to this temple
To sleep in the temple hall.”

“The door was bolted inside.
To open the door he jumped,
O’er the boundary wall 
Not knowing there is a well.”

“From the top of the wall,
He jumped into the well,
In the darkness of the night;
Alas, he died on the spot.”

It was a tragic story to hear.
The Saint took pity on her.
He called his disciple to sing
In Raga Bhilahari, his song.

(The disciple sang then:
Naajeevadhara Naanomu Balama)

“Oh Rama, my life supporter!
The fruit of all my prayers!
Oh among Kings, the first One!!
You’re the light of my vision!”

“Oh the smell of my nose!
The letters of my prayers!
For my worship, you’re flowers!
Oh Lord, King of Kings!”

The Saint then gently touched
The body of the man dead
Also Tulsi water he sprinkled
O’er the face of the dead.

As if waking up from sleep,
The dead man woke up.
The wife thanked the Saint
And fell down flat at his feet.

It was his spiritual power,
That worked at that hour,
One miraculous incident
In the life of the Saint.
Feb 17th

27. The Saint's Pilgrimage

By Raja
Thyagaraja wasn’t for wealth,
But maintained perfect health,
To keep his daily routine going
On composing songs and singing.
The Deity was life for him.
In fact, he wasted no time
In his services to the Lord,
Who, by his side, always stood.

It was after his wife’s death
He went on pilgrimage-path
To different holy places
Just to satisfy his followers.

Tirupathi was one such place,
He went with his disciples,
To see the Lord of seven hills,
God Venkateswara, His Grace.

Hidden, in front, by a screen,
The Lord couldn’t be seen.
As it wasn’t the visiting hour
For anyone, who came there.

In praise of the Lord he sang
And the Lord heard his song.
The screen voluntarily moved
And the Saint saw the Lord.

The temple authorities realized
A great Soul there had arrived.
With full honors of the temple
They received him then well.

(He sang in Raga Madhyamavati
Venkatesa Ninnu Sevimpathu pathi
Vela kanulu Kavalanaiyya)

“Oh Lord Venkateswara, the Savior
Of all the Sages, you stay here.
To see you on the top of these hills.
One needs ten thousand eyes.”

“Praised you’re great world over,
To see you, out of love, I came here.
With your beautiful bright face,
Come and save me, Your Grace.”

“Your great name, like nectar juice
Fortunate I’m to chant in this place.
Oh Lord of Lakshmi, is there
Any match to your feet, as seen here?”

“Oh Dear! You’re great!
Devotees are so fortunate
To surrender at your feet
And have you in their hearts.”
Feb 17th

26. A Surprise Visit

By Raja
Late one night, an old man
Came with his old woman
And his servant to visit
Thyagaraja, the Saint.

Nothing was there to offer
To them at that late hour.
For that, he felt very sorry,
But they told him not to worry.

They unfolded a bundle,
With all the provisions full,
Which the servant cooked,
And they ate the tasty food.

Then they had a long chat
Not knowing how the night
In their talk, passed away
Until the early next day.

While leaving, the stranger said
“Your name will spread
Everywhere, worldwide,”
Thus the Saint was blessed.

The three then went out
But outside his main gate
They were not suddenly seen.
“Where they’ve gone?”

It gave him a surprise.
He then came to realize
Rama and Sita, from the Heaven,
Visited his house with Hanuman.

Overwhelmed with joy, he sang,
In Raga Mohana, a nice song,
In that touching moment,
After that great event.

(He sang “Bavanudha Naa Hirudhayamuna)

“Oh Lord, worshiped by Siva!
Also joins with Him Lord Brahma!
I pray, play in my heart,
Until it tires you out.”

“Oh Lord, You’re the cause,
This life-ocean for me to cross!
Oh the dear Master of Hanuman!
I’m blessed with your vision.”

“Night long, you had a chat.
You came all the way for that,
For my sake from the Heaven,
And served my food even!”

“Also I’ll be popular, you said,
You need rest as you’re tired,
Having come all the way here.
Save Thyagaraja, this is his prayer.”
Feb 17th

25. Musicians admired the Saint

By Raja
Musicians around the country
Heard the growing popularity
Of the great Saint Thyagaraja,
O’er his devotion to the Lord Rama.

They all came one by one,
To the Tiruvaiyar Town
Heard his music, in turn,
Gave him their appreciation.

Gopinatha Bhattacharya from Kasi,
A musician famous in Hindustani,
He came all the way to meet
And hear the songs of the Saint.

Pleased with his request,
A song came out
From the Saint then
A pleasant melodious one.

(He sang in Raga Thodi
Dasaradhi Nee Runamu Theerpa Naa
Tharama Parama Pavana Nama)

“Oh the great Dasaradha’s son,
How can I repay your loan?
Oh Master of my listeners,
For whom my music shines.”

“To me, you only taught,
Both day and night,
All the songs, more divine,
For the pleasure of my fans.”

Thus, it was his humbleness,
That brought him greatness.
Besides the melody part
Of each song that came out.

A Saint who loved music,
Who lived always for music,
Whose very breath was music
Gave an eternal life to his music.

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