Aug 30th

56. King Rama's Pattabhishegam

By Raja
Ravana’s brother Vibheshana,
Was crowned King of Lanka,
In the presence of Rama, 
The crown prince of Ayodhya.

Sita was brought before Rama,
From the prison-like Park Asoka,
Rama hesitated to accept her,
As she was living elsewhere.

She felt quite upset about it,
And wished to prove it,
By jumping into the fire,
To confirm she was pure.

“Oh Gods, I bow before you,
Also oh sages, I bow to you.
Oh Agni, you know my purity,
In your hands is my destiny.”

She jumped into the flame,
As she couldn’t bear the blame,
When it came from Ram,
Who took her for shame?

She came out fire-proved,
Rama’s contention disproved.
But said, “To satisfy people
This way I had to tackle.”

He drew her by his side,
Left the test matter aside.
In Pushpak plane they flew,
Thro’ places they saw.

At Nandigram Bharata
On the arrival of Rama,
Embraced and fell at his feet,
After fourteen years of meet.

As a King, Rama was crowned,
In joy, Ayodhya was drowned,
Dharma became his other name,
He was at the height of his fame.

One arrow shot never missed its target,
One word said, till the last, he kept,
One wife only was his concept,
One father’s command, he was sure to act.

Rama lived here for a purpose,
To show how hard his life was.
His model code of conduct,
Why not we all emulate?
Thus this brief Ramayana comes to an end.
May in every house SitaRama’s blessings shower!

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Aug 29th

55. The Death Of Ravana And His Son

By Raja
Indrajit comforted his father,
And went for sortie another.
His rain of arrows killed many,
And wounded countless many.

Finally he sent the serpent dart,
Rama and Lakshman on that spot,
Fell down unconscious once again,
There was no chance of regain.

Under doctor’s advice to revive,
And help them all to survive,
Herbs in Himalayas that grew
Hanuman, to get them, flew.

How to identify them, he knew not?
So the entire mountain, he brought.
The magic herb played its trick,
And the princes alive came back.

Indrajit, hid in a remote place,
To perform a tantric sacrifice,  
By this to get more powers,
Which would kill the two brothers.

But Lakshmana used Indra-astra spell
By this arrow, the Indrajit’s head fell.
To Ravana, it was another rude shock,
For help, he was unsure, where to knock.

Ravana had full faith in his prowess,
And still on the hope of his success,
Under the cover of the boons he got,
His strong force, weapons and the lot.

He lost his commanders, soldiers,
His close associates, and brothers,
And was left with no option,
But “do or die” in confrontation.

Arrows to the left,
Arrows to the right,
Flew from all sides,
Killing many, both sides.

Rama, Lakshmana and others,
Chopped his limbs like feathers,
But they grew again and again,
He became a full demon again.

Brahmaastra finally Rama sent,
That pierced his chest and went,
With that his life had gone,
His wife Mandodari to mourn.

As Ravana’s faithful lady
She fell o’er his body
Lamented on her helpless state,
The merciless work of her ill-fate.
Aug 28th

54. Fight With Kumbhakarna

By Raja
Tired, Ravana came alone,
Back home crestfallen,
With his head downward
And his rage upward.

He ordered his army of men
To wake up Kumbhakarn
Who, by a curse, slept
For months, as a habit.

Drums were beaten,
Conches were blown,
His body was shaken,
By thousands of men.

O’er his body, elephants walked,
With cudgel he was belabored.
Slowly his eyes, he opened,
Pushed them aside and yawned.

Pots of blood, heaps of meat,
And barrels of wine kept
Ready to quench his thirst,
And satisfy his voracious appetite.
After finishing his food,
Like a tall tower he stood,
What the urgency was?
He asked for its cause.

The emergency, he realized,
And to Ravana’s palace rushed.
He would kill them, he said,
Also drink their blood.

They saw a mini-mountain,
Moving towards enemy line,
When they saw the giant,
Kumbhakarna in front.

When he aloud roared,
Vanaras feared and fled.
After their chiefs struggled
They were reassembled.

He had a close encounter,
With Sugreeva, the aggressor,
Who escaped from the site,
With wounds in the fight.

Vanaras a lot were crushed,
And many were pressed,
Under his heavy feet,
Thus faced utter defeat.

This catastrophe Rama saw,
The arrows from his bow,
Severed his limbs one by one,
And his head in the last run.

Thus his end came to their relief,
But this news threw Ravana in grief.
Who felt his right hand was cut,
And his life then was in threat.

Till then all the care he took,
So that none entered Asoka Park.
He reinforced the defences again
And returned with his mental pain.
Aug 27th

53. Defeated Ravana Was Sent Back

By Raja
The sight of Vanaras’ joy,
Perturbed Ravana, as to why?
When he heard, he didn’t believe,
That Rama and Lakshmana were alive.

He sent Dhoomraksha,
And then Vajradamshra,
Followed by Akampana,
And finally the chief, Prahasta.

None of them came back
From the battle to speak, 
How they were killed,
By the Vanaras skilled.

Not to treat this very light,
Ravana went in his chariot,
A great warrior, no doubt,
Rama said, as he came out.

Ravana was finally beaten,
His golden crown was broken,
Deprived of every weapon,
He stood before Rama alone.

“Today you go, morrow you come”
By the fall of Sun, told Ram.
Ravana returned in shame
And sorrow, back home.
Rama could have killed him,
When he was alone at that time,
But a demon with no single arm,
He was not for doing any harm.

A kind heart Rama had,
Though Ravana was bad,
He literally felt sad,
For this brute mad.
Aug 26th

52. The Nagaastra (Serpent Darts)

By Raja
Ravana saw from the roof top,
The Vanara warriors came up,
From all the sides armed well,
For him it was a scene of hell.

Rama also saw the Lanka City,
Well guarded by demons army,
And he gave orders to attack,
“Go forward, don’t look back.”

With all the drum beats,
And the trumpet blows,
From both sides armies,
Moved on a collision course.

Bodies mangled, slaughtered,
Massacred, strangulated,
Everywhere were scattered,
With a river-like bloodshed.

 Boulders flew like missiles,
Arrows like torrential rains,
As the wounded soldiers’ cries,
Echoed right upto the skies.

Scenes of strong individuals,
Engaged in tough duels,
Went on hand to hand,
Club to club, sword to sword. 

Ravana’s son, Indrajit,
Serpent darts he shot,
That made Lakshmana and Ram
Unconscious, bound by them.

Ravana brought Sita to the site
Of Rama, to deceive her sight,
But later Trijata, her well wisher,
Told that still alive they were.

They were no more to fight,
Everyone, both sides, thought,
When Vulture Garuda appeared,
The serpent darts disappeared.

The Vanaras were happy,
To find them healthy,
With all force they attacked,
The enemy front got detached.
Aug 25th

51. Ravana's Tricks With Sita

By Raja
Suka, the Ravana’s spy,
Who failed in his try,
Told Ravana to go for peace
And the war-cry to cease.

His spies, in disguise, went
As monkeys to scent
What preparation was up
In the enemy’s camp.

Vibheshana caught them
And sent them to Ram,
With an advice to kill them,
But Rama released them.

It was Rama’s intention,
That their preparation,
Thro’ them, be known,
To the opponent Ravan.

The spies also told Ravan,
Not to depend too much upon
His own weapons’ strength,
As they were equal in strength.

Brushing aside every advice,
He wasn’t for path of peace,
His ego closed his two eyes,
Into his deaf ears, went their cries.

Ravana ordered for a false head,
To look like Rama’s head,
And sent it to the park Asoka,
To be placed before Sita.

“Rama’s army has been destroyed,
And Rama has been beheaded, “
Like this Ravana told Sita,
For her to eventually forget Rama.

Ravana received an urgent call,
In the military assembly hall,
He hurriedly went back,
Of the situation, to take stock.

Sita’s sympathizer Sarama told,
That Rama’s head was only a mould,
Real Rama was coming with army,
To fight and win his enemy.

The demons of Lanka heard,
At the drums’ sound they feared.
The noise reached Sita’s ears,
She enjoyed it, with no fears.
Aug 24th

50. Dharma Fights Adharma

By Raja
The Vanara army was ready.
They scaled the walls to study,
The strength of the warriors,
And the weapon carriers.

Amazed with its beauty,
Rama looked at the city,
And showed it to Lakshman
As they moved further in.

Suddenly Sugreeva sprang up,
Alighted on the terrace top,
Where he saw Ravana in his seat,
And jumped o’er his broad chest.

Ravana was taken by surprise, 
For his follies, was paying the price,
Both, as wrestlers, had a tough fight,
None had a success or defeat.

When Ravana turned to magic side,
Sugreeva not aware of tantric side,
Sprang back to his own army side,
For which he received Rama’s chide.

It was not for the king to risk,
When the army was in task,
Why in haste, he had to run,
Not consulting anyone?

Rama cautioned him like this,
And gave him a sound advice.
Sugreeva told, his anger on Ravan,
Stirred up when he saw the villain.

Vanaras blocked the way every side,
As Rama sent for Angada and said,
“As a messenger, Ravana you tell
To come for peace, not go for his fall.”

Angada went and told Ravan,
Who slighted his final warn,
And he ordered to kill Angada,
But he leaped back to join Rama.

When this final peace talks failed,
The army in action Rama hailed,
And he gave orders to assault on Lanka.
The army marched headed by Rama.
Aug 23rd

49. The Bridge Across The Sea

By Raja
A secret spy, Suka, Ravana sent,
Who met Sugreeva in his tent,
And spoke to him to join,
The mighty king Ravan.

“Ravana’s days are over,
Tell him to surrender or,
Face his death sooner,
In the floor of war.”

With this warning Sugreeva
Sent the spy back to Lanka.
How could he join adharma,
Against the interest of dharma?

Sugreeva, Vibheshana and Lakshman,
Discussed how to cross the ocean?
The best way was to start
Praying Sea-God, they thought. 

For three days Rama prayed,
The king of sea never turned.
At last, the sharp arrow of Ram
To the seashore, it brought him.

He justified his inaction,
As nature in its jurisdiction,
Couldn’t overrule its law
And create any flaw.

He was willing to support,
Stones or wood to float,
O’er the surface of the sea,
For their causeway free.

The big army of Vanaras stood,
Dumped pieces of stone and wood,
The long causeway was built
Within the fixed time limit.

In a long row, they began to cross,
This way the entire army went across,
And reached the Lanka’s shores,
As scheduled, with no time loss.

Even at this juncture Malyavan,
The grandfather of Ravan,
Dissuaded him from war path,
This only increased his wrath.

Men and monkeys meant nothing,
To Ravana, the atrocious king,
His fighting force was ready
With weapons to face the enemy.

Rama was sorry for the people,
For the sake of a person single,
The entire citizens of Lanka city,
Were forced to face a big calamity.

He arranged the army in such way,
There was no confusion in any way,
Thus on both sides they were ready,
To take up the challenge mighty.
Aug 22nd

48. Rama Accepts Vibheshana's Surrender

By Raja
A question arose, to accept
Vibheshana’s surrender or reject,
In the Sugreeva’s camp,
For discussion this came up.

Sugreeva opposed his admission,
Not to believe his confession,
As the demons were upto
Any tricks they could do.

Most of them agreed with,
Sugreeva’s views forthwith,
But Rama looked upon
Hanuman’s fair opinion.

We could admit him here,
As his face was quite clear,
There was no cause to reject,
Hanuman told Rama to accept.

For refuge when one came,
His duty was to accept him,
And not totally reject him,
Even on the face any harm.

What a noble policy of Ram!
All are equal before him.
Surrendered soul at his feet
Never faced any defeat.

Rama had one more brother,
With Vibheshana’s surrender,
This was Rama’s noble character
A model of the highest order.

Ravana rejected him as his brother.
Rama accepted him as his brother.
What a conflict between Adharma
And the praise worthy Dharma!
Aug 21st

47. Vibheshana's Surrender To Ram

By Raja
Sugreeva’s army marched,
And they all reached,
The shores of the ocean,
Near Mahendra mountain.

Rama climbed the peak,
Had an overall look,
Surveyed the sea shore,
For a strategic war.

On the other side of the shore,
Ministers were called for,
To work out a strategy,
To face any contingency.

His ministers, in flattery,
Told Ravana of his bravery,
Underplayed the monkey-army,
On the side of his enemy.

Vibheshana, his younger brother,
Who was of a soft nature,
“To restore Sita to Ram
And give up fight,” advised him,

Indrajit, Ravana’s son lost patience,
And told that his talk of peace,
Made no sense, but a disgrace,
To their entire warrior race.

Ravana who was very adamant,
And wasn’t in agreement,
With his brother totally,
Insulted him on the contrary

There was no place for Dharma,
So thought the sensible Vibheshana,
And his possessions, he renounced,
To join Rama’s camp, he proceeded.

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