Dec 31st

Happy New Year!

By Paddy

Dear RML friends,


Wish you all a Wonderful, Creative, Healthful and Peaceful 2018!



Nov 4th

Sincere Apologies Dear Friends!!!

By Paddy

My dear and respected RML friends,

I owe you all a truly heartfelt apology for being away from here for so long!!! It's going to be the same for another fortnight or so...

Most of you know that I am away curating a mammoth poetry anthology, that has kept me away from all other activities - my own writing, my normal routine, my dear RML and you dear friends!!! I will be back here soon and promise to read your each and every blog and post my feedback!!! Please bear with me for some more time! Please do keep posting and support each other with your feedback.

Advance thanks for your patience and understanding.

Love and Regards.





Jul 13th


By Raja

Born on 13/07/1931, I have completed 86 years, today being my 87th Birthday, the 13th July 2017. The aftermath of the Word War I (1914-1918) and the disastrous World War II (1939-1945), practically ruined the world economy due to heavy loss of men and materials. 

 Japan caught hold of Pearl Harbour, thus nearing the tail end of India’s border.   Nataji Subhash Chandra Bose, with his huge INA Army was marching from Burma towards New Delhi.  The famine within the country, particularly in Bengal, ruined the whole country. As Japanese planes bombarded the harbour side of Madras, we were all overnight evacuated from the city and our family took refuge in a thatched roof hut in a small village down South India.  We had to suffer for our minimum necessities to keep ourselves alive almost for 2 or 3 years. 

Thereafter freedom movement started in India and it went on vigorously till the country got its freedom from the British on 15th August 1947.  Partition of India between Pakistan and India was another turbulent period, which people of India had to face.  So, the best part of my life had gone facing wars and total human sufferings. 

I joined Indian Railway Accounts services on 21/12/1950, when I was just 19 years old, and served this big organisation till I retired as Divisional Accounts Officer on 31/07/1989 at 58 years of my age then. On retirement I settled myself at Juhu, Mumbai with my only son, a Mechanical Engineer, who was working as a Drilling Engineer for the ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Commission) and thereafter as Country Manager in Weatherford (Texas) Co., but unfortunately he died on 28/03/2011(53 years old), besides another tragedy, that being the death of my wife earlier on 25/05/2002.  These unbearable incidents during those supposed to be the best part of my life had toughened my heart and somehow I tried to spend my time in a practical way, rather in a philosophical manner. 

I started writing poetry travelling in Grant Trunk Express train from New Delhi to Vijayawada, my work-place. It was monsoon time in 1965, when there was a heavy downpour during my journey then.  I was a lone passenger in a six berth I Class compartment. The outside moving panorama in the hilly sections attracted me very much, the waterfalls, the overflowing lakes and flooding rivers, the drift woods carried by floods etc. It kindled my thoughts to write a poem on those scenes and out came the poem, “A Song of the World.” This was published in the annual souvenir of South Indian Cultural Association, Vijayawada. Thereafter started my poetry career and I wrote several poems on Social themes.  After my retirement I worked as a voluntary Accounts Manager for over 25 years in the ISKCON Juhu, Mumbai, India, myself managing the entire Hare Krishna Temple Accounts on computer net works.   The holy atmosphere around the temple prompted me to write on the spiritual subjects like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Krishna Leela, on these ancient epics. So, poetry writing and reading keeps my mind calm and clean.  

Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India, Sahithya Akademi, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and Famous poets of the world like Ms. (Late) Sandra Fowler of West Verginiya USA appreciated some of my poems.  Chinese poets have translated some of my poems in their Chinese language and also included my name in the Dictionary of Internatioal Poets released by them.  A few of my poems have been prescribed for the College/school English classes. 

This way I was able to write 22 poetry books in simple English and I have posted almost all of them in the most popular websites like Thanks to Paddy for her encouragement to me all these years, but for which I would not have posted all my above 1000 poems in RML. 

Whatever I remember on this occasion of my 87th Birthday, a few incidents, here and there, I picked up and present them briefly just for a casual reference to the worst or best part of my life.  I have no regrets about my past or present, as I am like a weather beaten soldier, myself taking everything lightly, as anyone else would have faced the same in his or her life period. There is a proverb saying, “Every house has doors steps with its own good or bad stories,” to mean that none is spared from good or bad days in one’s life time.

 By God’s grace, I am still hale and healthy with no major health problems though I am 86 years old.

 My sincere thanks to all the Readers, who read this with all their patience. 

Rajaram Ramachandran


Jul 3rd

IF YOU WERE.......

By Akirah

If you were not meant to be a part of my life

Then why did we encounter with

If you were not meant to be with me in future

Then why did we get habituated with each other

If you were not meant to play a major role in my life

Then why your absence is not letting me to live with peace

If you were not meant to be special in my life

Then why did you share sweet moments with me

Jun 21st


By Akirah

A Medicine which has the power to heal the inner wounds.
The wonderful way to get inner peace.
One of the way to get deeply involved into something.
A Medium which helps in feeling the emotions.

Feb 19th

Yet Another Good News...

By Paddy

Honoured to be invited as an Indian Delegate to read my poetry at this prestigious event:


Feb 11th

Amaravati Poetic Prism-2016 @ International Kolkata Book Fair-2017

By Paddy

Dear RML Members,

Very happy to share with you that Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016 - International Multilingual Poetry Anthology with 527 poems in 53 languages, published by the Cultural Centre of Vijayawada & Amaravati (CCVA) and reckoned as a Unique Record of Excellence by the India Book of Records, was on display at the recently concluded International Kolkata Book Fair-2017 (25 Jan-5 Feb’17). This has been possible solely because of the efforts of my good friend and brother Poet Biplab Majee da and his son Poet Debtanu Majee who have ensured that 3 copies of this unique multilingual poetry anthology were displayed at the Sahajpeeth Stall and 2 at Diya Publication. A Big Thanks to the Heads of Sahajpeeth and Diya Publication for so graciously and generously consenting to display Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016 at their stalls. Thank you Biplab Da, for inviting me to this prestigious International Book Fair to speak about Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016 and sorry that I couldn't make it this time. But will surely be there next time!!! Thank you Debatanu, for sharing these pics!



Sourav Sen of Sahajpeeth & Poet Biplab Majee with Amaravati Poetic Prism-2016 at the Sahajpeeth Stall @ IKBF-2017

Amaravati Poetic Prism-2016 & Some visitors to Sahajpeeth Stall


Amaravati Poetic Prism-2016 at the Deeya Publication Stall @ IKBF-2017



Jan 7th

Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016 - A Memorable Experience!

By Paddy

Over 100 poets converged and created a mini India on the banks of the River Krishna at the Conference Hall, Haritha Berm Park, Vijayawada on 13 and 14 Nov’16 to read their multilingual poetry from ‘Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016’, an International Multilingual Poetry Anthology published by the Cultural Centre of Vijayawada and Amaravati (CCVA - a CSR arm of the Malaxmi Group), that has a record 527 poems in 53 languages. The Anthology has been rated as a Record by the India Book of Records and more such accolades are expected to soon follow!

Day One 13 Nov’16 saw the Krishna Zilla Parishad Chairman Smt. Gadde Anuradha inaugurating the event along with Sri G. Hari Babu, Corporator, Vijayawada. Immediately following this, the poetry reading sessions commenced with the poet delegates reading their poems in Telugu, Koya, Kannada, Kodava Takk, Malayalam, Tamil, Assamese, Bengali, Oriya, Mizo, Marathi, Gujarati, Dogri, Punjabi, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, English, Esperanto, French, German, Mandarin, etc. etc. 

Day Two 14 Nov’16 had the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu himself at the event to unveil CCVA’s International Multilingual Poetry Anthology ‘Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016’ and to honour poets who had directly and indirectly helped create this mammoth anthology. The Hon’ble Chief Minister was full of appreciation for this unique multilingual poetry initiative of CCVA. 

A notable feature of this event was that given the multilingual nature of the poems, having different language panels was not feasible for the organizers. Instead they devised an out-of-the-box chit (draw of lots) system that carried the names of the poets. The first slot of the poetry reading session was assigned to a super senior poet Mr. Rajaram Ramachandran, who after his poetry reading, picked out the next chit and announced the name of the next poet. Thus, the chain of poetry reading continued throughout the day with each poet announcing the name of the next poet ... Everyone enjoyed this totally democratic process of calling upon poets to read their poems… as throughout the day, the poets were kept guessing about who is next… In a single day, close to 110 multilingual poems were read! As the poetry sessions were going on, the Mayor of Vijayawada Sri Koneru Prasad and Sri G. Veerapandian IAS, Commissioner, Vijayawada Municipal Corporation came visiting and addressed the poet delegates. 

As an interlude, in between poetry reading sessions, the poet delegates were also treated to some delectable audio and video poetry readings from some of the poets who couldn’t make it to the event for various reasons – Dr. Aprilia Zank of Germany, resplendent in a salwar suit with an Indian ambience created behind her with zari dupattas tied together to form a backdrop, read her German poem. World renowned playwright Mr. Jawaid Danish of Canada rendered his soulful Urdu poetry from the anthology. Avril Meallem of Israel and Shernaz Wadia of India, who have pioneered the unique Tapestry genre of poetry, sent an audio recording of their Tapestry poem featured in ‘Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016’, along with a poem of Avril who couldn’t come to the event because of her husband’s indisposition. Likewise, Bhargavi Raghuram’s video recording of her Telugu poem, despite being in a cast due to shoulder and hand fractures, touched many a heart! 

Here are some pictures. Watch this space for more soon! Sorry friends, I should have filed this report much, much earlier, but serious health issues and other preoccupations precluded the same !!!

Inauguration of the International Multilingual Poets' Meet by Ms. Gadde Anuradha, Krishna Zilla Parishad Chairman & Mr. G. Haribabu, Corporator, Vijayawada.

Ms. Gadde Anuradha delivering the inaugural address in Telugu with a part of it interpreted by Paddy for the benefit of the multilingual poets from India and abroad

After the launch of the International Multilingual Poetry Anthology 'Amravati Poetic Prism 2016' by the Hon'ble Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh Mr. Chandrababu Naidu

Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh addressing the delegates and guests after the 
launch of Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016 International Multilingual Poetry Anthology

Mr. Y. Harish Chandra Prasad, Founder & Mentor Malaxmi Group &  CCVA addressing the delegates & guests at the launch of Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016

Paddy anchoring Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016 International Multilingual Poets' Meet

 Some RML Members Reading Their Poetry at the Meet

Senior Poet Rajaram Ramachandran - our own Raja Sir picking the chit to announce the poet's name after his poetry reading
                        Shanmugam Sir                                           Pankajam K

                      Ramesh Anand                                            Mallika Chari

                       Rajeev M N                                         Elizabeth Kurian 'Mona'

                  Mohammad Zahid (Xahid)                          Soumya Vilekar

                Madhumitha                                                           Pasddy


Thai Poet Prof. Pornpen Hantrakool    Young Riya Hemant's Acrostic Poem as a Standee









Nov 25th

My Dear Friends ...

By Paddy

My dear RML friends,

All of you must be wondering what's the matter with Paddy - missing for so long from RML!!!!????

Friends, it's just that I am going through a series of health issues that include a major orthopaedic issue. I've been advised rest for sometime. And so, am taking it easy. Especially since I have been invited to Malaysia for a Poetry Fest from 8th to 11th Dec'16 and want to be fit by then to undertake the journey.

I am hoping that I will be ok soon and be back on my feet and up and about. Since RML is my home, I am taking it easy here while fulfilling some statutory obligations elsewhere.

Hope you will all bear with me. I know you will. Meanwhile, please continue with your posts here. Sooner or later, I will visit each of your posts and place my feedback there. Again, I request you to please bear with me.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Love and affectionate regards.


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