Jun 25th

Captivating Lines from Here and There- 17

By Rajeev
  • Anytime you are unhappy in the present or feeling unsuccessful, it is time to learn from the past or plan for the future- What happened in the past? what did I learn from it? What can I do differently now?
  • When you behave in the same way, you get the same results.
  • To keep our dreams alive, we must keep feeding them with our thoughts and actions. When you focus a lot of attention on something for a prolonged period of time time, you create a lots of results in that area.
  • HR professionals need to spend less time on what they are good at and more on what they can do to help others succeed.
  • Ask yourself: What is my purpose right now? and what am I doing to make it a reality? As for example " Is my purpose at the moment achievement of sales quota or serving my customers' needs?"
  • Stress is caused by being 'here' but wanting to be ' there' or being in the present but wanting to be in the future.
  • Planning gives you a road map.It lets you focus on what you need to do in the present/ each day to help bring about the future you want.
  • With negative emotions in the work front,instead of producing results, we become busy managing negative emotions with people- Keeping internal accounts and settling scores with each other.Stop the leakage of energies that occur due to negative emotions.
  • Forgiveness is to relinquish your grievance and thus let go of grief.Your grievance serves no purpose except to strengthen false sense of self.
  • To do what you love and love what you do is being creative.


May 3rd

Captivating Lines from Here and There- 16

By Rajeev
  • Law of the garbage truck: Many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage- full of frustration, full of anger and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it. If they happen to dump it on you, don’t take it personally. You just smile, wave, wish them well and move on. You will be happier you did that rather than fight them.
  • The very moment you begin to advance and are recognized as one who is doing things in a great way you will find yourself in danger. The temptation to patronize, advice, or take upon yourself the direction of other people's affairs is sometimes almost irresistible- Wallace.D.Wattles, Author
  • A valuable team exercise is to ask team members to describe examples of the strengths of each individual on the team. It helps in bonding of the team.
  • Are you hiring employees your customers would want you to hire?
  • Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things... I am tempted to think.... there are no little things- Bruce Barton, Advertisement Executive and Author
  • "Giving yourself away “means being vulnerable and honest. Show who you really are- at least reveal enough of your humaneness to gain credibility- Bruce Barton
  • There is no great writing, only great rewriting. Editing is your opportunity to be sure what you have created is irresistible- E.B.White, Writer.
  • I find that people in India somehow tend to focus on achieving total agreement, which is almost always impossible. So before work begins people want everyone to agree on everything. Instead, they should say okay, this is what we agreed on, so let's start working on this. What we don't agree on we will resolve as we go along. For things to move forward, it is important to work on the agreed upon aspects and not get bogged down in the areas of disagreement- Sam Pitroda, telecom inventor, entrepreneur, and policy maker.
  • It takes discipline to consciously tell stories that build values like trust, loyalty, generosity and excellence in to our lives- Annette Simmons, Author of "Whoever tells the best story wins."



Apr 1st

Captivating Lines from Here and There-15

By Rajeev
  • The four primary tasks that any people management role involves are (1) Selecting the right people (2) Defining the expectations (3) motivating these people (4) Developing these people- Ashok Gopal, Senior Practice expert, Gallup,
  • People who see negative results as permanent failure are the ones who give up easily and often generalize their 'failure' into other areas of their life and even into their sense of self- Tom Venuto, Writer
  • Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising everytime we fall- Confucius, Philosopher 
  • Expectations determine outcomes- Always!  - Dr Deepak Chopra, Author & public speaker
  • Youth is not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the ease of life- Robert Kennedy, Former US Senator
  • Ego is the unobserved mind that runs your life when you are not present as the witnessing consciousness, the watcher- From the book "Power of Now"
  • To win the lottery, achieve a goal, make a friend, we need to take some positive action or nothing will happen. Winning starts with the beginning- Robert Schuller, Author & Clergyman
  • Change your thoughts and change your world -Norman Vincent Peale, Positive thinking Guru
  • By three methods, we learn wisdom- The first is by reflection, which is the noblest. The second by imitation which is the easiest. The third is by experience, which is the bitterest- Confucius, Philosopher 
  • To some people it doesn't matter whether it is rainy or sunny- They carry their own weather with them- Kris Cole, Author


Jan 28th


By soman


June 27, 2011 at 12:04pm



Years ago my all-time favorite in tennis used to be Pete Sampras – affable, unflappable, no tantrums whatsoever; with a rich armory in his repertoire. Hence I was most upset when, towards the end of his career, he was dethroned by a Swiss ‘upstart’ named Roger Federer. At the time of receiving the trophy, Federer was seen to be weeping openly, and embraced Pete as a token of respect. I then felt instinctively that the boy had a good future. I was not mistaken. Learning from Sampras, he has had a glorious career since then and remained No.1 seed for years, just as Sampras had.


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At the end of the game he was seen weeping openly; he embraced Sampras as a show of  affection and respect. I knew then that the boy had a good future. Learning from his guru, he has become and remained No.1 seed for several years.





Jan 14th

Vallathol, the great poet

By soman



I have heard competent critics say that Vallathol did for Malayalam what Tagore had done for Bengali. He was himself a great poet and also a great lover of literature. Apart from his own original writings, he translated a large number of Sanskrit classics into Malayalam. His translations of VALMIKI RAMAYANAM and RIGVEDA have been recognized as monumental pieces of work. His standing as a literary critic was also high.

From his childhood, Vallathol had been brought up in an atmosphere full of the love of art. His father was deeply attached to the Kathakali form of dancing. Vallathol with his sensitiveness and artistic gifts was naturally attracted to this form of art in which literary themes are interpreted in visual terms. He was one of the pioneers who gave new life and vitality to this unique theatre. Kerala’s artistic renaissance owes greatly to him. They are also the truest and most lasting monuments to his memory.

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 Humayun Kabir was Education Minister in Delhi under Nehru at the time.

Dec 30th

From the Notes of Yesteryears 4 - Ten Commandments for an Enthu Team

By Rajeev

Background: Over the years I have taken notes from seminars attended, books read or even from articles in a newspaper. I share them here for the benefit of readers...

 Ten Commandments for an Enthusiastic Team: -

  •  Team members help each other to do things right.
  • They look for ways to make ideas work.
  • If in doubt about the intention or behaviour of a member,they check it out with him/her and don't make negative assumptions about each other.
  • Team members help each other win and take pride in each other's victories.
  • They speak positively about each other and about organization at each opportunity.
  • They maintain a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances are.
  •  Each member acts with initiative and courage as if "all depends on you."
  • Team members do everything with enthusiasm- It's contagious.
  • They give that which they expect to receive from other members-eg. Respect.
  • The team never loses hope; never give up.


Dec 24th

Captivating Lines from Here and There-14

By Rajeev
  • Do not ask life "Why me?". Instead say "Try me!"
  • The mind-set of yesterday's manager (accepting compromise, keeping things tidy), bred complacency. Tomorrow’s leaders must raise issues, debate them and resolve them. They must rally around a vision of what business can become- Jack Welch, Former CEO, GE
  • Forgiveness of the present is even more important than forgiveness of the past. If you forgive every moment, allow it to be as it is then there will be no accumulation of resentment that needs to be forgiven at some later time- From "Power of Now” By Eckhart Tolle.
  • A leader has to be a cultivator rather than a manufacturer. He has to provide the overall climate and the environment in which the seed can grow. One wants permissive individuals who do not have a compelling need to reassure themselves that they are leaders- Vikram Sarabhai, Scientist, ISRO
  • Transformation is sustained change and it is achieved through practice- BKS Iyengar, Yoga Guru
  • While communicating, speak not in response to what they say but to what they are thinking; addressing what you think they are thinking rather than what they are saying- Blair Singer, Sales consultant.
  • Whatever the religion, it is sufficient if the person improves- SreeNarayana Guru, Social reformer
  • Performance management is a continuous process spread throughout the year, where the approach is both developmental and rewards. The individual employee's weaknesses, training needs, feedback and concerns are addressed- Ralph Christensen, Author "Road map to Strategic HR"    
  • One reason why birds and horses are not unhappy is they are not trying to impress other birds and horses- Dale Carnegie
  • We need to soften the strategic focus at the top so that we can generate new possibilities from within the organization- Andy Grove, Former CEO, Intel.


Nov 13th


By Eliza

"Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it."

Oct 22nd

Captivating Lines from Here and There-13

By Rajeev
  • We need to realize that missions are always bigger than organizations, just as organizations are always bigger than the individuals who run them- Dr Abdul Kalam in “Ignited Minds”
  • In the holistic model, the cause of any disease is understood in terms of the whole person and not in terms of a particular organ or tissue- From the book “Healthy Mind, Healthy body” 
  • The concept of knowledge management is based on the value of the individual expertise and experience which need to be harnessed and used for the benefit of the organization rather than being ignored by overconfident and unwise managers.
  • Sometimes we spend so much time in a formal education that we feel that we must stick to the rules of that education to give it credence. We hate to think that we went through all of that trouble for nothing and for that reason may be reluctant to accept new ideas- Mark.S. Kearns, Author
  • Concern yourself with the world inside you and you will have little to concern you in the world outside you- Edgar Cayce, Mystic & author
  • There are sound practical reasons for taking account of employee views before making significant decisions. When compared with a manager who may be relatively new, skilled experienced employees having knowledge of specific processes, may be aware of the implications that are invisible to the manager.
  • There is more to life than the petty pace at which most of us live our lives today- From the book “End the struggle and advance with life” by Susan Jeffers
  • There are only two things I do in every company. One is I make sure I get the business running by itself and the second is I always have a word of mouth system in place- A successful entrepreneur with chain of companies.
  • All chronic diseases are due to miscommunication of messages between and within cells. Diabetes is a disease of nutrition and it is the science of nutrition that must treat it- Dr Joseph Mercola, Alternative medicine advocate
  • The definition of ‘Forgiveness’ is “Giving as you gave before the hurt occurred”- in the book “Tools of the spirit” by Ditts and McDonald


Oct 17th

Captivating Lines from Here and There- 12

By Rajeev
  • A comfort zone is a ceiling on your performance / health/ finances,  above which you won’t emotionally “dare to go”. The results in your life are reflecting the comfort zones under which you currently operate - Carol Look, Author, speaker, coach
  • Education is building confidence and seizing every new experience your mind can capture- Mangal Lal.T. Vyas, Educationalist and father of IlaaDevpal, Painter
  •  I visualised my team as a group in which each member worked to enrich the others in the team and experience the enjoyment of working together- Dr Abdul Kalam, Former President of India
  • First get the right people on the bus; the wrong people off the bus and the right people in the right seats. The right people are your most important assets- Jim Collins, author of “Good to great.”  
  • What you focus on expands and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it. Opportunities, relationships, even money flowed my way when I learned to be grateful no matter what happened in my life- Oprah Winfrey, Talk show host.
  • I am not afraid to ask anybody anything. Why should I be afraid? My attitude is “Help me give me direction.”- Michael Jordan, Basketball champ
  • One of the keys to big success is to eliminate all excuses (Limiting beliefs). Do this by first finding out what they are. If you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them. But if you argue for your magnificence, you get to keep that instead- Jamie Smart, writer, speaker, consultant
  • Money is a resource with a neutral energy that we project our beliefs onto. Money takes on that energy that is the experience we get with it-Carol Tuttle, Teacher, speaker & author
  •  Expectations determine outcomes- Always!  - Dr Deepak Chopra, Author, speaker, alternative medicine advocate.
  •  By three methods, we learn wisdom: The first is by reflection, which is the noblest. The second is by imitation which is the easiest and the third is by experience which is the bitterest- Confucius, Philosopher
  •  Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your handbrake on- Kris Cole, author “Chrystal clear communication” 


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