Aug 9th


By Akirah

              It was still unbelievable, that he got married. I was unable to control my tears, looking at all those things which reminded of him. I collected all those and packed it in the cover and hided it in my bag. I got freshed up, and walked out of my room. I saw mom chitchatting with neighbors, Dad watching TV, Chotu was playing games in computer. I sat on sofa, and took out my phone. I got message from Archana, she sent invitation online. I showed it Mom, she stated that, there’s only 2 days to go. I answered yes mom. I need to go Chennai, to attend her marriage. I informed Dad too. He said to book the ticket for Chennai; she is your best friend right? I said, Yes Dad.  He read the Invitation, and said, you need to attend, don’t miss it.

             Immediately, I booked the ticket for me. I informed Archana, that I will be coming home day-after tomorrow. As it was already 8’O Clock, we all together had Dinner. While, I was helping mom in Kitchen, She asked, Are you going alone to Chennai? I answered, Yes Mom. She asked me to be careful. I replied to her, Don’t worry, mom, I will take care. I understood, why did mom questioned me like that, as she know that, he is in Chennai, after his marriage. She still don’t know that, I knew about his marriage. I went to my room, wishing her Good Night. I saw Chotu waiting for me.

Chotu: Are you going alone?

Me: Yeah,

Chotu: I want to accompany you..

Me: You are having exams right?

Chotu: No, they will get over tomorrow, and I am worried for you.

Me: Hmm…don’t worry, I will be careful.

Chotu: Please di, don’t say No, and book a ticket for me too.

Me; Hmmm… Ok, as you wish.

Chotu: Thank you. I will inform mom. Good Night.

     I booked a ticket for him too. I tried to get some sleep, but I was unable to sleep. I slowly trudged out from home, and reached upstairs. I sat down in the chair, and looked at the sky. I could see the star, which is said to be the first star to be visible in the evenings.

     Again, I went back to past, where we both used to talk to each other on the same terrace, looking at that star. He used to say, this star always reminds him about me, even if I am not around him. All his talks, promises, memories were passing through my mind. I started weeping like anything. I didn’t know when I slipped into deep sleep. I suddenly woke up by the morning prayer from nearby Mosque. I understood it was 5’O clock. I went home, and got ready. I was thinking to go to temple. So, I informed to mom, and I was getting ready. I am going to visit the temple after 11months. I reached temple around, 7.30 A.M. I spent almost one hour in temple. It was so pleasant. Then, while returning to home, I met few of my friends on the way. I was happy meeting them, after mostly one year.

                      I reached home at around 9’O clock, Dad had gone to work after having breakfast. And, Chotu also had gone to college. Mom was waiting for me to have breakfast together. I joined her and we both had breakfast. I asked mom, whether Chotu told you that he is also coming with me for Chennai. She said, yeah, he informed me, and your Dad, also said ok. You go and pack your bags. At what time you will leave from here? I replied, today night at 9’O clock. She asked, why night journey? You can go tomorrow morning also. I said,, no mom, I need to go early, she asked me to come earlier. Ok, I am going to pack my bag, and I will pack chotu’s bag too. You don’t worry.

                           I reached my room, and started to pick up the luggage, and selected dresses for her marriage. I took out the best outfit for Chotu too. In the meanwhile, I called her once.

Me: Hey, how are you?

Archana: Hey, Akki, I am fine, how are you? And where are you?

Me: I am at home.

Archana: Home? When did you go to your hometown?

Me: I came here, two days back.

Archana: Ohhh how is the situation now? Everything ok right?

Me:  Hmmm… Leave it dear. It’s however got complicated. You say about yours..

Archana: hey, what happen? See, don’t hide from me anything, for god sake,  tell me what happen?

Me: Why are you so interested in making your mood sad?

Archana: hey, are you going to tell or shall I come to home now?

Me: Hey, don’t be mad, sweety, he got married. Ok...

Archana: What? What are you saying?

Me: Its true. Chotu informed me. Just leave the topic. How are the preparations going on?

Archana: I am unable to believe dear. When are you coming here? I need to see you, please come fast.

Me: Myself and Chotu are coming to Chennai; we are coming by bus tonight.

Archana: Okay, inform me when you reach Chennai. I will come to pick up you both.

Me: Okay, see you sweety. Bye.


                 After talking to her, I looked out of the window. I just don’t understand how to move on with his memories. I cleared my eyes which was getting filled with tears.

Jul 17th

Travails of Polish Immigrants

By soman



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Soman Panicker, Sep 04, 2012
Shoranur Kerala,


 Travails of a Polish Immigrant in USA.


A Polish man moved to the USA and married an American girl.
Although his English was far from perfect, they got along very well.

However,  one day he rushed into a lawyer's office and asked him if he could
arrange a divorce for him.
The lawyer said that getting a divorce would depend on the
circumstances, and asked him the following questions:
Question: Have you any grounds?
Answer:  Yes, an acre and half and nice little home.

Q. No, I mean what is the foundation of this case?
A. It is made of concrete.

Q. I don't think you understand. Does either of you have a real grudge?
A. No, we have carport, and not need one.

Q. I mean what are your relations like?
A. All my relations still in Poland .

Q. Is there any infidelity in your marriage?
A. We have hi-fidelity stereo and good DVD player.

Q. Does your wife beat you up?
A. No, I always up before her.

Q. Is your wife a nagger?
A. No, she white.

Q. Why do you want this divorce?
A. She going to kill me.

Q. What makes you think that?
A. I got proof.

Q. What kind of proof?

A. She going to poison me. She buy a bottle at
     drugstore and put on shelf in bathroom. I can read English pretty good,
     and it say:

        “ POLISH  REMOVER”





Jul 14th


By Akirah

                     I felt like someone had hit me on my head and I fell down unconscious. When, I opened my eyes, I saw that I am sitting on chair. I saw Chotu, he was standing there waiting for me to open my eyes.

Chotu: Are you Fine?

Me: Yeah..

Chotu: I expected this. But, I felt I shouldn’t hide this from you.

Me: Is it true? I can’t believe it. I mean are you sure about this?

Chotu: Whatever….. You left him right? Then, why can’t you believe it?

Me: You know Chotu, why did I take that decision?

Chotu: It doesn’t matter now…. You left him and that’s true.

Me: Even, you do not understand my situation….

Chotu: Whatever the situation is..   It resulted in this way.

     After having conversation, I was like, is it really my mistake? I started slowly getting down the stairs. Chotu was saying that please, don’t tell mom that I told you. I just did what my heart said to me to do. I assured him with my gesture. I went straight away to my room, and shut the door. I opened my bag, and took out the cover which was hidden in my clothes. I unpacked the cover and placed them on the floor. All the things which reminded me my past was in front of my eyes. As I was looking at them, all the memories were again flooding back into my mind. I sat down in front of them.

         I was very happy whenever I see him, talk to him or spend my time with him. I used to think that those were my wonderful moments of my life. I felt I was really lucky to find a person like him who always understands without any explanations. He was always with me in all my decisions and he also promised me that he will always be with me in achieving my dreams. And when I took the decision to go to Bangalore, which was against him and my Dad, I was sure that he will understand me. I was sure that, he will be waiting for me. I didn’t expect that he would be married. All my thoughts and my dreams shattered into pieces. I hope it to be a bad dream and, pinched myself.I started shouting No..No,, This can’t be true. He can’t leave me like this. Then, I heard Chotu asking me to open the door. I assured him, I was OK, and need some me time. He said, Ok, but take care.

              After answering to him, I looked at all those things and sat in front of them. The only person who understood my dreams, supported me is now not related to me in any way. He got married? I was still in dilemma. I know him very well. He can’t do this to me. I took out my phone, I dialed a number. On the other side, it was ringing for a long time, but no one picked up the phone. I sent a message that Call me back, its urgent. I was in full tension, that I started biting my nails. The phone started vibrating. I immediately answered the call.

Me: Hello, Sunil, Hi, How are you?

Sunil: Hey, Akirah, I am fine, how are you?

Me: Yeah, I am good. By the way, where are you now?

Sunil: I am in Chennai. Why? What happen? Anything serious?

Me: Nah... Nothing like that. I just wanted to know some information from you.

Sunil: Oh.. About????

Me: Did you know this that he got married???

Sunil: Hmm… I am sorry Akirah. I didn’t want to make you sad, so I didn’t tell this to you.

Me: That means.. its true… He got married?

Sunil: Yeah.. I too felt bad. I even didn’t attend his marriage. Actually, he didn’t invite me too. Even, if he had invited, I wouldn’t have attended it.

Me: Bye.. Sunil. Will talk to you later..

Sunil: Hey, one minute, I don’t know what happened to your love story, I felt very bad. And, I want to say only one thing. Please don’t hurt yourself. Be brave my friend…and take care.

Me: Hmm.. Bye.

    I was still in a state of shock, that it was true, indeed very true. He left me without fulfilling his promises. No, I am wrong. I am totally wrong. It was me who left him first. He took that to an end, a dead end to our relationship. What would have made him to take such a decision? Was he forced by his parents? He didn’t even think once, what would I feel after listening this?







If you were not meant to be a part of my life

Then why did we encounter with

If you were not meant to be with me in future

Then why did we get habituated with each other

If you were not meant to play a major role in my life

Then why your absence is not letting me live with peace

If you were not meant to be special in my life

Then why did you share sweet moments with me.

Jun 17th


By Akirah


Once there was a girl, aged about 10years.

She was seated on a chair, in front of her there was a table with a landline phone (which was not working), a few books, holder box with different pens. She started speaking to someone on phone saying,” Come to my cabin, and get the file which I had given you yesterday”.  And started speaking to someone in front of her. Suddenly, she heard some noise from outside and she took all the items on the table and put it in a bag, and took over the book from her bag and started reading loudly.

It was the sound of her dad’s scooter; her mom came and said “how do you recognize it? Okay, come let’s have lunch together.”  She giggled.  The family had lunch together as it was Sunday.

She always used to play office game alone by signing on few papers and talking in the phone.

Once she received a Dictionary as a gift from some well-wisher. One day while going through it she came to the abbreviations page. She liked to learn those and tried to learn at least one daily.

As years passed by, she completed her Class X, and now she had to choose a career. Once she heard about CA in news. She said it to their parents. They enquired about it and consulted many. They heard rumors’ like it is not suitable for girls; it’s very tough and many.

The girl was taken to her dad’s best friend who was a senior lecturer for discussing about this. The lecturer explained clearly the stages in CA course and ended up saying you don’t get any educational loan for this course.

While taking leave from the lecturer, he said think twice before taking a decision, she is a girl, do join her in engineering and it would be better for her future.

After a discussion for 1week, she told her decision of doing CA to her parents.

Her parents asked her if she is sure about this. She said, yes, I am sure.

Successfully, she cleared her entrance after 2years of college.

Her parents were happy that she successfully entered her career.

She entered into the next level i.e., IPCC  and completed her coaching.

 She gave her best and was waiting for results. She cleared one group and for the first time in her life she faced a failure. She was happy that she had cleared one group and at the same time, left with a failure. Her parents too were disappointed.

After six months of hard work, the day of result arrived. Again she faced the same. Again she started working hard for the next attempt.

One day her mother came to her and said, “I have something interesting to show you”.   In a low voice she asked what ma?

She showed her the dictionary and said open the abbreviations page.

Her mom asked her to check where the abbreviation is for CA.

She checked it and said Mom, here it is.

Her mom asked did you find out anything interesting.

She said nothing ma, just CA means CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT.

Her mom said see properly.

She looked at it again and said there is nothing.

Her mom said, “Okay, tell me which is your favorite color?”

She said you know it ma, I like yellow.

Then look here you have underlined CA with your favorite color.

It shows that this field is your destiny. You have underlined many courses like MBBS, B.COM, B.Ed, and MBA, but yellow for CA. it’s your destiny dear.

Failures are the stepping stone of success. And today I promise you I will never be sad about your choice. I am confident you can do this. I am with you. Never feel discouraged or worry, if not now later, one day you will be a Chartered Accountant, but I want a promise in return from you.

The girl with teary eyes asked what is it ma?

Her mom replied, “Promise me that you will never quit this. You need to have patience. One day you will achieve it, till then never lose your patience. Now smile my dear.”

The girl hugged her mom tightly and said promise ma, I will never quit.

She is trying her best without quitting even after 3 years.

After her completion of CA, she’s going to prove that







This is the First Short Story written by me.

I really apologize earlier, for any grammatical mistakes.







Jun 14th


By Akirah

                   At last, the time arrived for me to go home. I reached the bus stop with luggage. I got into the bus, found the window seat and arranged the luggage properly. As I thought, I got call from Mom. I informed her that I am already in bus. She said she is eagerly waiting to see me. I bid her bye and took out my earphones to listen songs. I love travelling when it is accompanied with songs. Even though I was listening songs, I was surrounded with many thoughts like how will dad react or what would he say etc,. It took nearly 6 hours to reach my hometown. Then, I took auto to reach home. I didn’t call Mom, as I want to give her surprise. As I was entering into the colony, my heartbeat started rising. I could see Dad’s scooter from faraway, after seeing that I felt scared for a moment. As I got down from the Auto, Chotu (younger brother) came running towards me with a big smile and took luggage into home. Then, I slowly entered into home after nearly 10 months. I observed that everything is the same as it was earlier, when I left home. Firstly, I went to Dad’s room, where Dad was sitting in the Chair and reading Newspaper. I was scared as usual, after seeing Dad. I slowly went near him and bent down to take blessings from him.

 Dad: How are you?

Me: I am Fine Dad, How are you?

Dad: Hmm, I am Good, Go and get freshen up, we will all have lunch together. It’s been many days.

Me: Ok Dad.

         Then, I moved into Kitchen where Mom was busy in preparing the Lunch, I closed her eyes.

Mom: I know it’s you, now leave me, I need to arrange lunch.

I understood that she is angry on me as I didn’t call her after reaching here.

Me:  Mom, I thought to give you surprise and please, now don’t be angry, I came home after many months.

Mom: Ok, leave it, what did your Dad say?

Me:  He told me to get freshen up to have lunch. We all will have lunch together today.

       And I hugged her. She asked me to get ready for lunch. Then I went to my room. Chotu has already started to open my luggage and he was seeing all the things excitedly. I shouted at him saying,” Bad manners dear, you should not open my luggage without my permission.” He said,” I am sorry, I was excited to see what you got for me.” I replied, “I can understand you are excited, and I ordered Tab for you. It will be delivered by this week.” He asked, “Only Tab? Anything else?” I answered, ”Yeah, I forgot another one.”

With full of excitement he asked, “What?” I replied,” It’s me.” And I started giggling. He too started laughing, and came to me and gave me a hug. He started crying. I asked, “Why are you crying my dear?” He said, “I missed you a lot.” After listening to him, I too started crying. We heard footsteps and we stopped crying. It was Mom; she said if your conversations are over, come for lunch, your Dad is waiting there. We both immediately ran towards the dining hall like small kids and sat down. Dad asked us, whether we washed our hands. We both said No, and went to wash hands. Then, we all sat down for having lunch. In home, we would never have any conversations at Dining hall, but today Dad started asking how your workplace is, etc,. I slowly answered all his questions. The feeling of having lunch at home after a long gap is somewhat unexplainable. I was enjoying it, as Dad was also speaking nicely with me. After completing lunch, I went to Mom and asked her whether Dad read my letter. Mom said, “Yes.” I felt happy.


                    I was chitchatting with Chotu regarding his studies, etc. Then, I was feeling sleepy, so I asked him to join me to upstairs. He followed me. It was nearly 5’OClock; I saw that all the small plants which I used to take care are being taken care by mom. Those have grown a little; I used to spend my mornings watering these plants and enjoying greenery. He also used to help me in this. And, when I was thinking about him, Chotu started saying that, “I know what are you thinking, and I would like to say one thing, shall I?”  I said,”Aha, how do you know about what am I thinking? Ok tell me.” He started saying like this, “I don’t know whether you know this or not, and I don’t know how will you react after listening to this, and Mom asked me not to say this to you, but I feel like you should know this.” I was watching him seriously like, what he is going to tell. He turned to me and said, “He got married, and he is leading his life happily, if  you are still thinking about him, you are making your life hell.” After listening to this, I felt like someone hit me on the head and I went unconscious.

Mar 12th


By Akirah

With the days passing by, I was learning a lot. As it was the month of March, the climate started heating up. I informed Mom that I will be coming home in the first week of April, with a one week holiday. Mom was very happy and said she will be eagerly waiting for me. I was also very excited to go home , nearly after 10months. I started to do shopping for Mom & Dad. I have a younger brother too. He will kill me, if I don't get any gift for me. He was asking for a tab. I usually don't have that much knowledge about electronic items, so I called him and asked him to select through online, I would get it booked. He was so happy and within an hour he forwarded me the details. I made the payment online and booked the tab. While I was in the shop for purchase of some home needs, there people were talking about Holi celebrations. I used to love this festival a lot.

I still remember the day when I celebrated it for the first time. I was studying sincerely, as March used to be the exams season. Then, I heard someone calling me and came out. He was standing on the stairs and asked me to come upstairs and he ran away. As there was no one in home, I locked the door and went to the upstairs. He was not there, I called him and suddenly he came from backside and applied colors on me. I was shocked and shouted at him. He said,"Hahaha how is the surprise?" I replied, "Very bad" I saw that he was hiding the colors, I ran to him and took the colors from him and applied on his face. He laughed and imitated my words Very Badand started running from there. He jumped off the small wall, I too ran behind him with colors in my hand. I was tired running behind him. I leaned to the wall and said, "its enough, I am tired, come in front of me, I have my exam tomorrow, Otherwise I will leave from here." He came in front of me, I put the colors In my hand on him and I was running from there, in the meanwhile, he caught my hand and I asked him to leave my hand. Instead of leaving my hand, he dragged my hand towards him. I said "Hey, my hand is paining." He left my hand and slowly started coming towards me. I leaned on to the wall, slowly moving backwards. He came very close to me that, I could feel his breathe. I heard someone calling me; I pushed him and ran away from there. As I was covered with colors, I immediately got freshed up before anyone could see me in that way. I was disturbed by his behavior. Instead of preparing for the exam, I sat down and started thinking why did he behave like that?

This Holi festival was the start of a new beginning in my life. All the next 3holi's, I celebrated with him. And now, it's been 2years without the holi celebrations. This time also I wouldn't celebrate this. Every time, I would wear white dress. This time also I wore white dress. It was declared a holiday in my office. So, I had to spend the day alone in the room. I felt very bored, so installed whatsapp after many days. I replied to all the messages. I got the holi wishes from him. I expected this, because I knew he would never forget to wish me. I deleted the message as usual. I chatted with all my friends after so many days. I felt very relieved after talking with my friends. I had my lunch in a hotel today. While I was returning to the room, I came across the park, where I once met him.

While, I was in Bangalore when I was undergoing my coaching, he gave me a surprise visit. At the moment, I saw him coming towards me; I had undergone a strange feeling, which cannot be explained in words. We just sat in the park, had some talk and took few photos. That day was very memorable. I just moved from there, with all the memories cherished. That's truly said that," The harder I tried to forget you, the more I thought about you."

Mar 5th


By Akirah

           The days were passing on, and I got an opportunity to work as a tutor in a Private Tuition centre. As it was only on weekends, I was able to manage the schedule. The classes of Piano and Dance were going on well, and I had complaint from home that I didn’t visit them from almost 6months. I explained mom that this time in my life may or may not come again in my future, I am also sad that I am not able to allocate time for my family. But, I had to work hard for few days. Whenever, I think of my past, the burning desire in me still gets aggressive. In my childhood, I had seen dad working hard to feed the family. He never worried about him; he always had taken a lot of care about family. I always had a wish to gift a villa to Dad. I never thought that I would make Dad worry about me or feel sad because of me. But, I had to face Dad’s hatred. I always wanted to make two people happy in my life. But, I failed in it. Neither had I made my Dad happy nor Akash. These are only the people in my life, who get to know easily what’s going on in my mind.

                                   One day, I got a call from one of my college friend, Sangeetha. She got married after completing her B.Com. She is in Mumbai, with her husband. She was saying that she is fed up with her marriage life. There is no understanding between them, and she said she is going to get divorced. I was really sad, after listening to this. I asked her to give a last chance to their relationship. After all, marriage is not a joke. I always believed in Marriages are made in Heaven”. She replied that she will give a try. After talking to her, I remembered that incident where Akash once showed me a book with few photos stickered on the pages.

                               Actually we were good friends for more than eight to ten months. On my birthday, he wished me and gave me a gift. He said not to open in front of him. I wondered why he said that. I felt its ok, will see later. As usual, I went to upstairs that day. I was enjoying the cool breeze. I heard footsteps and I turned back. He was there with a book in his hand. He said Come here, I want to show you something. I looked at the book and asked what this book is? I opened the book and it was written like this My Dreams. After I turned the page there was a sketch of a boy and a girl talking to each other and the art was wonderful. In the next page, there was a sketch of a boy looking at the girl with love. Next, the boy and girl were hugging each other. Next, they were getting married. And, next there was a baby in the hands of the lady, and the man kissing the baby. Next, there was sketch of two old people sitting in the lawn. And, at the last page there was written, Without you my life is nothing; i want to live with you. I love you a lot my dear. Will you be my partner?   I gazed at him and asked who that lucky girl is? He stated that he was lucky to find that girl in his life. I asked will you not say to me. He replied time will answer you and he asked me whether I opened his gift. I said not yet, will see it tonight. He took the book from me and I said you’re a wonderful artist. He replied saying Thank You and I stared at him and whispered Mention not. On that day, I didn’t knew that it was me, whom he was saying lucky.


                                         Now, when I think of him, I feel I was very unlucky to him. I always wanted to get settled well and always discussed about that with him. But, I never knew that I had to choose one among him and my career. I feel I am one of the reasons for his situation now. But, I was selfish at a moment that I had to choose my career. And, now everyone hates me for what I did, and I had no better option than that. It’s hard to lead such a life, where everyone is against us. At times, I even tried to attempt suicide, but I slowly came out of those thoughts by diverting my mind. And I know, death is not the solution to all the problems. I hope one day, they would understand me. I owed to myself that I will get settled well and prove myself right.

Feb 7th

New Life After Marriage Part 5 - Happy Ending ( Last Part )

By Akirah

After listening to Akash, I didn't know how to respond to him. I was sitting there in tension. He came to me and took my hands in his and said, "Take your own time, there is nothing to worry. But, think well and say your decision. I will be waiting for your reply. Good Night Aash." After saying this, he went to his room. I was there left alone. I always believed that everything that happens is for a reason. May be this marriage is also for a reason. I was in very confusion, and was thinking what to say to him.  Then I got a call from Priya. She asked,"Hello, What happen? Are u still in confusion?" I asked, "How do you know ?"She said," Don't worry dear, just know bro called me and said may be you are in tension, and said me to call you so that you could feel better talking to me.You are very lucky re, bro care for you a lot." I was smiling and she said,"Ohh,smiling? See dear, you only said you don't want to think about your past, then why are you still thinking a lot? You very well know, bro really cares a lot for you, he is your husband, he could have dominated you, but he understood your problem, he is giving you time too," I said, " I agree Priya; he is really a kind-hearted person." She said, "Then what are you waiting for? Why are you wasting time by over thinking?" I said, "Hmm, Will call you in the morning, now i got some important work, Good Night Dear, Take care."

                                            I thought it would be better to talk to him now. I knocked the door and he opened it. He asked, "Didn't sleep yet?" I said, "No, Can we talk now?" He said, Ok, and we both came to the living room. We both sat in the sofa, and I said, "Akash, I know still we are living as strangers, even though there is a relationship which is very meaningful and I would like to give this relationship a chance,as we both believe in the same, everything that happens is for a reason." He took my hand in his hands and said, " I would never make you feel weird for taking this decision." I felt really happy, when he said those words and my heart was feeling light, as if it was relieved from a big stress. I gave him a hug and tears rolled down on my cheeks. He asked," Again why are you crying?" I said, "These came out due to happiness." He said, "So, it's right." I asked,"What's right?" He said," Someone said it's very difficult to understand women,now I understand why they said like that." I said," When you truly understand women, you can easily get to know by observing her eyes." He said," Oh, is it? Let me see," and looked deep into my eyes and said,"Yeah, it's because of happiness." I said," Aha, how did you know? " He said," Because I know about Aash and I understand her too." I said," Oh, is it? Hmm, Let me see, what you know about me, I will ask few questions, will you answer?" He said," Go ahead,my dear, I am ready." I asked," So, here is my first question, what is my Favorite color?" He said," Pink" I said," I know very well, you guessed it, as most of the girls like Pink." He said, "Not at all, I know exactly, it was not a guess." I asked," How can you say exactly?" He said, "First, say me that you will not shout at me, only then I will say." I said, "Ok, tell me." He said," I read your dairy when you were busy in the kitchen today." And he bitted his tongue saying this. I was really shocked and I widened my eyes and asked,"You???" He said, "You said you won't shout at me." I said, "It's a bad habit to read others dairy." He said, "I just want to know about you, forgive me this time, from today I am your diary, you can share each and every thought that comes to you. And it will be as safe as in your diary. I even read your wishes after marriage; do I have the permission to make your wishes true?" I said Yes and I was rushing from there smiling. He caught my hand and pulled me towards him.

                                                    He hugged me and said," I love you Aash." I said," Love you too." He said," You know I was eagerly waiting to hear this from you and I am so happy today." We slept on sofa that night. And we woke up by the phone call. It was from Priya; I lifted the phone and said, "Good Morning" in my sleepy mood. He asked,"Who is it dear?" I said," Its Priya." She said,"Ohh, bro is sleeping in your room."I said, "No, Actually "and was murmuring. She said," Ok, no need to give explanation.Have a good day." And I put down the phone saying."You too, Have a good day."And from that day, we tried to understand each other. And he made my all wishes come true. We both went for a world tour. This was my first wish. During this world tour, we both went to all those places that are shown in the movie,"Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara". Among them we even tried skydiving, which was my dream come true moment. And he never gave me a chance to get weird at my decision, as he promised.

At the end, I would like to say only one thing, everyone have their own destiny, we just have to be  patience, we all will reach there where we have to, but the thing which matters is Patience.

Every story will have a Happy Ending.

Feb 7th

New Life After Marriage Part 4 - Akash's Love Proposal

By Akirah

I came out of the state of shock as he shook me to open the door. Then I came into my senses and opened the door. Priya hugged me saying, "Hello dear, looking beautiful." She turned to him and said,"Hello Akash!"
He said,"Hello Priya, Welcome to our home!"

                 We three reached to the dining table, as it was already 8.15pm, she said she is feeling very hungry and eagerly waiting to taste the dinner prepared by me.
We completed having dinner by 9pm. We reached the living room and switched on the music. We started chitchatting. After sometime, he said,"Okay, you both continue, I will join you shortly." We nodded our head, and we both shifted to my room. She closed the door, and asked me," What happened dear? Why didn't you invite me to your marriage? And what the hell happened to your love story?"  I sat down on my bed and tears started rolling down. She sat beside me and said,"You even don't like to share with me also?" I didn't reply. I was silent for 2minutes. Then I started saying like this, "I don't know why did this happen with me and I decided to go on with my fate, and Priya, I don't like to discuss anything about my past now." She said,"You know this is not that much easy dear!" I said,"I know, but I believe in destiny, life always take us where our destiny is determined." She asked,"Did you say your story to Akash?" I said,"I just said I loved someone and I was forced to marry. He said he didn't knew about that, otherwise he would have not married without my consent, and said we shall be friends and if you are not okay, we shall get divorced." She said,"He is really a good person, I think you should give him a chance, and dear think about it." I said,"Hmm, I need sometime." He started knocking the door saying, "When did you both came here, Come out guys!" I opened the door. He said, "Both of you friends, completed your talks? " We smiled at each other and Priya said,"Yeah, its over. And I need to talk with you personally, Ashwini, Do I have your permission to talk to your husband?"  I said,"Okay, go ahead!" I slowly moved to kitchen and worried what would Priya talk with him. After 15minutes, Priya came to me and gave me a hug and said, "I am really so happy for you, and remember dear, you said you believe in destiny right? So, believe in it and move on with your new life."
        I looked at her with confusion and asked,"What did you talk with him?" She said,"Its a secret, between me and my bro, you just be happy dear." I said,"Oh! Your bro! Hmm, good." She said,"Any problem?" I said,"Why should I have any problem? Go and chitchat with your bro." She said,"Come with me, now its selfie time!" I was saying to her you go and take selfie with your bro, but she dragged me with her to the living room and said to him, "Bro! Comeon, now its selfie time," And she took out the mobile from her handbag. Eventhough I was hesitating, she forced me and we took selfies. And Priya left to her home around 10.30 pm. After she left, I observed that he was looking happy, and I wished him,"Good Night Akash."
                   He said,"I need to talk with you, will you give me half-an-hour time?" I said,"Ok." And I sat down in the sofa. He said,"Aash, I know you are not happy with this marriage, but I would like to tell you something, whatever happens in life is always for a reason. Do you believe in that?" I just nodded my head. He continued,"When I saw you first time in the marriage, I fell in love with you. You can say love at first sight. I tried to gather information about you and my parents got to know about that and they talked with your parents and you know what happened. I know everything went on without talks between us. I really apologize for it, today I thought to express my feelings, will you give me a chance to keep you happy, I really love you a lot. Today when you said Priya is our
first guest, I really felt very happy. I thought I should not waste the time to express myself to you, Will you give me a chance?"


Feb 7th

New Life After Marriage Part 3 - First Kiss

By Akirah

I got disturbed by my ringtone, it was ringing from last 5minutes. At last I got up and took my phone. I was surprised who could call me these many times.
I was shocked to see the time, it was 9.30 A.M., and the phone call was from Akash, he would have tried by knocking the door. As I didn't respond, he would have called me. I got out of my room and was feeling embarrassed after what happened yesterday.
           I was shocked to see that he was making breakfast. He wished me, Good Morning Aash.
I said, "Sorry Akash." He came to me and said, "Hey, No Sorry and Thanks between us dear, and I knocked your door many times, as you didn't respond I was little afraid, that's why I called you, Did I disturb you?"
I replied , "No, I just woke up by your call."
He said, "Oh! Then I disturbed you, Sorry dear, as the breakfast was ready, I thought to wake you up."
I smiled and said, "Just now you said no sorry and thanks, and you are saying sorry!"  He said, "Oops! " I was laughing at his reaction. He said, "OK, now go and get freshed up, we shall have breakfast, in the meanwhile, I shall check my mails." I said,"OK, give 20minutes."
             It was 10'O clock, and we both were having breakfast. I said,"Its yummy, you are a good cook!" He just smiled. And I got a call, it was from Priya. I answered her call, she said she will be coming this night to have dinner with us. I said it to him. He said,"Okay, Will you prepare the dinner or shall we order?" I said, "I shall prepare, but need some ingredients, by the way, I forgot to ask you, when are you joining back the office?"
He said, "Well, I have taken leave for a week, its going to end by day after tomorrow, if you don't want me to be here, I shall join today only"
I gave a serious look at him. He said, "Hey, Just kidding! You were saying you need some ingredients, shall we go for shopping?"
I gave a smile and said, "Yeah, sure." We went for shopping and bought all the required items. We had lunch in a hotel. We reached home around 3'O clock.
             I said,"I am feeling tired and sleepy." He said, "Yeah,same here." I said,"But, you know what, I don't like to sleep in the afternoons." He said,"Really! Don't you have a nap in the afternoons?"
I said, "Yeah, I don't." He said,"Hmm, OK, now I am going to have a nap, what will you do then?" I said,"I shall plan for the dinner, you go and have a nap." He said,"Okay."and went to his room.  I went to my room and made a list of what to make for dinner. It took half an hour to me to decide the menu. Then, I was watching TV. It was very boring. I went to my room and took out my rough book from my bag and started scribbling in it.In the meanwhile, I got the call from Priya, she said she would be coming by 8pm. It was around 6.30pm, I went to the kitchen and started making dinner. It took 45minutes to complete making the dinner. Still, he didn't come out of his room. I wondered is he still sleeping and went to wake him up.
                He was already awake and just  lying on his bed. I knocked the door and entered the room, and asked,"Hey, still sleeping ?" He said," No, but feeling lazy." I observed that he was looking sad. I asked,"Hey, what happen? You look worried, is everything all right?" He said, "Nothing like that, completed your work? "
I went to him and said," Yeah, Dinner is ready, she would be coming by 8'O clock, now go and get ready, she is our first guest, we shall give her a grand welcome." He was looking at me and said,"Yeah, you are right, she is our first guest.Give me 10 minutes, I shall get ready." I went to my room and got ready. I heard the door bell ring, and asked,"Akash, are you ready? I think she had come." He came out of the room and he looked very handsome. He came to me and said, "You are looking gorgeous dear!" And he kissed me on the cheek. I was in a state of shock for a minute. And he took my hand in his hand and rushed towards the door.

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