May 14th

Mother's Day Musings ...

By Paddy


What some sons do…. 

He calls her up every Mother's Day
And always has this to say:

“Mamma, you're simply great!
'Cos you'll again so patiently wait
For my call, till the next Mom’s Day!”

What some mothers feel…. 

Thank God for Archies’ and  Mother’s Day,
That perhaps make him call me up and say:

“Mamma, I love you and thank you,
And I know, you are one of the few,
With whom I’ll always have my way!”



Only when I became one,
Blessed with a lovely son,

Did I come to know,
How much to you I owe,
Dear Amma, thanks a ton! 

In this world there’s no other,
Like you, oh my dear mother!

Always there for me,
You gave me energy,
In good and rough weather. 

Do we need a Mother's Day
To bring on the urge to say:

Ma, I love you n thank you,
'Cos, you are one of the few,
With whom I always have my way?!

(I dedicate this poem to my late mother Smt. Seetabai Iyengar, a woman of substance – for me, ever an inspiration because of the way she conducted herself and the way she nurtured me with the values that I hold dear and strongly to this date)


Mar 22nd

Etched for Posterity ...

By Paddy

Image Courtesy:

Much-maligned Ramayana characters are Kaikeyee and Manthara;
But imagine, without them, could there have been the Ramayana?
These two characters are so etched in the memory of posterity,
That good step mothers too looked askance thanks to Kaikeyee.
And tale-bearers/agent provocateurs will always be called Manthara!!!


(This is written purely with an Indian perspective)

Jan 11th

*Hoitus Poetus

By Paddy

Image Courtesy :


This wannabe poet, poetry’s own Munnibai MBBS
Crazily compiles multilingual poetry anthologies, yes.
She hobnobs with many poets of repute
And sometimes even gets into a dispute
What is she up to – this poetry’s own *hoitus poetus?


*Coined from hoity-toity – readers are free to derive their own meaning/s of this expression!!!

Jan 3rd

NaMo's DeMo

By Paddy

Courtesy : Satish Acharya on Twitter


The sudden and definitive DeMo
Has given some explosive ammo,
To those in doubt
And those without,
With guns and roses to get at NaMo.

Dec 22nd

A Pleasant Recall...Always...

By Paddy

Remembering Srinivasa Ramanujan (22 December, 1887 - 26 April, 1920)

Ramanujan - the influential mathematician of 20th century.
His Conjectures contributed hugely to the Numbers Theory.
The mathematical legacy he left behind,
Is the genius of his brilliant mind.
His place - very special in Maths’ history!

My grandau Riya shares his birthday!
And I fervently hope and pray
That a bit of Ramanujan’s genius
Rubs off on my sweet lil’ precious
In some providential, magical way…!

Nov 9th

Color Complex

By Paddy

Image Courtesy : Google Images - Just for Fun please - No intention to infringe any copyright


Rama and Krishna were common market usages
To denote you-know-what transaction adages
For some time none of these
And hopefully never please
As India soon a near cash-less journey wages



Oct 12th

India-New Zealand 3rd Test ( 8-11 Oct’16)

By Paddy

(News : Ashwin’s Test best seals 3-0 whitewash)

Whether with the bat or the ball
He always stands more than tall
For Ravichandran Ashwin
It’s always about win-win
For the rivals, he is a tough call.

Skipper Virat Kohli’s great double ton
Was scripted with élan
With Rahane too not far behind
To create terror in the Kiwis’ mind
As the Indian tour offered them no fun

Aug 2nd

Kerala Kalamandalam

By soman

Stage II

Kerala Kalamandalam University –   Stage II


Follow-up: Scholarly Researches and treatises


* Dr Clifford Jones and his wife Betty Jones who were  passionately drawn towards Kathakali and Koodiyattom, were  instrumental in letting the world know about the unique nature of Kalamandam in the first half of the twentieth century.  The article by Ms Betty on Mohiniyattam flourishes, even today, one of the most authentic documents ever written on this subject…………………………………………………………………..

* Dr Phillip Zarrilli who did a research on Kathakali in the 1970’s at Kalamandalam  later published  his monumental work titled    “Kathakali Complex”. 

* Dr Farley Richmond, in his writings on traditdional Indian Theater, was influenced  by his observations of Koodiyattam at Kalamandalam……………..

* Ms Milena Salivin, Director, “Mandapa”, Paris, has an enduring association with          Kalamandalam  as student of Kathakali and as  a greaet patron of  traditional Kerala performing arts. Shehas invited the Kathakali, Koodiyattam and Thullal troupes of Kalamandalam a number of timesfor performancesin Europe.  In recognition of her contributions to Kalamandalam and our classical arts, Kalamandalam conferred on her the M. Mukunda RaJa award several years back.  

* Dr Marlene Pietkow and Dr Rolf Groesbeck took their  .doctorates in “Female Representations in Kathakali” and the “Drum Music of Tradition of Kerala” respectively, as culmination of their  studentship and research at Kalamandakam.

* The years 1990—2000 witnessed about a dozen researchers engaged in study and research on various art subjects at this institution,







Jun 30th

Nothing has Really Changed, Has It...?

By Paddy



“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” - Carl Jung, "Memories, Dreams, Reflections", 1962. 

I wrote this one a few years back when the characters mentioned below were much in news. Today, the characters might have changed, but.....? 

If Carl Jung was alive today,
What would he have to say
Of Saddam Hussain or Osama -
Animus, anima or simply enigma?!
Surely they'd cause him utter dismay!

Jun 5th

On Limerick Writing

By Paddy

Image Couresy :

When I find myself in a bind,
After a gruelling day’s grind,
I attempt a limerick
That gives me a kick
And also refreshes my mind.


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