Nov 18th


By venu



Rubbing  drowse

Off my eyes

In  the morning,

I opened the door

Of  our house

And stepped out,

Lo/ there at the threshold

Near the  gate,

A white  rose

With its petals

Wide  open

In the morning Sun,

Waving its flowery head

In the blowing, cool  breezes

Greeting me cheerily

“Good  morning”

From  the potted-plant;

Gazing at the  rose,

I  wonder at its

Whorls  of petals,

Its  patterns  of beauty,

Its  marvel of shiny  white,

Its  mystery of exotic fragrance,

The white rose swinging

In the cradle  of  morning  breezes,

Bathing  in the showers

Of  the morning Sun,

Celebrating supreme  beauty,,

Feasting  my eyes,

Unveiling  the Master’s

Radiant signature,

Greeting  me

“Good  morning”,

Welcoming and savoring

The  flowery  morning,

I  grasped the happy day.



Nov 18th

In Search of Peace

By Rajeev

Peace, peace, peace

man in search of peace

here, there, everywhere

like one searching for his gold chain

even while wearing it!


Man searches in vain

for the elusive peace

groping in the dark

running from pillar to post

frantically, desperately....


while all the while

it was available

already there

 deep within him!

Nov 17th

New Bundle of Joy

By Padma

Ten little fingers touch me softly

and welcome me to hug him fondly;

I jump with joy and smile at him

to make him hopefully cherish 

the world he stays in!


His babling sound lingers around

His happiness has no bound

Eats on time, drinks in time

His musical device has no rhyme!


His brown sparkling eyes observe me

I gaze at his enchanting features;

His zealous nature is so cheerful

Whatever he does is truly beautiful!


Inquisitive mind vigorously reads

the creatures, pleaces and people;

His angelic face is certainly charming

I love his cheery deeds, mesmerising!


Colourful toys captures his attraction

Musical sounds avoid his quick motion;

Human voice has love and affection

He longs for his parents' attention!


A sweet little treasure sent from above

a coo and smile, wrapped up in love

A son is mummy's little loving angel

and daddy's little virtuous man!









Nov 15th

Dream Within A Dream Within A Dream……

By madathilnair

A moon-lit day 

End of Fall

The Sun an unseen presence

Far down south-west

Behind some silver cloud

Maples showering gold

On a lengthening walkway

Lovely as the Milky Way


A young couple in embrace

On a lonely bench

Hush, hush, silent speech

Tip-toe vagrant breeze


A  teenage cutie

In Halloween fancy

Of rainbow hues

Floats her way

Did the trees around

Send her down

With their sliding leaves?


Time in lethargy

The skies in brood

Life in slow motion

Fowl in meditation

Perched on the bank

Their eyes lost in the sheen

Of the placid pond


Is this an evening

Or a dream?


Rub your eyes

Pinch your thighs

This can never be

Anything but a dream


“Wake you dreamer”

“Into what?

Another dream?

A dream within a dream?

And then a dream within a dream within a dream….?”


Isn’t life an evening of Fall

Unending within a dream within a dream……?

No one wakes here 

A dream-some nowhere

Nov 14th

A Poem On Children's Day Celebrations In India, 2017

By Dr John Celes

What children need are love and care, 
Attention night and day; 
Nourishing food, clean water, air, 
And time to learn, sleep, play.

What children need is soothing words, 
Good example from all; 
They love to play with swings, watch birds, 
And buy toys from the mall.

What children do is watch others, 
And try to copy them; 
Their teachers first are their mothers, 
Who make them like a gem.

What children hate is punishment, 
And scolding for faults small; 
They love to get encouragement, 
Comforted when they fall.

What children want is gifts all kinds, 
And praising to the skies; 
God made them with innocent minds, 
To smile and laugh, be nice.

What children need is future great, 
A friendlier world to live; 
Let's work to change our children's fate, 
And happier lives, do give.

Happy Children's Day to all kids in India! 
Dedicated by Indian Poet Dr.Prof.A.Celestine Raj Manohar MD(KFMSR CBE) 


Nov 13th


By Jairathore

Immense pain and miseries
That near and dear ones
And his own beloved one
Inflicted on him during life...

He embraced without grudge
And cultivated the habit of
Burning this pain into fuel
To continue his journey of life.

Nov 10th

oh,my red flower

By nasaru

my red flower that bloomed in heart

under the shadeless sky-blue celing

tell me, tell me . tell me  sweet-heart

who made you my amazing darling .


nature around us decorates with hues

purple, peaceful,emanating fleshy love

butterflies fly around colourful petals

seeking honey and pollen-grains aglow.


my heart pines to kiss your impulses

suck your emotions to quench senses.

night after night my dear dreams bloom

day after day the sun brings me gloom.


still, hope in me hops and trying to cope

breathing my divine love till it stands still.

Nov 10th

Sonnet: On Your Silver Jubilee Birthday

By Dr John Celes

With quarter century behind you now,

You could be married very soon in life;

And have a family of your own to love,

To face all challenges, joys, woes and strife.


Most genes you carry are from father’s side;

Amazing skills God has bestowed you child;

Your Friend is Jesus Lord, in Him abide;

Let not emotions run amok and wild.


God sees your heart and knows your wants always;

Your dreams come true when you go by God’s Will;

None can deny God’s plans for you His ways;

Your health is wealth; take care to not fall ill!


Successes smile when you expect them least;

But keep your gaze in life for Heaven’s feast.

Happy Birthday Dear daughter Dr.C. Christina Mary Diana B.D.S.

Dedicated most lovingly by your Dad, mom and sister

Copyright by Dr John Celes 10-11-2017






Nov 8th

नन्ही चिड़िया


चिड़िया अपने छोटे छोटे चोंच में तिनका तिनका जोड़कर

अपना घोसला  बनाती है |

अपने चूजो की हिफाजत करती है |

चाहे वो बड़े परिंधे हो या नरभक्षी हो या वो सर्प हो |

हर मुश्किल सामना कर के अपने चूजो की संरक्षण करती है

उन के लिए  चारा  धुन्दाठी है |

परिश्रम करने से ना  घबराती है

हम साब को  याह सिखलाती है

अपने नने नने पैरोसे

बड़े काम कर जाती है |

हमें ना पंजरे में बंधक  न बन्नो

हम बन्ने है ऊंची ऊंची उडान  बरकर

नीला नीला घगन में 

अपने फंक फैलाकरकर  उड़ने के लिए |












Nov 6th

English poem



Statue of renunciation

Women are the statue of renunciation.

She never aksed or wish for anything.

changed herself so that her relationship is not broken!

changed her habits & her hankerings.

Even I have turn my desires.

I should become a single drop in a sea

I should exist in the core of the sea

I colud not make a single particle of dust

 My sacrifices have been disappeared from photograph.


Flowers scent is essence of life

Their fragrance is spread all over

Flowers are laid on the path of the victorious warriors

Flowers adorn on foreheads of god and goddess

They are beautiful and mesmerize every one

In joy or sadness they are our constant friends

Flowers are offered on dead bodies of martyrs

They bloom were ever they are planted

Where flower bloom so does hope

 As they bloom we also bloom       

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