Feb 21st




Indian army is one who safe guards our borders

When we are in deep sleep in our homes

They serve us without any wager in any extreme condition

They have no caste or religion & community

We are one who follows one religion

 But we work together to attain any goal

We are free from any religious & political ideology

Nationalism is the sole inspiration of the Indian armed forces



Feb 14th


By Padma

Why do you want to grow?

Let the precious moments go

The further life is full of ups and downs

You turn, move, crawl and stand

at the places and people, you stare!


You're eager to look at the things

and get ready to have wings

Would you wish to fly so high?

The world is full of folks, spy

You wish to grow fast, why?


Try and try till you succeed

you're the ideal child in need

of the men and wild life

Do remember, you've to strive

and be patient in your drive!


Love thy parents and friends

Love thy neighbours and also foes

Love yourself, where there's love there's life

'Tis love that makes the world go round, my baby. 










Feb 14th

सौंदत्ती की रेणुका माँ


सौंदत्ती की रेणुका माँ  

माँ  रेणुका  माता के चरणों में मेरा  सत सत नमन

सौंदत्ती के शेहर के सिद्धाचल पर्वत पर आपका वास

सौंदत्ती के शेहर  बेलगाम जील्ले मेंआता है

सौंदत्ती  के शेहर मै बेहती मालप्रभा नदी

 सब का मन बेहलाती है

ऋषि जम्धाग्नी कि अरधांगी आप

श्री परशुरामजी कि जननी आप

सप्तमात्रिका  के एक रूप में वो प्रसिद्ध है

  माँ का मंदिर चालुक्य और राष्ट्रकूट शैली एक प्राचीन दरोहर है



Feb 14th

खेलो इंडिया


खेलो इंडिया


खेलो  इंडिया खेलो  इंडिया

है एक नई पेहल भारत सरकार कि

जो खेलो को और फिटनेस को

 हर कीसी के जीवन मै अमूल्य है

खेलो को अपने जीवन का हिशा बनेगे

खेलो इंडिया योजना शुरू किया गया है

खेल संस्क्रति का पुनर्वास जमीनी स्टार पर किया गया

जिसे खिलाडियों का होसला बदता है

खेल खिलाडियों के मन में दल निष्ठा को समजना

खेलो मै खिलाडियों नेत्रत्व कुअशल का प्रदर्शन करना

खिलाडी  जोखिम लक्श को स्तापन्ना करता है

 खिलाडि एक नये शिखर कीर्तिमान प्राप्त करता है

Feb 13th

Puppet Show

By Debangshu

Too many ups and downs for one life,

alive or dead situations exist..

Too many dramas,an incomplete emptiness...

Still searching the ultimate way..


Gradually surroundings become empty...

Eyes turn fade, lonely past gets demolished..

Multipurpose death comes for a small life span....


Though life is life,

hope still comes after every rejection..

A new morning arrives after every nightmare..

Life still stays alive.....

It goes on......






Feb 12th


By Afzal

Hope and faith are very close mates,

We sleep with faith in God,

Hope to see the morning dawn emanate,

Both are even without any odd.


Farmer sow the seeds with faith in row,

Hope for the rainfall, looking up the sky,

With faith on his land he bow,

Raise his hand in prayer so high.


Whenever the disasters flood, earthquake occur,

The whole humanity shivers,

Bow down before God, repents, cry and hope for confer,

The most compassionate and the most merciful God forgive their sins, makes them clean mirrors.


Gentlemen forgive the human for their faults,

Then hope Allah will forgive their sins,

The Almighty see the faith of human, forgives him and exalts,

With hope and faith thus the human begins and wins.


Human who are patient, do not do wrong,

When tested with fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits,

Almighty Allah enter them in paradise to enjoy hereafter life, lifelong,

Hope and faith, along with the fear of Allah is the dress of paradise without disputes.


Prophet ADAM (A.S.) has faith in ALLAH, he will be forgiven for the sake of Prophet MUHAMMED (S.A.W.),

MARYAM (A.S.) has faith in Almighty ALLAh, When she pointed to the child in the cradle,

Prophet MOSES (A.S.) has faith in Almighty ALLAH, when he threw his stick,

Prophet IBRAHIM (A.S.) has faith in ALLAH, when he refused angel GABRIEL help, when he was thrown in the fire of Nimrod,

Prophet MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) has faith in ALLAH, when he was ill-treated by the people, that he will win the hearts of humanity and religion Islam will spread throughout the world.


O! Human withhold the rope of hope and faith and be successful in the world and hereafter.





Feb 12th


By Padma

The townsfolk dwell in the homestead

built beautifully in the corner of a city,

The crop field looks lifeless everywhere

and covered with a whte lengthy blanket!


Noiseless area gave me a room

to sit and feel the chilly season,

Thoughtless mind began to feel

the feel of the people, stay around


It's my fortune to have two organs

to sense the beauty of nature close by,

Lucky are the people, who live

and lead a life in a serene space!


The cool breeze chased my feet

and whistled aloud in my ears,

I cherished fully taking breath

in the snowy, beautiful terrain!


The season painetd white  all over

The flowers lost their fragrance, too

Sparse movement of wanderers

make the roads look calm and empty!

Feb 9th


By nasaru

The Spider in creation is the God
From Him the Universe as cobweb
Appears. holding it from the Center
Like a Spy behind It He hides.
In the ephemeral beauty as moths
We poor sensual beings get trapped.

We, the Shell or the Cell or the Atom
Get together to emerge as the organ
To get tuned and played for the pleasure
Of the Player: the Composer-Spider..

The Silent Spider enjoys the shrieks
The ensnared insects make.
Proudly It thinks; 'Yes, all are my own
Under my eight legs I sway".

Feb 5th


By Padma

Come, gentle Spring; ethereal Mildness, come!

O! lovely season of the year!

You’re the source of enthusiasm and a ray of hope!

You're the season of the youth, love and old,

 who certainly wait for the newness 

in life, time, customs and traditions!

All the trees shed their fresh flowers and leaves

Let the colorful flowers bloom and spread fragrance

Let me enjoy every moment in the lap of nature!


You bring life to the living beings all around,

who rejuvenate and walk their own paths

But, the soul which  sees beauty may walk alone!


You bring charm and peace all around!

My soul eagerly waits for your arrival,

Bring allure in the nature which alters everyone’s nature!


Jan 26th

My Life

By nasaru

Vapour condensed droplets
Do brighten my life with wisdom
They tell me how to gush forth
Till,I merge in Divine Ocean- depth.

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