Jul 21st


By pranu

तख्तों ताज भी दे दिए,

रसुखों शोहरात भी दे दिए,

कहते है वो नुमाइंदो को हमारे!

कब मिलेगी दो जून की रोटी, कब मिलगा दो पल का चैन, 

कब मिलेगा तन को लिबास, छत मिलेगी गुज़ारने को रैन, 

पूछते है हम बाशिंदों को हमारे?



Jul 20th

Deity in love

By mgk

The glazing blue skies in her eyes displayed the sorrows of her past,


While the raging red  lips displayed the nerve of her inner soul. 


For she was a tornado plunging into the ocean,


And a hurricane hitting the ground until she met her purpose of life. 


Encapsulated in the world of love, she let her tornadoes thwart and the hurricanes scupper. 


Such was a deity devoted in love. 



- Mgk 




Jul 14th

Deadly muse

By mgk

Words of rock thrown onto my castle of glass,


Shattered my soul into a pile of shards. Forlorn with guilt for the words I once spilled,


With intentions none of rancour seeps deeper Into the roots as deadly muse. 


You spill and you wipe.


You throw and you dust. 


The spill seeps while the pain surges. 


Till today the shards prick, making it hard to shut the eyes. 


Ice cold and dry throated, I try to gallop the agony, wishing someday this torment would end. 



- mgk



Jul 10th

Some news to share ...

By Paddy

Sorry dear RML friends. I am unable to be here due to intense preoccupation at present and may be for another month or two, with Amaravati poetic Prism 2017 which is taking all my time through the day and night as well. Amidst all this, perhaps an odl submission of mine has just saw the light of the day. Do check it out HERE



Jul 9th

Guru Poornima

By Padma

Everyone cannot be a teacher

who influences the students

to travel in the right path!

God creates the children;

The teacher recreates them!


Happy Guru Poornima!


I came across these beautiful quotes written by Swami Vivekananda and felt like sharing them here.

It is not possible for everyone to be an Acharya.

The first lamp is the Guru, and the lamp that is lighted from it is the disciple. The second in turn becomes the Guru, and so on.

My dearest and nearest relative in life is my Guru; next, my mother; then my father. My first reverence is to the Guru. If my father says, "Do this", and my Guru says, "Do not do this", I do not do it. The Guru frees my soul. The father and mother give me this body; but the Guru gives me rebirth in the soul.

He alone teaches who has something to give, for teaching is not talking, teaching is not imparting doctrines, it is communicating.

The Guru is the conveyance in which the spiritual influence is brought to you. Anyone can teach, but the spirit must be passed on by the Guru to the Shishya (disciple), and that will fructify.

Without an unbroken chain of discipleship—Guruparampara—nothing can be done.


Jul 4th


By venu

                    WHEN      WILL   THEY   TURN   SPIRITUAL?


They   are all flocking   to temple,

Perambulating   the sacred   shrine,

Making   offerings   of fruits

And sweets   to   God,

Besmearing   their   fore-heads with sacred ash

,Folding    and  joining  their  palms together

And   singing   aloud   songs  in praise  of God,

Chanting   the   name  of  God

In   devotional  ecstasy ,

With   eyes   shut, they are  all prostrating

Before   the  idol  of   God,,

Out   they  all  come,

Feeling   proud  of  their religious activity

They  declare “Today, we’ve worshipped

God  in the  temple satisfactorily”:


A   blind  beggar  seated

On the   steps of the temple

With a  bowl  in  his bony hands,

Seeking alms piteously,

An old woman, her eyes so pale,

Her face wrinkled,

Her   shivering hands

Stretching   out for some   offerings;

But   these  religious folks

Gazing blankly  at the blind beggar

And  the  old woman,

Simply  sauntering away,

The  blind  beggar’s bowl

Still  empty  of coins,

The old  woman’s empty  hands

Still  shivering with no offerings;


Oh, God/ when will  these religious souls

 Behold these  Gods  in hunger and misery

Outside   the temple

And   reliaze   the spirit

Of  true  religion?

Oh/The   Compassionate  One/

Bless   all  these  people

And   transform  them all

Into  spiritual  souls.

And your true devotees



Jul 1st

Doctors Day 2017, KFMSR CBE

By Dr John Celes

A noble lot, we claim to be;

A noble profession we joined;

The care of sick, we do with love;

God Almighty is Healer One.


We aim to save the human lives;

We try our best with mind and heart;

A cure is not in our mere hands;

Yet, Medicine is craft and art.


Yet, Doctors are all humans too;

Diseases come in newer ways;

The frontiers of healing change;

All doctors hope to give their best.

Happy Doctors’ Day, 2017

Copyright by Dr John Celes 1-07-2017





Jun 30th

An Enexpected, Pleasant Surprise!!!

By Paddy

Truly a pleasant surprise to see my poem translated into Arabic by the Palestinian Scholar, poet and writer Nizar Sartawi and published in a newpaper there!!! Click HERE

 Palestinian translator, columnist, essayist and poet Nizar Sartawi is a member of the Jordanian Writers Association, General Union of Arab Writers, and Asian-African Writers Union. He is also a Board Member of both the Poetry Posse in the U.S. and Axlepin Publishing in the Philippines. He writes in both Arabic and English. He has authored more than twenty books of poetry and poetry translation. He has been anthologized in numerous books in Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, the U.S. India, and the Philippines. His poetry has also been published in both print and online magazines and newspapers in different parts of the world. He has participated in poetry readings and festivals in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Kosovo, and Palestine.



Jun 29th

On my two scores and two.

By Partha

On my two scores and two
what if I redefine love?
The first love to a philosopher is like to discover a popular myth.
The first flame fades into the creases of time
that has licked many flames with its fiery tongue.
Why should I count them and put them in a line
down the road of my life like milestones
what call up the distance traveled and to be traveled?
I don`t remember the amount of oxygen
I have taken from the air on the half way past walk.
Half way only roughly speaking
for the God knows where the way goes up!
Time is the only touchstone that brands a love true love.
But truth and lies to a philosopher are just subject of time
for truth of the past was truth in the past
and truth of the present may belie the present.

On my two scores and two
what if I redefine life?
So many collages made by this magpie
are broken and kept in one obscure store room.
So many rivers in me have changed their courses
and moved from their dreamland to a different dreamland.
With two scores and two stones under my feet
I am a rock against the vagaries of urchin weather.
In ten to twenty years I will grow a mountain
with many rocks and trees all over me.
I will not die like a river.
I will not lie like a sea.
The mountain will see in it the volcano
against all the cold and mist covering its torso.

Jun 29th


By mgk

                                                                                                            எம் . ஜி . கே 



நீ இல்லையே கண்ணீர் துடைக்க ஒரு கை போல் இல்லை 



நீ இல்லையே தலையை சாய்க்க ஒரு மாடி போல் இல்லை 



நீ இல்லையே தாலாட்டு படிக்க காற்றும் இல்லை 



நீ இல்லையே என் தந்தையின் சரிபாதி இல்லை 



நீ இல்லையே என் கடவுள் பூமியில் இல்லை 



நீ இல்லையே எம் உலகில் இருளே எல்லை 




எத்தனை தவங்கள் செயதேனோ இ ஜென்மத்தில் உன்னை என் தாயாய் பெற



மீண்டும் ஒரு ஜென்மம் இருந்தால் அதிலும் உன்னை என் தாயாய் பெற 



வேண்டுகிறேன் தாயே .. 





Without you there's no hand to wipe my tears.

Without you there's no shoulder I could rest my head on.

Without you there's no wind to hum the lullabies.

Without you there's no better half to my father.

Without you  there's no god on earth for me.

Without you darkness is my only reach.


How many years of good deeds has given me a mother like you for this life ?

If there is another birth, I request to get you as my mother again. 








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