Oct 8th

Tolerance and its meanings

By shanmugam


Tolerance primarily stood for endurance-

Endurance of pain; endurance of hurts;

Then it stood for concessions by the sovereign,

And later for allowance by the majority.


Now it stands for accommodative minds

Between two sets of races or religions.

Identity solidification dropped,

The organized intolerance exits.



Oct 8th

Doubt is faith’s shade.

By shanmugam


Doubt is the precursor to faith.

Doubt is the base for certainty.

Doubts in faith, hopes in failure

And fear in success are their shadows.


When in a grave situation

One shipwrecks the vessel of reasons

On rocks of doubt and to the ground

Of faith he leaps with no thinking.



Oct 30th

Meditation gains energy.

By shanmugam



Sleep is a kind of rest to mind and body.

Meditation is a kind of rest;

Sleep restores and meditation conserves.

Sleep is passive and meditation, active.

In the state of meditation, one is

Like an arrow resting on a pulled back

String of the bow with energy gathered.

When released it will not fall but shoot.

Meditation prepares while sleep sedates.



Oct 30th

All are braggarts

By shanmugam



We boast about knowledge got, position

Held, laurels conferred and places visited.

We display our photos in social media.

Others must know about us and hold high.


Sometime we brag about something not true;

Often we brag about things in exaggeration.

Also we make self-deprecating statements

To draw attentions to the things of our pride.


Bragging is done to have a feel good mind.

Listeners often loath excess bragging.

Bragging does no good in a real sense.

What you are now to them only matters.



Oct 22nd

Love unrequited.

By shanmugam


The unrequited love is a cause

Of concern that cripples everyone.

It includes the love got less than one given

The love got below one’s expectation

And the love got less than given to some.

It confines not to sexual love arena,

But extends to parental and offspring love,

And spreads to siblings and peers love as well

No one is immune to this sentiment.

It is an inborn trait like jealousy

The residual effects must be sorrow

Or anger but now turn to violence.



Oct 22nd

A saint has a past

By shanmugam



St. Valmihi, who wrote Ramayana,

The epic, had a past as a robber.

St. Augustine , called Doctor of Churches

Had a past as being a hedonist.


Indira  Nehru Gandhi, notorious

For Emergency, had a past of a dove.

Adolf Hitler, a Nazi and fascist,

Had a past as a German patriot.


It is within you that you turn over

A new leaf in case you soil your leaves

The noble with the bad past is a noble.

The evil with the good past is an evil.



Oct 13th

Money and leisure time

By shanmugam



One values money more than time

And the other, in the reverse.

Who is happier of the two?

Both are, though vary in its level.


More time and less money need not

Be the key to one’s happiness.

More money and less time need not

Be the cause of unhappiness.


A man of wealth with leisure time

As much is not as happy as

The one who values much the time.

Focus on the time is crucial.


The one who is after money

At the cost of time trails behind

The one who saves the leisure time,

In the level of happiness.



Oct 12th

Sanctum Sanctorum

By shanmugam


N.M. Modi rose to be Prime Minister

From an ordinary class, selling tea.

M.S. Dhoni rose to be Cricket Captain

From an ordinary tribe, living low.


Abdul J Kalam rose to be President

From a minority, just eking out.

Jagjivan Ram rose to be a Stalwart

Of the depressed class he belonged to.


Had they been the first class law graduates,

Could they have become Supreme Court’s judges?

Independent India has broken

 Royal rings in all save  judiciary.


The higher judiciary is sanctum

Sanctorum exclusively to the elite,

To which come only the elite people,

Through a collegiums of judges, the elite.



Oct 12th

A granary of narcissism

By shanmugam



I had kept an album of my photos

In the drawing hall for the visitors

To see and admire or pretend to do.

They were very few and far between.


Now I post my image with no efforts,

And I get likes and comments in hundreds

At no time, thanks to Face Book media.

Face Book is the granary of narcissism.  



Oct 5th

The jungle rule

By shanmugam



The polity and the governance are,

Which are influenced to a greater extent

By demands made by the privileged

Community, a minority,

At the cost of silent majority

In accordance with the Darwin Law,

That states the survival of the fittest,

Throwing to the wind the norm of justice,

And equality for which the polity is.

No rule is different from the jungle rule.




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