Jul 1st

Doctors Day 2017, KFMSR CBE

By Dr John Celes

A noble lot, we claim to be;

A noble profession we joined;

The care of sick, we do with love;

God Almighty is Healer One.


We aim to save the human lives;

We try our best with mind and heart;

A cure is not in our mere hands;

Yet, Medicine is craft and art.


Yet, Doctors are all humans too;

Diseases come in newer ways;

The frontiers of healing change;

All doctors hope to give their best.

Happy Doctors’ Day, 2017

Copyright by Dr John Celes 1-07-2017





Jun 19th

Sonnet: When Food Turns One’s Poison…

By Dr John Celes

When food becomes a kind of poison stuff,

Then bliss in life appears to vanish fast;

The people think that you tell them a bluff,

Although enjoyment turns, a thing of past.


The tongue is home to buds of taste all kinds;

The palate yearns for dainty dishes still;

Diseases come in life bringing down blinds;

The mask of face is off as you are ill.


If you can’t eat the queen of fruits – mangoes,

And brinjals, eggs and meat or drink wine too,

Life’s enchantment replaced by only woes,

Can hurt the heart, and things well, man can’t do.


Most live to eat until their frame is weak,

And eat to live when hardly they can speak.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 19-06-2017





Jun 18th

A Father’s Words to His Children on Father’s Day

By Dr John Celes

I did my duty well as family’s head;

I gave my time for members’ welfare all;

I kept good principles and steadfast stood;

I cared for you in thick and thin of life.


Reflect upon my sacrifices great;

Remember how I cared for you till date;

Resolve to emulate my example;

Rear all your children too in similar ways.


I gave you love and happiness in life;

I made your life comfortable and good;

I guided you and taught you to be brave;

I don’t expect you to reciprocate.


May be, I could have been a better dad!

May be, I should have kept you always glad;

May be, you felt your dad was at times bad;

But time will prove your dad was best you had.


If I was strict, it was for your own good;

If I was stern, I didn’t want you to slip;

If I was deaf, some things I could not give;

If I was blind, your soul had to be saved.


And all I did without expectations;

And all I want is you to live in peace;

And all I pray is God must be foremost;

Let sense of values rule and guide your life.


God-given freedom helps us live life own;

God-given tenets make living easy;

God’s Will will always be done if righteous;

Our earthly life is transient – for heaven.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 18-06-2017











Jun 13th

SONNET: Contentment is the Core to Happiness .

By Dr John Celes

Buying a car today would be so nice! 

Having a car that’s old is quite alright; 
Getting a car tomorrow would be wise! 
Changing a car each day would not be right.

Having something that’s old is good enough; 
Having something today seems still better; 
Having something tomorrow is quite tough; 
Yet, satisfaction's prime that must matter.

Each thing in time has its advantages; 
Postponement's not something you always do; 
One shouldn't decide slowly or take ages; 
All things have demerits and beauty too! 

Yet, values old have stood the test of time! 
And modern things don't make life more sublime!


written long time back

May 14th

Mother’s Day, 2017 Special

By Dr John Celes


A mother’s day comes once a year;

A mother rears children sans fear;

A mother is a person dear;

A mom keeps family without tear.


A mother plays a special role;

A mother has to reach her goal;

A mother’s heart has love to dole;

A mom is lovely, body &soul.


Her words can soothe an anguished heart;

Her hug brings solace akin art;

Her kisses heal the hurts in part;

A mom is patient from the start.


A mother knows before child speaks;

A mother hears before door squeaks;

A mother tells if one is weak;

A mom’s an angel at her peak.


A mother makes a house, a home;

A mother makes it warm, welcome;

A mother greets when persons come;

A mom smiles, laughs  and cries though mum.


A mother is a role-model;

A mother turns heaven from hell;

A mother sings but can too yell;

A mom brings bliss and keeps all well.


Wishing all mothers, ‘A Happy Mother’s Day, 2017!’  and dear Paddy

Copyright by Dr John Celes 14-05-2017



May 14th

Babies Learn From Mother Much

By Dr John Celes


Beside the mother, safe, secure, 
The baby gets to know the world, 
By watching everything, she does, 
And learns to walk and talk like her. 

The mother teaches baby much, 
Perfecting it in everything; 
But then a stage comes when the babe 
Is on its own, just like adults. 

How soon the interaction ends 
Depends on how the babe is taught, 
It’s learning speed and mother’s time, 
Mom’s patience, dedication, love. 

To start with, baby copies mom; 
Mom encourages it to learn; 
Her body language helps a lot; 
Her warnings bake the cake alright. 

The mother’s teaching methods click; 
She knows her babe’s psychology; 
The baby reads her mother’s mind; 
The teaching-learning art succeeds. 

Copyright by Dr John Celes 23-06-2015


May 13th

Song –Hail, O Lady of Fatima!

By Dr John Celes


Hail, O Lady of Fatima!

Mother of Jesus Christ;

You’re dressed in white with face that shone,

Much brighter than the sun!


Hail, O Lady of Fatima!

Queen of heaven’s angels;

You asked the children three to pray,

Daily the rosary.                          


Hail, O Lady of Fatima!

Immaculate Conception;

The second Eve who trounced satan,

And gave men redemption.


Hail, O Lady of Fatima!

The soul with signal grace;

Blessed ever Virgin Mary,

Thank you for rosary.


Hail, O Lady of Fatima!

O Mediatrix divine;

You are the only hope for all

To gain God’s forgiveness.


Hail, O Lady of Fatima!

With stellar crown on head;

You brought us joy and peace to world

Through Christ on Christmas day.


Hail, O Lady of Fatima!

God’s favored-most one Eve;

We plead to you to pray for us,

And save sinners from hell.

Dedicated to the centenary of Our Lady of Fatima’s apparitions (13th May 1917- 13th May 2017)

Copyright by Dr John Celes 13-05-2017       







May 5th

Home, Sweet Home

By Dr John Celes

The childhood home wherein children, we stayed; 
The cottage old in which we ate and prayed; 
The humble garden, on our own, we laid; 
The roof that leaked in rain, though rent was paid! 

The tranquil place where parents gave us love; 
The wonderful compound, where we worked, ‘wow! ’ 
The trees and plants that grew by heaven’s grace; 
The sun, moon, rain, at which we loved to gaze! 

That was the lovely place, in which we lived; 
The home we kept quite clean and chores were shared; 
Our parents slogged for us and deeply cared; 
We sometimes fought although amity ruled! 

Our father’s strictness taught us good conduct; 
Our mother’s fondness disciplined our mind; 
The help we rendered, made us feel the warmth; 
Home, sweet home, was great despite some faults! 

Home, sweet home, brings memories evergreen; 
Comfortable, our mother’s house, had been; 
Those days were most pleasant, despite our toil; 
We lost our hearts upon that very soil!

written earlier

May 1st

Sonnet: When a Daughter is just Married…

By Dr John Celes

The hand that held her daddy’s hand till now,

Begins to hold her husband’s hand for life;

The change of feel is sexual, mature, wow!

-A special one, romantic and not rife.


‘A freedom from her father’s clasp and love;

A union with her man about her age;

A miracle of Almighty above;

A ‘parrot’ set afree from home and cage!’


The separation has to come some day;

A daughter must become a wife to one;

Man’s better half, must wield power and say;

A Holy Matrimony is thus done.


Her dad has found the man aright for her;

The nuptial bond will change her state – mother!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 23-02-2017






May 1st

Sonnet: International Workers Day

By Dr John Celes

The toiler toils unceasingly all life;

The pittance earned can’t take care of family;

He turns a debtor very soon in strife;

He ekes a living still quite peacefully.


The tiller tills the soil in sun and rain;

By sweat of brow, he raises crops to eat;

But crafty world prevents him from due gain;

He dies in poverty and walks bare-feet.


The businessman is piling sums in banks;

His life is spent in luxury, comfort;

He gets kick-backs and joins band of think-tanks;

But wealth turns weakness and is not his forte.


The corrupt rich are fleecing poor with zest,

Ignoring use of God’s talents to best.

Happy May Day, 2017


Copyright by dr John Celes 01-05-2017  

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