Jan 26th

Sonnet: India’s 69th Republic Day

By Dr John Celes

India –a nation great, more people made       

Is celebrating its R-Day again;               

Its freedom-fighters’ sacrifice won’t fade;

Their struggles, blood-shed never was in vain.


The nation young is poised for growth endless

That holds the world in disbelief and awe;

If corruption is less, more happiness

Can fill all Indian hearts with love some more.


Kudos to leaders who have plans galore;

Kudos to citizens who love their soil;

Kudos to brave-hearts who come to the fore;

Kudos to souls who risk their lives and toil.


Let grace of God rain glory on this land!

Let Indians usher world-peace, hand in hand!

Dedicated to the youth of India – world’s largest democracy

By an Indian Medical Teacher, Poet Valentine Dr.A.Celestine Raj Manohar KFMSR CBE

Copyright by Dr John Celes 26-01-2018








Jan 15th

Sonnet: On Misunderstanding (A Pongal Gift)

By Dr John Celes

This life on earth could better be for all,

If points of view of others, think we can;

Misunderstanding is the mighty wall

That’s laid amongst most people, man and man.


The mistake we all make is to expect

The next to do all things in ways we would;

But others’ freedom, fail we to respect,

And turn our hearts and minds akin dead wood.


We neither offer help nor suggest plans,

But merely criticize our neighbor’s ways;

And slander creates transient fans and clans,

We think will side us and support always.


Remove misunderstanding and divides;

Mankind can happier be if love resides.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 14-01-2018







Dec 31st

Happy New Year, 2018

By Dr John Celes

Some sadness seizes hearts and minds,

When to a halt, the Old Year grinds;       

Hype soon instills both young and old,

As New Year by stealth does unfold.


The Old Year had its ‘ups and downs’,

And upsets that brought forehead frowns;

Nevertheless, it sailed off well,

Although to some it seemed sure hell.


Forget the Old, ring in the New;

God springs His blessings upon you;

An awesome year awaits all souls

To realize your dreams and goals.


Let’s plan to spend time usefully;

Let’s live our lives most hopefully;

Let love afill the human heart;

Let nothing make a war to start.


Let fear not spoil the New Year fun;

Let all complete their jobs undone;

Let success smile in every sphere;

Let all be happy, have no fear.


The earth has food for creatures all;

There’s work for both the big and small;

But man must not think he is God

And sin as if there is no rod.


 Resolve to toil and spread the cheer;

Forgive your foes and persons dear;

Our earthly stay could end up fast;

Live every moment, forget past.


Let New Year usher happiness;

Let peace prevail on earth excess;

The youth is energetic, smart;

Let science develop into an art.


Let children get a fairer share;

Let’s work to boost women’s welfare;

Let us not fight for silly things;

Let paupers turn into great kings!


Let’s wear a smile and laugh aloud;

Let’s labour but live in ninth cloud;

Let’s help the people in dire need;

Let’s pray to God and sow each seed!


Copyright by Dr John Celes 01-01-2018







Dec 29th

The Year That Was, 2017 (A Dedication to my CMC CBE 1974 Medico Batch)

By Dr John Celes

In three days more, the old year ends!                           

To most it seemed, it sped off fast;                                      

The New Year’s still afresh in minds;

But I’m happy this year was good.


Some things happened that caused some, harm;

The threat of major wars looms high;

A lot of people took their lives;

Some fishermen are missing still.


But Nature’s fury none prevent;                                         

Our gains in science help us predict;

Man’s actions could be causing some;

We must preserve our Earth to live.


New gadgets could destroy the earth;

Protect the environment, all must;

Pollution must be stopped somehow;

A safer world is primal need.


Why waste vast sums in many ways?

Health of body, mind, soul is prime;

The sea is not for dumping wastes;

The Space is not for objects rife!


Commune with God and God will help;

Our soul and life are precious most;

The God of goodness hates evil;

Just love supreme keeps world a(l)right.

Fondly dedicated to my beloved 1974 CMC CBE Medico Batch

Copyright by Dr John Celes 28-12-2017






Dec 19th

Sonnet: When Despair Strikes in Succession in Life…

By Dr John Celes


When despair fills the anguished, wearied hearts,

And hopelessness engulfs their minds as well,

And failures come sequentially like darts,

And earthly life has turned almost like hell…


And eyes can’t see the moon or starry sky,

And mind appears as blank as unwrit page,

And sagging spirit tells, ‘you better die;

You can’t escape from this kind of life’s cage!’


Your life can change like magic in a trice;

Just pray and plead to God to change this state;

The Son of God who paid a bloody price

For sinners can always reset your fate.         


Perhaps you can’t discern God’s time for you!

To pure of hearts, miracles, God will do.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 17-12-2017



Dec 13th


By Dr John Celes

The sea has turned angry again!

A strong quake hit the Japanese Isles;

The sea-water has gone over-land,

And caused enormous loss of lives!


Three lakhs have been rendered homeless;

Many had stayed upon the roads;

The cold made life so difficult!

The island has shifted eight feet!


The giant waves tossed ships, trains, cars;

Whole houses wrecked moved i n its wake;

Bridges and roads have been destroyed;

Some saved were standing on roof-tops!


Some families have been wiped out1

Death took many by great surprise;

Many are traumatised and ill;

A few minutes had made life hell!


Some nuke reactors developed blasts;

Many were buried in debris;

The shock is far too worse to bear;

None can console the victims’ hearts.


The landscape is all sea-watered;

The loss in yen is staggering;

Was it the work of devils all?

Was it a punishment from God?


The land has gone dark ever since;

Fires had broken out elsewhere;

Many have gone missing since then;

The island saw worst tragedy!


Must human beings turn divine?

Must people keep God’s Code stead-fast?

Does God remind man’s futile ways?

Is it a sign of end of world?


But why this heavy toll of lives?

And why is Nature furious?

A pall of gloom has clothed the land;

No words can tell the woes of men!


The world readies to help Japan;

The holocaust must open hearts;

When Nature strikes with brute a force,

Men turn lame ducks, unarmed but harmed!


Pray that the lost souls rest in peace!

May God provide the healing touch;

The world must save the Japanese Isles;

Let love of brethren change its fate!


Man cannot win against Nature!

Man needs God’s protection much more;

Man needs to pray to God a lot;


Copyright by Dr John Celes 13-03-2011








Dec 10th

God Bless the Nest you Own – Your Own New Home

By Dr John Celes


Your family moves into a home anew

–A house you built and own with happiness,

And gives you immense satisfaction due;

Where love and peace prevail in much excess.


The memory of this day, you will cherish

As long as you shall live upon this earth;

This joy in heart, you will always relish,

As you enter the precinct with much mirth.


God bless your home and keep you safe all year;

May people praise you for your achievement;

May children grow in wisdom and turn dear;

May home become your sweetest tenement.


Congratulations as you step inside

With kith and kin, and friends and God beside.

Happy House-warming Drs. Kavitha and Aravindkumar!


Copyright by Dr John Celes 29-11-2017

Nov 14th

A Poem On Children's Day Celebrations In India, 2017

By Dr John Celes

What children need are love and care, 
Attention night and day; 
Nourishing food, clean water, air, 
And time to learn, sleep, play.

What children need is soothing words, 
Good example from all; 
They love to play with swings, watch birds, 
And buy toys from the mall.

What children do is watch others, 
And try to copy them; 
Their teachers first are their mothers, 
Who make them like a gem.

What children hate is punishment, 
And scolding for faults small; 
They love to get encouragement, 
Comforted when they fall.

What children want is gifts all kinds, 
And praising to the skies; 
God made them with innocent minds, 
To smile and laugh, be nice.

What children need is future great, 
A friendlier world to live; 
Let's work to change our children's fate, 
And happier lives, do give.

Happy Children's Day to all kids in India! 
Dedicated by Indian Poet Dr.Prof.A.Celestine Raj Manohar MD(KFMSR CBE) 


Nov 10th

Sonnet: On Your Silver Jubilee Birthday

By Dr John Celes

With quarter century behind you now,

You could be married very soon in life;

And have a family of your own to love,

To face all challenges, joys, woes and strife.


Most genes you carry are from father’s side;

Amazing skills God has bestowed you child;

Your Friend is Jesus Lord, in Him abide;

Let not emotions run amok and wild.


God sees your heart and knows your wants always;

Your dreams come true when you go by God’s Will;

None can deny God’s plans for you His ways;

Your health is wealth; take care to not fall ill!


Successes smile when you expect them least;

But keep your gaze in life for Heaven’s feast.

Happy Birthday Dear daughter Dr.C. Christina Mary Diana B.D.S.

Dedicated most lovingly by your Dad, mom and sister

Copyright by Dr John Celes 10-11-2017






Oct 24th

United Nations Day, 2017

By Dr John Celes

The only planet where man lives – the Earth

Is turning hostile, day by day for all;

Unsafe and insecure for every birth,

’Tis time all nations joined to stop this fall.


The UN born in nineteen forty-five

Has kept the peace across the globe somehow;

’Tis strange how flora, fauna keep alive

Despite some wars and hatred, lack of love.


World’s peace although fragile must be stable;

All nations have a duty towards this;

Through force and weapons, peace none enable;

The world is one and people all want bliss.


The world’s resources must be free and pure;

All lives are precious sans frontiers or seas;

The health of nations, people need a cure;

Diversity of earth must usher peace.


Let leaders of all nations take a pledge;

We need to feed, clothe, shelter every soul;

No nations’ armies must remain on edge;

To maintain peace, the UN has a role.


Make world afree of bombs of any kind;

The health of mankind, literacy are prime;

Let’s foster love and help it people bind;

All Natural furies could increase with time!


So, waste not sums in armaments anew;

The quality of air and water’s first;

Keep pollution within human purview;

No war should render lives to starve and thirst.

“Empower the UN to maintain world-peace”

Dedicated to the United Nations on this day from India

Copyright by Dr John Celes 24-10-2017







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