Apr 20th


By Raja



There was no end to the wars

On the underworld Nagas,

And other powerful giants,

As Ravana was keen on fights.


Having conquered Lord Yama,

He fought with the sons of Varuna,

The rain god, and defeated them,

Claiming a false victory this time.


The sons didn’t fight the war

Just not out of their fear,

But on Brahma’s advice,

Not to make his boons false.


On his way back to Lanka,

The blood thirsty Ravana,

Killed many kings, rishis,

And took their maidens.


He took virgin daughters

Of Nagas and Yakshas,

Who were so helpless

To defend themselves.


These girls were taken

In his aerial car then.

While they shed tears

And shuddered with fears.


Thinking of their mothers,

Fathers, husbands, brothers,

They were all afraid

And aloud they cried.


An army of strongDaityas,

Known as the Kalakeyas,

Numbering fourteen thousand,

All of them were exterminated.


In that war Ravana killed

Also his sister’s husband

Who was one among them

And stood against him.


Surpanakha, his sister, said,

“Oh Brother, why you killed,

 Even in conflicts, my husband?

As a widow now I stand.”


“Don’t you feel abashed?

You could have spared

His life as the lover

Of your younger sister.”


Ravana consoling her said,

“Don’t weep, Oh my child,

I couldn’t recognize him,

When he was with them.”


“Against an army of enemies,

I sent arrows after arrows,

Of which one arrow killed

Accidentally your husband.”


“I shall compensate you,

And riches I’ll give you.

King Khara,being your cousin,

Will henceforth be your guardian.”


In the dense Dhandaka forest,

The ruler Khara took rest,

And there Surpanakha lived

Having lost her husband.




Apr 19th


By Raja



When Lord Yama thought

A losing battle he fought,

He took the final weapon

To Kill Ravana, the demon.


That was Brahma’s weapon,

The rod fortotal destruction.

Seeing it,gods ofthe heaven

Rushed to Lord Brahma then.


Pacifying Yama, Brahma told,

“Oh Lord of Death, you’re bold,

But it’s a dangerous weapon,

That’ll,in the end, spare none.”


“A total disaster it’ll cause,

Destroying the total mass,

Including Ravana, the demon,

Thus falsifyingmy given boon.”


“If my boon to Ravana fails,

My words also go false,

So, please spare your rod

From destroying the world.”


Yama gave due respect

To Lord Brahma’s request

And disappeared at last,

From the main battle front.


This way Ravana declared

That Yama was conquered,

And back in his aerial car

He flew as a false winner.


Thereafter Yama went back

To go ahead with his work,

While Narada rose to heaven,

As what he aimed,it was done.


It was Narada’s intention

To draw the attention

Of the silent heaven

For killing this demon


Narada’s plot, be it whatever,

Whenever and wherever,

Its result was always good,

About his nature, it was said.

Apr 18th

On Jealousy

By nasaru


Red ember covered with ash is jealousy

Failure as every blow of wind  glows that.

And flames of anger grew up in hearts icy

I see catastrophic  acts and smoke in that.


Every religion teaches us to keep  restrain

Refrain and abstain from vices to avoid sore.

We will be in peaceful  state with out strain.

But who follows them in  devilish cruel gore.


Good and evil as light and shadow from brain

Guide or misguide in dim twilight worldly life

Devotees say them as the test - the God’s rain

Scientists tell them as psychic aberrations’ strife.


One  thing I’m  convinced ;  actions bear fruit

As the  jealous , angry or virtuous actions root.




Apr 18th


By Raja



After meeting King Ravana

The eminent Sage Narada

Couldn’t then quiet remain

But rushed to Yama’s domain


Yama was sitting there

Before the burning fire,

Judging lives, each one

On its own merit or action.


Narada cautioned Lord Yama,

About the arrival of Ravana,

Thus the Sage provoked both,

That led them in the war path.


In his Pushpak aerial car,

Ravana just arrived there.

He saw the scenes of terror,

Asthousands underwent torture.


Many sinful lives were beaten,

Thousands, by worms, eaten,

Some others, in hot oil, thrown,

Others suffered hunger and pain.


Side by side, he saw lives

There stayed in happiness.

As they reaped the fruits

Of all their good deeds.


Their two armies fought.

It was a terrible fight,

As both sides were strong,

But suffered heavy damage.


Ravana was well protected

By the boons he had secured.

So defeat wasn’t on his side

While his best Yama tried.


His Pushpak aerial car

Remained safe and secure,

Imperishable as it was,

Being the seat of gods.


While Lord Yama suffered

A heavy loss at the end,

King Ravana roared aloud

O’er the success he had.

Apr 17th


By Raja



On the earth, Ravana spared none,

He was terrorizing one by one.

While travelling on the way,

He met Sage Narada one day.


Narada spoke, “Oh King,

Now here I feel like asking,

Why are you exploiting

The innocent human beings.”


“Miseries untold they suffer,

Like old age, thirst, hunger,

Doomed as they’re by fate,

Why add yours to this list?”


“They’ve different habits,

Addicted to various pursuits,

Not knowing what’s in store

For them any day, less or more.”


“While some are in full delight,

Others are in distressful plight

They’re, by delusion, undone,

Without any proper direction.”


“They cannot fight with you,

Nor capable of defeating you,

Because they’re so weak,

To face you and speak.”


“Better with Yama you fight,

As he controls their fate,

About it, there’s no doubt,

Before it is late, now start.”


“Oh Sage,” Ravana said,

“Yama may now take pride

In tormenting living beings,

But I’ll end their sufferings.”


For a fight with Lord Yama,

Narada provoked Ravana,

As the Sage was so eager,

Just to watch this encounter.

Apr 16th


By Raja



Having conquered King Marutta

Ravana attacked King Anaranya.

The latter fought with courage

But failed at the last stage.


Ten thousand elephants,

A lakh of battle horses,

Were on Anaranya’s side,

But most of them died.


His thousands of chariots

And many foot soldiers,

Were crushed into pieces

By the onslaught of arrows.


In the fierce battle fought,

King Anaranya had lost

Almost all his support

Leading to his defeat.


He was completely shaken.

From his chariot he fell down

When Ravana hit his head

And he was found dead.


While dying the King said,

“Oh Ravana, I’m not afraid

Of death, as after birth,

One should face death.”


“Ikswaku’s race you insulted

By your words and deed

And that day is not far off

When you’ll be disposed of.”


“Sri Rama, Dasaratha’s son,

Be sure, will be the one,

To take birth on this earth,

In order to hasten your death.”


On Ravana, this curse fell,

But he didn’t worry at all,

As he had no fear of death

From any man on this earth.








Apr 15th


By Raja


After Vedavati’s suicidal death

Ravana went around the earth

In his Pushpak aerial car

As he liked, wide and far.


Right in Demi-gods’ presence

King Marutta did a sacrifice

To promote a good cause

But Ravana was against this.


It was an impossible task

To face Ravana’s attack

As his life was well protected

By several boons he had earned.


As he was on the way,

Demi-gods ran away,

Just to hide themselves,

In various animals’ shapes.


Like, Indra as a Peacock,

Yama as a crow black.

Kubera as a chameleon,

And Varuna as a swan.


Ravana came there to fight

But the king took it light

On Sage Samvarta’s advice,

“Don’t fight. Go for peace.”


“Boons many he had got,

So, for him there’s no defeat,

When he comes to fight;

You better take it light.”


The King heard his advice,

And threw away the weapons,

Accepting his wish for peace,

Ravana went on his rounds.


After Ravana had gone,

The Demi-gods, one by one,

Came out from the animals

And gave them all boons.


A blue tail Indra gave peacock

Freeing its fear from any snake

Saying, “You’ll enjoy rains,

With your open wings dance.”


To the crow Lord Yama said,

“No more death for you bird,

Unless someone kills you,

And no disease will haunt you.”


Kubera blessed the chameleon,

And said, “Your body will turn

To hue colour from black

And head golden from dark..”


To the Swan Varuna said,

“I make you the best bird,

With a body white in colour,

And will be graceful in water.”


Thus each one gave a boon.

The sacrifice was o’er soon.

Happily all the Demi-gods

Went back to their abodes.




Apr 14th

I sent the horses back home!!!

By pranu


I sent the horses trotting,
And they found their way back home.

But, I couldn't.
My legs that you thought were
Swift as those of a deer,
They froze.
Maai, they froze.

But I sent the horses home.


Maai, them monsters,
They had no horns or fangs,
Or deadly long nails.
But they hurt me.
They hurt me bad, Maai.
The purple flowers,
The yellow butterflies,
They stood there helpless.

While I sent the horses back home.


Tell Baba that I know,
I know,
I know he tried.
I heard him say out my name,
I heard him repeat it loud.
I was sleepy Maai,
I was tired.
Them monsters,
They hurt me bad.


Strange as it may seem to you,
It feels like your warmth now.
It doesn't hurt anymore.
The blood has dried
And it looks like the purple blossoms
That swayed with me in the meadows.


It doesn't hurt, Maai.

The monsters are still out there..
And there are stories too.
Don't listen to them Maai,
Gut wrenching and agonizing they are
And a lot you've gone through.


Lest I forget,
There's a temple there
Where lives a goddess.
Thank her,
For I think it's she who helped,

The horses find their way back home.

~ Mi


(Anonymous, timeless)

Apr 14th


By Raja


In his aerial car Ravana roamed

Often here and there, all around,

And saw a pious maiden

Near the Himalayas Mountain.


Daughter of a Brahma Rishi,

Her name was Vedavati.

She was looking so pretty

Ravana fell for her beauty.


“Oh blessed one,” he asked her,

“What are you doing here?

How can you live in single

In this fearful dense jungle?”


“For you, it isn’t proper

To do penance here,

Well, are you married?

Who’s your husband?”


“He’s a fortunate person

To marry you, Oh maiden,

With me feel free here

And tell me who you’re?


Vedavati spoke, “I’m here

Left alone, with no fear,

Kusadhwaja, my father

Lived here with my mother.


“He was killed at night

While sleeping in our hut,

And with him my mother

Joined in his funeral pyre.”


“I spend my time alone

 Doing penance; no one

Lives with me here now

But I manage somehow.”


“I’m incarnation of Vedas

Hence, more blessed I was

When my parents named me

As Veda based Vedavati.”


“My father’s desire was

To give my hands

To Vishnu in marriage

When I come of age.”


“Here Narayana will be,

One day, to marry me.

Oh King, please go away

Now from my pathway.”


Alighting from the car

He then spoke to her

“Oh beautiful maiden

I wish, you must listen.”


“Fit you’re as my wife.

Do spend your life,

With me, in peace,

Happily in my palace.”


So saying, he seized her,

With his hands, by her hair,

Bursting out with anger,

With an idea to marry her.


Getting out from his hold

She, in a bold voice, told,

“For the insults you give,

No longer, I wish to live.”


“After I die, I’ll be born,

And shall come again,

For your destruction,

That’s sure to happen.”


By her divine power,

She then kindled fire,

Burnt herself into ashes

In that red hot fire.


Vedavati in the Krtayuga

Appeared in the Tretayuga

As a daughter of Janaka

And was named as Sita.

Apr 13th


By venu


Just  woken up

From   bed,   opening

Her   drowsy,blinking   eyes,

Not  bathed   yet,

She   looks  as  fresh as

A blossom   just   bloomed,

No  make-up  she  wears,

No  jewellery  she  bears,

Does a  flower  need


Not, certainly,

She  needs no embellishments,

For she  looks  like  an angel,

That’s  Vamshika,

Our  two-year old  grand-daughter,

Possessing   innocence,

Cherubic, radiant smile

On   her   cherry  lips

As   her   marvelous  gems

Of   supreme beauty,

Wrapping   her   tiny frame,

Calling   me “Thathiyya”

With  her  sweet  voice,

Full   of  warmth  of  love

And   affection,

She keeps  my   heart

In the pool of lyrical ecstasy

In the morning

And   stretching her hands

Towards me,

She springs   into my arms,

Spreading  the melodies

Of  the  chain  of  her

Resonant  laughs

All  over  the  hous

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