Jul 21st


By pranu

तख्तों ताज भी दे दिए,

रसुखों शोहरात भी दे दिए,

कहते है वो नुमाइंदो को हमारे!

कब मिलेगी दो जून की रोटी, कब मिलगा दो पल का चैन, 

कब मिलेगा तन को लिबास, छत मिलेगी गुज़ारने को रैन, 

पूछते है हम बाशिंदों को हमारे?



Jul 20th

Deity in love

By mgk

The glazing blue skies in her eyes displayed the sorrows of her past,


While the raging red  lips displayed the nerve of her inner soul. 


For she was a tornado plunging into the ocean,


And a hurricane hitting the ground until she met her purpose of life. 


Encapsulated in the world of love, she let her tornadoes thwart and the hurricanes scupper. 


Such was a deity devoted in love. 



- Mgk 




Jul 17th

Mahakavi Vallathol

By soman





Russian Author and Translator of Vallathol’s poetry into Russian.

(Abridged version of article published in the Vallathol Memorial Souvenir 1965).


When a man is old and beloved by his contemporaries, a strange belief arises in them – that the venerated patriarch will never die.  More bitter their grief when he does die.  But if the departed is a poet, and a great poet to boot, he has more friends than any ordinary man, and the grief grows all the greater.  Such was the death of Mahakavi Vallathol.


He is no more, but we still hear his sonorous chants, reciting his poems - and their echo shall reverberate through innumerable centuries.


His sight was sharp - it was at once a telescope and a microscope. His poems are luxurious tapestries, whereon are woven intricate designs of the poet’s impressions of the material world.  He had an astute brain and a super-sensitive heart. …And his ideal was: HARMONY – of life and art; the true harmony; the Harmony that only Liberty can bring. The venerable bard never considered himself a person apart from his people.  No ivory tower could lure him away from the steep and glorious road he was treading, to his dying day.  It was for his people that Vallathol wrote his poems.  He made great efforts and achieved remarkable results in preserving the true national culture of his country.


In 1951 Vallathol visited my native land, the Soviet Union.  He appeared before a Moscow audience and recited his verse. …  And what applause there was when he ended! The vast Hall of Columns seemed to crack – the language was foreign, but the sentiment it conveyed was magnificent.



Vallathol lived a long and noble life.  Never did he make a single compromise, but unflinchingly followed the way he deemed right. … We in the Soviet Union are proud of having had among our allies a person so remarkable as Mahakavi Vallathol, Poet Laureate.

Jul 17th

Travails of Polish Immigrants

By soman



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Soman Panicker, Sep 04, 2012
Shoranur Kerala, somasai9@gmail.com


 Travails of a Polish Immigrant in USA.


A Polish man moved to the USA and married an American girl.
Although his English was far from perfect, they got along very well.

However,  one day he rushed into a lawyer's office and asked him if he could
arrange a divorce for him.
The lawyer said that getting a divorce would depend on the
circumstances, and asked him the following questions:
Question: Have you any grounds?
Answer:  Yes, an acre and half and nice little home.

Q. No, I mean what is the foundation of this case?
A. It is made of concrete.

Q. I don't think you understand. Does either of you have a real grudge?
A. No, we have carport, and not need one.

Q. I mean what are your relations like?
A. All my relations still in Poland .

Q. Is there any infidelity in your marriage?
A. We have hi-fidelity stereo and good DVD player.

Q. Does your wife beat you up?
A. No, I always up before her.

Q. Is your wife a nagger?
A. No, she white.

Q. Why do you want this divorce?
A. She going to kill me.

Q. What makes you think that?
A. I got proof.

Q. What kind of proof?

A. She going to poison me. She buy a bottle at
     drugstore and put on shelf in bathroom. I can read English pretty good,
     and it say:

        “ POLISH  REMOVER”





Jul 14th


By Akirah

                     I felt like someone had hit me on my head and I fell down unconscious. When, I opened my eyes, I saw that I am sitting on chair. I saw Chotu, he was standing there waiting for me to open my eyes.

Chotu: Are you Fine?

Me: Yeah..

Chotu: I expected this. But, I felt I shouldn’t hide this from you.

Me: Is it true? I can’t believe it. I mean are you sure about this?

Chotu: Whatever….. You left him right? Then, why can’t you believe it?

Me: You know Chotu, why did I take that decision?

Chotu: It doesn’t matter now…. You left him and that’s true.

Me: Even, you do not understand my situation….

Chotu: Whatever the situation is..   It resulted in this way.

     After having conversation, I was like, is it really my mistake? I started slowly getting down the stairs. Chotu was saying that please, don’t tell mom that I told you. I just did what my heart said to me to do. I assured him with my gesture. I went straight away to my room, and shut the door. I opened my bag, and took out the cover which was hidden in my clothes. I unpacked the cover and placed them on the floor. All the things which reminded me my past was in front of my eyes. As I was looking at them, all the memories were again flooding back into my mind. I sat down in front of them.

         I was very happy whenever I see him, talk to him or spend my time with him. I used to think that those were my wonderful moments of my life. I felt I was really lucky to find a person like him who always understands without any explanations. He was always with me in all my decisions and he also promised me that he will always be with me in achieving my dreams. And when I took the decision to go to Bangalore, which was against him and my Dad, I was sure that he will understand me. I was sure that, he will be waiting for me. I didn’t expect that he would be married. All my thoughts and my dreams shattered into pieces. I hope it to be a bad dream and, pinched myself.I started shouting No..No,, This can’t be true. He can’t leave me like this. Then, I heard Chotu asking me to open the door. I assured him, I was OK, and need some me time. He said, Ok, but take care.

              After answering to him, I looked at all those things and sat in front of them. The only person who understood my dreams, supported me is now not related to me in any way. He got married? I was still in dilemma. I know him very well. He can’t do this to me. I took out my phone, I dialed a number. On the other side, it was ringing for a long time, but no one picked up the phone. I sent a message that Call me back, its urgent. I was in full tension, that I started biting my nails. The phone started vibrating. I immediately answered the call.

Me: Hello, Sunil, Hi, How are you?

Sunil: Hey, Akirah, I am fine, how are you?

Me: Yeah, I am good. By the way, where are you now?

Sunil: I am in Chennai. Why? What happen? Anything serious?

Me: Nah... Nothing like that. I just wanted to know some information from you.

Sunil: Oh.. About????

Me: Did you know this that he got married???

Sunil: Hmm… I am sorry Akirah. I didn’t want to make you sad, so I didn’t tell this to you.

Me: That means.. its true… He got married?

Sunil: Yeah.. I too felt bad. I even didn’t attend his marriage. Actually, he didn’t invite me too. Even, if he had invited, I wouldn’t have attended it.

Me: Bye.. Sunil. Will talk to you later..

Sunil: Hey, one minute, I don’t know what happened to your love story, I felt very bad. And, I want to say only one thing. Please don’t hurt yourself. Be brave my friend…and take care.

Me: Hmm.. Bye.

    I was still in a state of shock, that it was true, indeed very true. He left me without fulfilling his promises. No, I am wrong. I am totally wrong. It was me who left him first. He took that to an end, a dead end to our relationship. What would have made him to take such a decision? Was he forced by his parents? He didn’t even think once, what would I feel after listening this?







If you were not meant to be a part of my life

Then why did we encounter with

If you were not meant to be with me in future

Then why did we get habituated with each other

If you were not meant to play a major role in my life

Then why your absence is not letting me live with peace

If you were not meant to be special in my life

Then why did you share sweet moments with me.

Jul 14th

Deadly muse

By mgk

Words of rock thrown onto my castle of glass,


Shattered my soul into a pile of shards. Forlorn with guilt for the words I once spilled,


With intentions none of rancour seeps deeper Into the roots as deadly muse. 


You spill and you wipe.


You throw and you dust. 


The spill seeps while the pain surges. 


Till today the shards prick, making it hard to shut the eyes. 


Ice cold and dry throated, I try to gallop the agony, wishing someday this torment would end. 



- mgk



Jul 13th


By Rajeev

Country is dominated today

by strong right wing views

and retaliation by those at the other end

with extreme views of their own.... policy is

totally disagree with what the other articulates


The real need is saner, sober, balanced voices

which sadly get drowned in the din

generated by those who insist on ' black' or 'white'

with no place for the grey

for them it is simply " either you are with them

or with us, decide quickly, you cat on the wall..."



Jul 13th


By Raja



Born on 13/07/1931, I have completed 86 years, today being my 87th Birthday, the 13th July 2017. The aftermath of the Word War I (1914-1918) and the disastrous World War II (1939-1945), practically ruined the world economy due to heavy loss of men and materials.


 Japan caught hold of Pearl Harbour, thus nearing the tail end of India’s border.   Nataji Subhash Chandra Bose, with his huge INA Army was marching from Burma towards New Delhi.  The famine within the country, particularly in Bengal, ruined the whole country. As Japanese planes bombarded the harbour side of Madras, we were all overnight evacuated from the city and our family took refuge in a thatched roof hut in a small village down South India.  We had to suffer for our minimum necessities to keep ourselves alive almost for 2 or 3 years.


Thereafter freedom movement started in India and it went on vigorously till the country got its freedom from the British on 15th August 1947.  Partition of India between Pakistan and India was another turbulent period, which people of India had to face.  So, the best part of my life had gone facing wars and total human sufferings.


I joined Indian Railway Accounts services on 21/12/1950, when I was just 19 years old, and served this big organisation till I retired as Divisional Accounts Officer on 31/07/1989 at 58 years of my age then. On retirement I settled myself at Juhu, Mumbai with my only son, a Mechanical Engineer, who was working as a Drilling Engineer for the ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Commission) and thereafter as Country Manager in Weatherford (Texas) Co., but unfortunately he died on 28/03/2011(53 years old), besides another tragedy, that being the death of my wife earlier on 25/05/2002.  These unbearable incidents during those supposed to be the best part of my life had toughened my heart and somehow I tried to spend my time in a practical way, rather in a philosophical manner.


I started writing poetry travelling in Grant Trunk Express train from New Delhi to Vijayawada, my work-place. It was monsoon time in 1965, when there was a heavy downpour during my journey then.  I was a lone passenger in a six berth I Class compartment. The outside moving panorama in the hilly sections attracted me very much, the waterfalls, the overflowing lakes and flooding rivers, the drift woods carried by floods etc. It kindled my thoughts to write a poem on those scenes and out came the poem, “A Song of the World.” This was published in the annual souvenir of South Indian Cultural Association, Vijayawada. Thereafter started my poetry career and I wrote several poems on Social themes.  After my retirement I worked as a voluntary Accounts Manager for over 25 years in the ISKCON Juhu, Mumbai, India, myself managing the entire Hare Krishna Temple Accounts on computer net works.   The holy atmosphere around the temple prompted me to write on the spiritual subjects like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Krishna Leela, on these ancient epics. So, poetry writing and reading keeps my mind calm and clean. 


Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India, Sahithya Akademi, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and Famous poets of the world like Ms. (Late) Sandra Fowler of West Verginiya USA appreciated some of my poems.  Chinese poets have translated some of my poems in their Chinese language and also included my name in the Dictionary of Internatioal Poets released by them.  A few of my poems have been prescribed for the College/school English classes.


This way I was able to write 22 poetry books in simple English and I have posted almost all of them in the most popular websites like www.ratemyliterature.com Thanks to Paddy for her encouragement to me all these years, but for which I would not have posted all my above 1000 poems in RML.


Whatever I remember on this occasion of my 87th Birthday, a few incidents, here and there, I picked up and present them briefly just for a casual reference to the worst or best part of my life.  I have no regrets about my past or present, as I am like a weather beaten soldier, myself taking everything lightly, as anyone else would have faced the same in his or her life period. There is a proverb saying, “Every house has doors steps with its own good or bad stories,” to mean that none is spared from good or bad days in one’s life time.

 By God’s grace, I am still hale and healthy with no major health problems though I am 86 years old.

 My sincere thanks to all the Readers, who read this with all their patience.


Rajaram Ramachandran







Jul 13th


By Raja




வங்கக் கடல் கடைந்த மாதவனைக் கேசவனைத்

திங்கள் திருமுகத்துச் சேயிழையார் சென்றிறைஞ்சி

அங்கப்பறை கொண்டவாற்றை அணி புதுவைப்

பைங்கமலத் தண்தெரியல் பட்டர்பிரான் கோதை சொன்ன

சங்கத் தமிழ்மாலை முப்பதும் தப்பாமே

இங்கிப் பரிசுரைப்பார் ஈரிரண்டு மால்வரைத் தோள்

செங்கண் திருமுகத்துச் செல்வத் திருமாலால்

எங்கும் திருவருள் பெற்று இன்புறுவர் எம்பாவாய்.




“The Holy Milky Ocean

When churned by Madhavan,

Gave the nectar to Devas.

Who can do such things?”


“Kesi, the dreadful demon

Was destroyed by Kesavan.

In Ayarpadi, the girls settled.

And the Lord, they worshiped.”


“Like full moon, the girls,

Had their beautiful face,

They wore fitting jewels

To follow His footsteps.”


“Periyalwar who appeared

In Srivilliputhur, Tamil land,

Wearing a garland of lotus,

Knew these historical events.”


“His daughter Kodhai,

Wrote this Tiruppavai,

In thirty nice episodes

For combined studies.”


“Those who sing properly,

In this land of ours regularly,

All the divine songs thirty,

They’ll get riches in plenty.”


“With His four shoulders,

His red eyes, beautiful face,

And wealth, He’ll bless us

For our everlasting happiness.”


(The End of 30 Songs-

Pasurams of Andal)




Jul 13th


By Raja




சிற்றம் சிறுகாலே வந்து உன்னைச் சேவித்து உன்

பொற்றாமரை அடியே போற்றும் பொருள் கேளாய்!

பெற்றம் மேய்த்து உண்ணும் குலத்தில் பிறந்த நீ

குற்றேவல் எங்களைக் கொள்ளாமற் போகாது

இற்றைப் பறைகொள்வான் அன்று காண் கோவிந்தா!

எற்றைக்கும் ஏழேழ் பிறவிக்கும் உன்தன்னோடு

உற்றோமே ஆவோம் உனக்கே நாம் ஆட்செய்வோம்

மற்றை நம் காமங்கள் மாற்றேலோர் எம்பாவாய்.




“By dawn we all came,

To chant your holy name,

Please listen to our views

Your lotus feet, as we praise.”


“Your fame is boundless.

Please don’t go leaving us,

Saying we’re inferior slaves,

Though you’re born with us.”


“Today we worship you

Not for boons from you

But for our next seven births,

To be your companions on this earth.”


“We’ll serve you as slaves.

If we’ve any other ideas,

Have them changed please.

As we need your blessings.”




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