What is RateMyLiterature.com?

RateMyLiterature.com is a hobby site (network) for literature lovers from around the world. It provides an opportunity for amateurs to publish their work (poetry, limericks, short stories, essays & articles), invite comments / feedback and get recognised. It also provides an opportunity to network with like minded people who share your passion of writing.....

How did RateMyLiterature.com start?

Every now and then, I send my works to my son in a word file, so that they could be read by my grand daughter when she is older. One day my son and I were generally talking about my work and he said : "Hey mom, I'm sure there are many like you in this world! Is there a way you can share your passion with like minded people and get their work recognised too? If they wish, they should have the possibility to network and get to know more about the other members!" . On an impulse and without my knowledge, he went ahead and bought the domain "RateMyLiterature.com" and decided to create this network! (I will give this to him ... He understands these things better than I do!).

So in more ways than one, this network is the brainchild of my son. Ironically, he is somewhat literature-averse and writing-deficient (yep, he does write his own emails!) who doesn't know the difference between literature (serious!) and simple writing (I guess thats why he bought the domain RateMyLiterature.com!) ..... For him anyone who writes a few lines is a literateur! But you know, he loves to read and encourage all types of writing ....

So here we are .....! By the way, with a bit of encouragement (actually cajoling!), he wrote a paragraph in the welcome page. .... Understandably, I have given my comments to him in person. :-) .... I just hope my grand daughter becomes a better writer than him! Also, your grandchildren too get to see your works.

Who Am I?

I am Padmaja Iyengar, an ex-banker and a single mom who has managed to do reasonably well in both departments. Once my son settled down (basically started getting pay-cheques each month and got married), I decided to quit my bank job to work in areas closer to my heart. I worked for an NGO reading to visually-impaired children, recording accounting lessons for them etc., did a bit of consulting work (which involved areas far more creative than banking!) and one day just decided to start writing (a dormant passion of many many years!). If you wish you can know more about me when you login in and connect. Just register for free now.

Just so that you know, I am a amateur writer myself and used to post my work in various forums. It always felt good when readers recognised my work through their comments and feedback. Infact, over time, I have fine tuned my writing (without losing my style of writing); thanks to the wonderful feedback given by various readers. ..... I hope at RateMyLiterature.com you benefit too, the way I did.

See You Around!